The Arcadia Bay Police Department is the local police force in Arcadia Bay.

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Operations Edit

"Deals" Edit

The Arcadia Bay Police Department is a corrupt organization, working for the Prescott family on the side. Officer Berry made a deal with Sean Prescott, however doesn't disclose what exactly this deal is.[2] He expresses how he wishes to go back on said deal. Nathan himself brags about having cops not "narc" on him, due to his father's power over them. He doesn't hire cops, he "owns" them, according to Nathan. This may be the reason his record is squeaky-clean.

Relationships Edit

The Price Family Edit

  • Joyce, notably, is very close to the officers. They frequent the Two Whales Diner, evident by not only three different officers being there on two separate occasions, but the cop in Episode 2: Out of Time states this himself. He also refers to Joyce as being a motherly figure to him and the rest of his fellow officers.
  • Virtually everyone employed at the station is aware of Chloe and how much stress she puts on her mother, Joyce, by frequently getting in trouble.
  • The officers also poke fun at David occasionally, expressing how they're glad he isn't an officer himself. This implies they've talked about him before behind his back. They seem to have a neutral relationship despite this.

Other Arcadia Bay Citizens Edit

Note: This section contains mentions of suicide. Click here to skip it.

  • Max has her reputation put before her. If Max prevents Kate from committing suicide, every officer takes to calling her "Super Maxine". They have a semi-mutually positive relationship.
  • Officers don't mention Kate outside of the previous mentions, however they were legally obligated to conduct an investigation on her suicide attempt. Their relationship is unknown.
  • The unnamed officer states that he believes Frank is "sketchy" and his RV is as well. It can be speculated that because of their relationship with the Prescotts and by extension Nathan, they may be aware of Frank's operations, this is unconfirmed. They have a negative relationship.

Missing Persons Edit

Missing Persons List from the Arcadia Bay Police Department website.

  • Rachel Amber since 04/22/2013
  • Elton Kesey since 11/10/2001
  • Melissa Lee Grayson since 03/22/1997
  • Winston Smith since 06/08/1984
  • "Sunshine Ray" since 12/14/1973

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Missing Persons list on Max's laptop, there is an entry for "Winston Smith" who went missing in 1984. This is a reference to George Orwell's 1984, where Winston Smith is the main character. At the end of this novel, he also is presumed to go missing.

References Edit

  1. Seen sitting at the counter in the Two Whales Diner in episode two.
  2. However, he does mention "land deals" made by the Prescotts. These aren't confirmed to be the same deal(s). The police department does appear to be involved in the "land deals".

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