Amaury Balandier is a French illustrator and environment artist working for Dontnod Entertainment since January 2015. As the lead environment artist for Life is Strange, he was significantly involved in the game's creation and development.

Trivia Edit

  • As an easter egg, there are many references to Amaury Balandier's name scattered throughout Life is Strange :
    • A member of the 2013 Yearbook Committee at Blackwell Academy in is called "Amaury".
    • The soda cans in Chloe's room are a brand called "Pr. Amaury".
    • There is a postcard that can be found in Chloe's room, the metalbox under Chloe's bed. Once enlarged, it appears the letter was from someone called "Amaury".
    • Victoria's tablet is from the brand "Amaury" as evident from the textures found in the game files.
    • One of Jefferson's photographs that is displayed on the Blackwell campus shows the name "Amaury" in the background.

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