Alysianne Bui d'Armagnac, widely known as Alyzian, is a French Concept and UI Artist who has been working for DONTNOD since the very beginning of the production of Life is Strange. She then worked on DONTNOD's recent game, Vampyr, which was released in June 2018, designing some of its UI elements such as its icons and the base of each UI screen before these were finalized by fellow UI artist, Estelle Leydier. She is currently working on the second season of Life is Strange.

Life and Career Edit

Alyzian's parents were both artists, which influenced her becoming an artist herself. She started drawing around the age of 10.

Some of Alyzian's illustrations for Life is Strange were drawn by hand; others were scanned and worked on digitally. She started with traditional pencil drawings before going all digital from Episode 2.

Alyzian illustrated Max's journal (alongside Alexis Bauzet) and created all of the paintings in the art gallery (apart from the Hawt Dawg Man painting), and created a few posters now and again.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her artist's name "Alyzian" is an americanized form of her first name, Alysianne.
  • Alyzian was wrongly credited in the Limited Edition artbook featuring her art. Her last name was written with "y" instead of "i" ("Buy").
  • Some of the coffee/cocoa stains in Max's journal were digitally scanned cocoa stains from her own desk spillages.
  • Alyzian gathered inspirational ideas for Max's journal on a Pinterest board she created.

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