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Drawings of Life is Strange 2

I have drew this modifications of Sean's backpack for now but I will draw the others from the others episodes soon!
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Life is strange

I was watching Good morning Britton and this was on there I he looked a lot like Nation Prescott. (Comment or like if u agree
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About LIS 2

Do someone know how to find the thing that is in the lower right corner? The one that appere like a Window or something like that.
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For the ones who have already played LIS 2

Can yo pls send me the pictures of the "decorations" of the Sean's backpack of the first episode? like the key chain of the bear or the patch of the truck
Pls because I want to draw them but I haven't discover all of them🙏
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Have someone seen the YTP of Life Is Srange?

I like these videos so much ! For the funny they are
Watch them and after that talk me how they were👌
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Making a fanfic parody for fun😂

After me and my brother play this game time and time again. We were crack jokes about it and decided to make a Fan parody about sequal about Life is Strange including bts. I know now as a fan I'm a little late about it I wish theirs more story about the first game than LIS2 even though I'm still in to it.

Btw this is when I'm start drawing about it right now. 😂🤣
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Soliciting save files of before the storm

Different versions of LIS BTS save files are needed for the purpose of replicating Chloe's journal.

It is saved in "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\LocalLow\Square Enix\Life is Strange_ Before the Storm\Saves"

You may send it to

Many thanks.

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I'm going through a phase loving this damn game...

Okay, now you guys got my attention to LIS I am Now a fan of this game. At first I was pretend this game was wack when I didn't played it. But now I hooked on to it. And after I finished it I'm still hooking on to it....i need help.😂 oh btw this is my drawing talking about the game
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OMG!!!! (Spoilers)

I already played LIS 2 and it's too fucking awesome!!!! The story it's getting good with that dog "mushroom" and the new telekinesis power of Daniel!!!
Have you played the first episode os Life Is Srange 2?
What do you think about it?
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Got stuck in the game

I am stucked at a place in the game where I am asked to find small tools for camera. Please help me out.
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LiS2 - Which Vancouver were the family at the gas station really going to?

The family at the gas station said they were headed to Vancouver to check on property. It is probably likely they were headed to Vancouver, BC but I found it odd that they didn't specify since the main interstate coming from California is I-5, which goes right through Vancouver, WA. If it was Vancouver, WA, they were already way too far north, but maybe they decided to visit Mt. Rainier while they were in the state? (I live in the state, so know my way around)

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Which are the titles in order of the story for pc?

I found this game for mobile and I d love to get the pc version ...unfortunately I ve only ps3 so I guess no option for ps3...what are the titlesof the game in order I mean the sequel after the one I played on mobile ...?I m a bit confusion cause online the plot doesnt explaing this well
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I know Before the Storm is a sequel. Is there a given time? 1 year before?
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EGX 2018 Saturday - Hitman 2, KINGDOM HEARTS III, Cyberpunk 2020 and more!
EGX 2018 Saturday - Hitman 2, KINGDOM HEARTS III, Cyberpunk 2020 and more! YouTube
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I would love to see crossovers in the future. Max could meet the characters from Season 2. They would go on experience life in Season. A mash up of sorts. Who would would be excited for this?
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Life is Strange studio has ‘lots of ideas’ for what happens after Season Two
Life is Strange studio has ‘lots of ideas’ for what happens after Season Two PCGamesN
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Have someone seen this easter egg?

The comments of the gallery in the 5 episode of life is strange. It appere one with the name of "Lisa Simpson". 😀
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Hey guys! Have you seen the new "gameplay"?What do you think about it?

Do you think that Max and Chloe come back or only some references of the last game?
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