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Note: This page contains major and direct spoilers for the currently released episodes of the game.

Arcadia Bay Cemetery
Location: Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Appears in: Episode 5: Polarized (determinant)

The Arcadia Bay Cemetery is the local graveyard for Arcadia Bay residents. It appears in the last cut-scene of the game if Max chooses to sacrifice Chloe rather than let the entire town die at the end.

Chloe's funeral takes place here, and is well-attended by Max, Joyce, David, Principal Wells, Frank Bowers and Pompidou and various Blackwell students including Warren, Kate, Victoria, Justin, Trevor and Dana. Chloe's grave is located next to that of her father William.

The blue butterfly appears in the last moments of the game on Chloe's coffin. There is debate over its symbolism and whether it is the spirit animal of Chloe, or that of Rachel Amber.

The location is not explorable.


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