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The storm was not formed due to Max's manipulation of time (spoilers)

Original thread was:

CZBGR Icepick said:
Basically, playing through the last 2 episodes, some interesting thoughts occurred.

At the very end, Max blames herself for causing the storm. I am inclined to disagree. In two realities I played, she still gets the beached up whales, which - if it matches up in time - would be regardless of the impact of whether or not she choses to save William. A series of odd phenomena still occurs that led to the storm. I chose not to let Chloe die after saving William, and I was not about to make that same choice again. Even if Chloe accepted this is her destiny, that it was fate that meant for her to die and it was supposed to happen, I also don't see it as a cause for the storm after the events that transpired.

I revert back to Episode 1. Max has the nightmare of the storm the first time around, and she doesn't discover her powers until after Chloe was supposed to die. It would be possible she had warped over there at first and not know it. But it's not exactly clear, because she doesn't warp back as normal since she just simply wakes up. When Max encounters the fact she could rewind time to prevent Chloe from dying the first time around, that's when she could learn to control it, and restart back to the classroom scene.

If I chose the bay and supposedly allowed Chloe to die so that the storm never happened, then the nightmare in the first place wouldn't mean anything. Not even a premonition. I would feel it's meant that Max was supposed to save Chloe's life the whole time. So, I had to see it through. Max's powers were also triggered for use in the junkyard when they were looking for Rachel. Had she not been drugged, she would have been successful at undoing and saving Chloe once again. Episode 6 does not exist at this time of writing, so, I don't feel that there is any consequence to making the choice I did over the town. Everyone in their right mind would find their own way to evacuate, and, if they're smart ernough, find where the bunkers the Prescotts presumably built earlier.....

Speaking of fate, this brings me right back to the beginning once again. Whatever happened, I feel that the disruption of the fabric of the natural universe wasn't because of Max, but it could be because of the death of Rachel Amber. I know the timeline may not exactly fit, but there could have been certain events that had been triggered by that event, rather than because of Max jumping through time. I mean, what if Rachel Amber had the same powers as Max, didn't tell anyone, and somehow Max possessed those powers? What if because of all the mystery surrounding her disappearance, she too investigated like Max and got too close?

I said:
This is from the DONTNOD Wiki.
Gameplay elements of Life Is Strange are founded on the theory of the Butterfly effect, "in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state".[3] The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz is taken from the metaphorical example that the flapping of butterfly wings could change the formation and path of a hurricane weeks before it happens.

What if the storm was already a thing, but Max redirected its path to Arcadia Bay by manipulating time? This could be the case. The storm was not formed because time was manipulated, it's already there but its path was redirected.
Why I chose bae over bay :: Life is Strange™ General Discussions
Why I chose bae over bay :: Life is Strange™ General Discussions
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Rachel Amber's Power


Okay so I hv noticed that she has some kind of power when she cried and screaming at the tree and the 'flame' get bigger and bigger. I think this power symbolize her 'angriness'?? Also, there is a snow after the Tempest show when Rachel and Chloe have a talk about leaving arcadia bay. This represent Rachel 'happiness'? and when the fire got "extinguished by itself", its because she feels glad about her dad that cares for her?

Well, from this moment I do realize that she has something to do with the STORM, and the DEER (which is the developers have confirmed about its connection with Rachel). I thought that the STORM represent her 'angriness' too about bad things happened all around her at arcadia bay, such as her family's truth, and she never had a chance to leave Arcadia Bay, so she wants to destroy it. I noticed something when the DEER show itself to guide Max to the Lighthouse ( which we can see at some point in the episode of LiS ) , maybe its because Rachel wants Max to see that the STORM is coming and the Lighthouse is the safe place for her and Chloe to stay away from the storm. OR maybe bcause the Lighthouse has left so much good memories of her with Chloe and that is why the DEER also showed up at the Junkyard, cause Rachel spent some meaningful time with Chloe in there.

Another of my theory is that Rachel ( after she was dead ) is the one who GIVE Max the rewind power because she wants Chloe to leave Arcadia Bay, because it has so much terrible things in it, like the people, or drugs, or other crazy shit. And she doesn't want Chloe to end up like her in drug addiction, bad relationship, etc. That is why when Max rewind the time when Chloe got shot by Nathan, the cause-effect ( STORM, Dead Birds & Whale ) happens. I thought this because Max got REWIND power only since Chloe got the most dangerous situation in her life that will make her die, that is Nathan will shot her.

Its like Rachel spirit ( or... power?? ) always taking care of Chloe because she loves her so much. And she pick Max to save Chloe maybe because she knows that Max was Chloe's best friend. ( I think that Chloe ever mentioned Max once in the game thou ... I forgot.... ! XD XD )

Yet, again this is just my theories.. What do u guys think????!! 😀
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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Season 2?

After playing through Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 3, 'Hell is Empty' — I took to the internet just like any other hardcore fan of the series and started doing my extensive research in trying to determine if they will continue Life is Strange: Before the Storm and push it to Season 2. I came across a pretty interesting article that had come out right before the release of episode 3, 'Hell is Empty' — published by Dion Dassanayake

Stating there's still plenty of opportunities to uncover the rest of the events that took place before the lead up to the original Life is Strange events, through the eyes of Maxine Caulfield. This article had also brought up the fact that there is still a big timeline gap (3 years to be exact) between the prologue and the original.

To me, this doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities with the way we were left at the end of episode 3 with the cliffhanger and knowing that this an episodic adventure story franchise. There certainly could be multiple Seasons involved.

It has also already been confirmed by the original developers of the Life is Strange franchise, Dontnod. That there will be a sequel to the original Life is Strange. Unfortunately, we also know that it will involve new characters and will not continue Max and Chloe's hella awesome story.

Which is where my theory comes in, and why I believe there will be a Life is Strange: Before the Storm Season 2. I believe that Dontnod is now waiting for Deck Nine to finish putting all the pieces together leading up to the original events and concluding the original Life Is Strange episodic series. So Dontnod can start fresh in a new universe and tell a whole new story. Regardless of what happens, that's the biggest thing for me is starting new. I don't think I'll be able to involve myself in new characters personally.

I want to thank anyone who has read this far and I hope you come to your own conclusion and that hopefully you can take anything away from mine and intertwine it with your own theories.

I've linked the article that I'd mentioned below so that you can read further into this theory and make your own conclusions.
Life Is Strange Before The Storm - Season 2 update from Deck Nine Games will delight fans
Life Is Strange Before The Storm - Season 2 update from Deck Nine Games will delight fans LIFE Is Strange Before The Storm will be finishing its first season soon, and Deck Nine Games has given an update about a possible second season.
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Did Rachel ever meet max/ Is max a bad person?

Max arrived 3 month before Rachel disappeared, max has been in arcadia bay for 9month before "life is strange". We know this from what Chloe said while on the way to her house after the rough encounter with nathen. later she says Rachels been missing for 6months. Didnt they go to the same school? So at the same time Rachel was getting close with jefferson. - Rachel still Was trying to get away even after what took place after "before the storm"

Knowing the full story really makes it sad. Chloe's dad dies, you see max leave, chloe meets Rachel, they get close, Rachel disappears. I wonder; if max did meet rachel, what would've happened? Would max have been key to keeping her alive or would she still have the same fate. Kinda seemed Rachel was even trying to get away from Chloe, anything to get out of arcadia which is weird it seemed the two were soulmates at the end of "before the storm". Maybe Chloe had cold feet about moving out arcadia so they stayed. And then Jefferson appeared.

Is max a bad person? for not being there when she could have. She wasnt there for chloe for a long time but she couldnt have been. So when she had the chance, she dropped the ball. Without knowing it.

"Life is strange" mirrors real life in alot of ways, childhood friends seperating, living there own lives, coming together, each-one a tragedy. As a adult the things, the people, the places that once made you happy, now are just so distant. Even when they are in your face talking to you. You feel distant.... like life is a blur, blended together, such a strange. kinda sad feeling.
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