The Arcadia Bay Cemetery is the local graveyard for Arcadia Bay residents.

Life is Strange Edit

The cemetery appears appears in the last cut-scene of the game if Max Caulfield chooses to sacrifice Chloe Price. The location is not explorable.

Chloe's funeral takes place here, and is well-attended by Max, Joyce Price, David Madsen, Principal Wells, Frank Bowers and his dog Pompidou and various Blackwell students including Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase, Justin Williams, Trevor and Dana Ward. Chloe's grave is located next to that of her father William.

The blue butterfly appears in the last moments of the game on Chloe's coffin. There is debate over its symbolism and whether it is the spirit animal of Chloe, or that of Rachel Amber.

Before the Storm Edit

In the ending of the bonus episode "Farewell", Chloe and Joyce are seen attending William Price's funeral. They are accompanied by Max for a short time, before the latter leaves with her parents for Seattle.

Occupants Edit