The Arcadia Bay Beacon is a newspaper in Arcadia Bay. In "Dark Room", an article about the various meteorological anomalies and two articles featuring the disappearance of Rachel Amber and Kate Marsh's suicide (attempt), which is in the Dark Room, collected by Mr. Jefferson, can be found. In the Alternative Timeline, there are articles about the ongoing search for Rachel Amber and the beached whales. In "Polarized", an article written by Juliet Watson can be found, which shines light on the bullying in Blackwell.

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While Arcadia Bay was until now considered a quaint fishing and tourist nook on the Oregon coast, the town that time forgot is, since the beginning of this week, in the literal eye of an environmental storm. Starting with a freak snowfall, an unprecedented eclipse, dying birds and now a half dozen beached whales, Arcadia Bay's strange weather is being studied by prominent state and national scientists, apparently including NASA. What's even more incredible than these eco-phenomena is the fact that not a single meteorologist has offered any actual theory or even reason for this atmospheric havoc.

Search For Popular Teen Continues Edit

Search For Popular Teen Continues

Blackwell honor student Rachel Amber has not been seen for over six months, yet her family and friends have only intensified the search for the 18-year-old Arcadia Bay resident. Police and FBI have few leads and little information in the case, which has caught the interest of national reality show "Where Did They Go?". The Amber family has offered a reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of their daughter. For more details, please contact Help@FindRachelAmber.orh

Beached Angels: Looking For The Whales Edit

Beached Angels: Looking For The Whales

Whereas the shores of Arcadia Bay once acted as a lovely gateway to the Pacific and beyond, now locals and tourists face the sad, surreal image of grey whales that inexplicably swam to land... and to their doom. The whale pods were spotted early morning on Wednesday, October 9th and within a few hours, at least half a dozen were dead or dying on the shore. Smartphone footage does not reveal any unusual ocean conditions or excessive pollution. Meanwhile, ecologists and marine biologists from across the country are carefully studying samples from the whales and environment. The Prescott Foundation has vowed to provide extra research funds given the local scope of this eco-mystery.


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Arcadia Bay Beacon mill

An edition of the newspaper lying on the floor.

In Before the Storm, an uninteractable issue of the newspaper is seen on the ground in the punk club inside the Old Mill.

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  • Tillamook herald
    This is one of the two newspapers that the Price family is subscribed to, the other being "The Independent".
  • The Arcadia Bay Beacon could have been inspired by a real newspaper, the "Tillamook Headlight Herald", also featuring its iconic lighthouse on the right side of the headline. Tillamook being one of the inspiration for Arcadia Bay — both cities share the same ZIP code and have very similar lighthouses — it wouldn't be surprising that the local newspaper also served as an inspiration for its fictional counterpart.