"You're like my guardian angel, Max."

— Alyssa to Max in "Episode 4: Dark Room"

Alyssa Anderson
Biographical information
Died October 11, 2013 (Determinant)
Cause of Death Killed by the storm (Determinant)

Fell to her death (Determinant)

Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Bright purple (dyed)
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Friends Kate Marsh, Stella Hill, Max Caulfield (determinant)
Career information
Profession Student
Affiliation Blackwell Academy
Game information
Appearance(s) "Episode 1: Chrysalis"
"Episode 2: Out of Time"
"Episode 3: Chaos Theory"
"Episode 4: Dark Room"
"Episode 5: Polarized"
Voice actor Dayeanne Hutton (ENG)

Hana Takeda (JAP)

Alyssa Anderson is a student at Blackwell Academy. Max feels like she and Alyssa should be better friends. In every episode, Alyssa can be saved by Max from unfortunate incidents caused by other people.

Personality Edit

Alyssa is quiet and mostly tends to keep to herself. However, she will stand up for her friends, such as Kate Marsh, when others talk about them behind their backs. She isn't blinded by prejudice and is against bullying. Therefore, she hates the Vortex Club.

Alyssa also seems to be religious, as she's always wearing a necklace with a cross pendant.


Alyssa takes Mr. Jefferson's art classes and is in the class photo he took during the first week. She is always texting, but she doesn't hang out with a lot of people and is never really seen interacting with other people.

Judging from her hair and gloomy clothing style, she could easily be considered "scene."

Alyssa is made fun of by several students at Blackwell Academy, particularly the Bigfoots and the Vortex Club. She spends a lot of her free time reading, contemplating life, and walking around Arcadia Bay. She has an affection for literature and science fiction.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

When Max is on her way to save Chloe from being shot by Nathan, she doesn't consider Alyssa to be someone who could help her.

Later, Alyssa is sitting by herself outside the dormitories reading "Love Today Or Die Forever", a Chick-lit book. If Max speaks to Alyssa, she can ask her how she is. Alyssa sarcastically remarks that she'll end up joining the Vortex Club with Victoria Chase. If she asks Alyssa what she is reading, Alyssa is defensive telling the name of the book, but Max is not judgemental because she knows it is a best-seller. Alyssa excuses herself and wants to be left alone to read and find out what happens in the book.

As Max is leaving the dorms, Zach throws his football in frustration from Juliet learning about him sexting Victoria, which hits Alyssa in the head. Max can rewind time to warn her to move out of the way of the incoming football. Otherwise, she will start crying and Max will be unable to talk to her again.

Episode Two - "Out of Time" Edit

Alyssa is standing outside the lavatory of the girls dormitory reading the notice board when suddenly a girl opens the lavatory door and throws a roll of toilet paper out which happens to hit her head. If Max tries to ask Alyssa if she is okay, Alyssa will begin to grumble, calling the person who threw the toilet paper at her a "stupid and immature asshole". She will also tell Max that she isn't feeling social and returns to reading the notices on the board.

Max can rewind time to ask Alyssa to step to the side. The toilet paper roll will hit the wall and bounce down the hall instead. Relieved, Alyssa will thank Max for warning her and will be more open to conversation with Max.

If Max warned Alyssa about the football throw in the earlier episode, Alyssa will mention that Max warning her about the toilet paper was the second time Max helped Alyssa out. When Alyssa asks if Max was her guardian angel, Max replies she just has a sixth sense about trouble and is glad to help Alyssa out. Alyssa remarks that Blackwell has a surplus of assholes and tells her that Warren mentioned that she borrowed his flash drive. Alyssa will be surprised to learn that Max was interested in science fiction and will ask Max what her favorite movie was. In response, Max can mention any of the three films - LooperBack to the Future or Groundhog Day. Alyssa will compliment Max on her knowledge of any of the three films and warn her to be careful of Brooke Scott, who she thinks might be jealous if Warren is interested in Max. Max will pretend that she doesn't know what Alyssa meant. Alyssa will end the conversation by asking that they talk later and wish Max "good luck" with Warren.

When Max enters the art room, she sees Alyssa staring out of the window and waiting for the beginning of Mr. Jefferson's class. Max may also take an optional photo of Alyssa in that pose staring out of the window. Any attempts to speak to Alyssa will result in her telling Max, "Not now, Max. I'm contemplating shit." After Mr. Jefferson comments on Kate's absence from class, Alyssa tries to make up an excuse for Kate by telling him that she wasn't feeling well.

When Zachary informs everyone at Mark Jefferson's class that "crazy shit" is happening at the girls dormitory, Alyssa and everyone else in the class head for the dorm grounds, ignoring Mark Jefferson entirely, after which he is resigned to ending the class early. Alyssa will be among many students watching Kate's suicide attempt. Upon Max managing to freeze time, Alyssa can be seen among the crowd, hiding her face on Warren's shoulder while being held and supported by Warren.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

After Kate's death, Alyssa will leave a message on Kate's social media page. She will write the message "I'll remember your smile".

After Kate is warded in hospital, Alyssa will leave a message on Kate's social media page. She will write the message, "We're all behind you".

If Mark Jefferson is suspended from the Everyday Heroes contest, a social media page in support of Mark Jefferson is set up by his students. Alyssa will comment on the page, declaring "I boycott class until Mr Jefferson comes back".

When Max leaves the Two Whales Diner, she spots Alyssa walking down the sidewalk ahead of her and waiting at the bus stop. Suddenly, a car drives through a puddle on the road, splashing dirty water on Alyssa. Max may choose to rewind time and warn Alyssa, asking her to move out of the way. When she does, the car will drive through the puddle again, this time splashing dirty water on the sidewalk instead.

If Max had warned Alyssa from the football and toilet roll throw earlier, Alyssa will note that this was the third time Max had saved her. When Alyssa asks if Max was her guardian angel, Max doesn't think she's done anything special to merit Alyssa's praises.

Alyssa will appreciate that Max was the only person who tried to talk Kate down, while others took camera pics. Alyssa will also call Max a hero in spite of her failure. The she'll suggest that she and Max should hang out more and drink some wine.

Alyssa will call Max a hero for saving Kate. Max will respond by expressing relief that Kate came down with her. Max will mention Kate was a good person and a friend of Max who was almost bullied to death by a video. Alyssa acknowledges that what happened to Kate was fucked up and considers Max an amazing friend. Alyssa will suggest that Alyssa and Max form a posse to visit Kate together once the hospital allows Kate to receive visitors.


If Max is suspended, she will tell Alyssa that she doesn't feel like a hero after dealing with David Madsen and Nathan Prescott. Alyssa offers to start a petition to have Blackwell Academy lift Max's suspension, believing Max was wronged by the school. However, Max tells Alyssa not to worry and Max will make good use of her suspension to take pictures in her free time. Alyssa will suggest to Max to take a picture and give one to Kate as a gift when she visits the hospital.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"Edit

Alyssa will be attending the End of the World Party hosted by the Vortex Club. Inside, she stands next to the pool while two boys are playing with a pool noodle. When one of them tries to hit the other, he hits Alyssa instead and knocks Alyssa into the pool. They laugh together at Alyssa, calling her accident an "epic fail" and an "epic win". Feeling upset, Alyssa will ask the party boys to give her a break as she climbs out of the pool. If Max tries to talk to Alyssa, Alyssa will express frustration at Max for not being able to warn her this time. Max may rewind and warn her about the incoming pool noodle. If Max saved her all 4 times, it will become an extra dialogue choice when speaking to her.

Alyssa will step out of the way and the noodle in the boy's hand falls into the pool. Alyssa will thank Max for warning her, but wished she had been there for her earlier that week.

Confident, Alyssa will assure Max that she's on the case and step out of the way. Alyssa and Max will see the noodle missing Alyssa and falling into the pool. Relieved that Max was able to warn her again, Alyssa will praise Max to be her guardian angel who has come to save her from the cruel world and will also call her "Mystic Max". She will also recite "the only poem she can quote" by Robert Frost[1] and state the wish that everybody at Blackwell should care for one another as Max does.

Max may choose to talk to Alyssa after warning her successfully.

Max will ask Alyssa if she had seen Nathan Prescott at the party. Unsure, Alyssa suggests that Nathan could be in the VIP section of the party. Before leaving, Max will tell Alyssa to look out for herself. Alyssa will jokingly ask why when she has Max as her guardian angel to look out for her.

Max will mention that the End of the World party was Alyssa's first and only Vortex Club attendance. Alyssa explains that she only attended because she wanted to be around a bunch of people having a good time, even if she hated most of them. Max will remark that Victoria didn't bother Alyssa like she did on Kate. Alyssa will guess that Victoria is aware that Alyssa would punch Victoria in the face and thinks Alyssa should "for Vortex Club posterity".

If Kate is dead, Max will mention that she's surprised that everyone is at the swimming pool partying despite Kate having jumped off the building in front of everyone. Alyssa will tell Max that she came only because Warren had come to the party and Alyssa needed something else to vent about. Alyssa will remark that the party was such a tribute to Kate's spirit and Max respond that Kate deserved revenge for what happened to her.

Alyssa will thank Max for choosing to help her and Max's actions remind her of the poem by Robert Frost. Max will ask Alyssa to to tell her which one she meant. Alyssa warns Max in advance that her recital was at "karaoke level" before she quotes The Road Not Taken. Max will thank Alyssa in return, telling Alyssa it was what Max needed to hear. Alyssa will thank Max again for having her back and Blackwell would be better if there were more people like Max, whom she considered "a great start".


Episode Five - "Polarized"Edit

While Max is making her way to the Two Whales Diner, she will see Alyssa stuck in a 2nd floor apartment that has trapped her where she will beg Max to help her. She makes her way over to her and tells her that she's going to get her out of there. If Max didn't warn her in at least one of the previous episodes, Alyssa will frightfully tell Max that bad things always happen to her when she's around, causing her to back up into a hole and fall to her death. Max can opt to rewind time to use a plank as a makeshift bridge to guide Alyssa to safety. Upon being rescued, Alyssa will thank Max and suggest that they get out of the storm together only for Max to refuse, saying that she needs to find other people and telling her to get to safety. If Max saved her in every episode, a sign will fall onto Max and Alyssa will push her out of the way before she gets hit, believing that it makes the two even.

Alternative TimelineEdit

In the alternative timeline, a text conversation can be read between Alyssa and Max in which Alyssa expresses her disappointment with Max hanging out with the Vortex Club, claiming she thought Max was better than that. Max will then tell her that she saw Alyssa throw a roll of toilet paper at her. Alyssa will claim that she wasn't aiming for Max, only for Max to sternly tell her not to do it again.


Friends Edit

  • Maxine Caulfield (Determinant) - Alyssa seems to have a growing friendship with Max, especially if Max decides to save her from the ills that befall her in each episode. Ultimately, Max feels like they should become better friends due to their common interests of photography and keeping to themselves. They also share an affection for literature and science fiction. Alyssa also supports Max's relationship with Warren.
  • Kate Marsh - They used to hang around a lot, as a photo of both in Kate's room indicates. After the Vortex Club incident, Alyssa doesn't seem to be around her anymore. However, Alyssa still defends Kate when the Vortex Club mocks her after not showing up to class. She considers Kate a good person and friend of hers, and her suicide (attempt) she longs for revenge for Kate. If Kate survived, she also plans to visit her in the hospital once she is allowed visitors.
  • Warren Graham - Warren and Alyssa share an affection for science fiction and seem to be talking a lot about films, but also about Max (for example he told her that Max borrowed his flash-drive and that she also likes science fiction). Since they regulary spend some time together she's become the target of Brooke's jealousy. Warren also comforts Alyssa when Kate is about to jump from the dormitory roof. One of the main reasons Alyssa attends the Vortex Club Party is that Warren also planned to come. A scribble on a table in the science lab which reads "Warren+Alyssa 2013" indicates that she is, or has been, interested in Warren. However, she also supports Warren's relationship with Max.
  • Stella Hill - Alyssa can be seen smiling with Stella and Kate in a photo Max can find in Kate's Room. 

Enemies Edit

  • Victoria Chase - Alyssa clearly dislikes the Vortex Club and especially Victoria.
  • Maxine Caulfield (Determinant) - If Max doesn't help Alyssa with the wrongdoings that befall her, she will say that Max is bad luck because bad things happen when she's around.

Spirit Animal and SymbolismEdit

Colour Symbolism Edit

The colour that Alyssa is the most associated with is purple/violet. Because the purple color is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool color, the color retains both warm and cool properties. On one hand, the color purple can boost imagination and creativity; on the other hand, too much purple can cause moodiness instead. Light purples are light-hearted, floral, and romantic; the dark shades are more intellectual and dignified. Dark purple hues also evoke feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration.[2] In general, positive meanings of purple/violet include faith, magic, mysticism, unconscious, creativity and contemplative; negative ones even death and mourning. In some Native American tribes, purple represents wisdom, healing or gratitude.[3] With a sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a color often well-liked by very creative or eccentric types.[4]

Spirit Animal Edit

The only animal that seems to be connected with Alyssa is the cockroach (as she's wearing a t-shirt displaying one on the Vortex Club party in "Dark Room").

Cockroaches are from the beetle family within the insect kingdom. All beetles carry metamorphosis energy, and for this reason the cockroach showing up in your life can indicate a change will soon occur. Cockroaches prefer to keep to the dark and will scurry from the light. For this reason, cockroaches surfacing can be indicators of the desire to pull back from society and keep under the radar of others. If you spend a lot of time socializing, the cockroach could be telling you to spend more time alone. On the flip side, it could also signify that you are isolating yourself too much.[5] From what we know about Alyssa, being a more gloomy and anti-social character, the cockroach fits her personality well.

The Cockroach is also said to be impossible to kill and can endure anything including a nuclear fallout. This fits well with Alyssa's never ending string of bad luck, simply carrying on even after everything that happens to her. Though, much like how the real cockroach isn't invincible, the final episode potentially shows Alyssa eventually being killed by something.


  • From the beginning, it was speculated that if Max always helped Alyssa from random attacks, then something worse would happen to her; that she might die at the last episode. Others believed that the opposite would happen to her, and that she would do something to help Max. Both theories have been proven to be partially true, based on Alyssa's determinant death and Alyssa saving Max from a collapsing rubble in episode five which depends on Max's choice to help Alyssa in every episode.
  • It is considered possible that Alyssa doesn't exist and that she's only in Max's mind since she has no own room and is never seen interacting. However, Alyssa is seen in Mr. Jefferson's class photo and Mr. Jefferson calls her by name in the first episode. In the second episode, Max may take an optional photo of her and she appears in the photo normally unlike Max's spirit deer in another optional photo taken earlier. She is also seen in photos with Kate Marsh, taking away credibility from this theory. A deleted scene from Episode 2 also indicates that Kate does know who she is, and that she thinks that she has been sweet to her since the video was released.
  • There's also a theory claiming that Alyssa could know about Max's rewinding power, as in Episode 4, after saving her four times, she states, "You always choose to help me.", which implies that Max actually had a choice of helping or not helping her. 


  • In "Dark Room", there is a writing on the Prescott Dormitory's wall saying, "ALYSSA Y U PLAY HARD TO GET WHEN U ALREADY HARD TO WANT".
  • Written on the counter where Brooke is standing in the science lab is "Warren + Alyssa 2013" surrounded by a heart. The message, presumably written by Brooke herself, suggests that Warren and Alyssa may have been in a relationship, or that Alyssa herself is also interested in Warren.


References Edit

  1. "I shall be telling this with a sigh. / Somewhere ages and ages hence: / Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... / took the one less traveled by. / And that has made all the difference."

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