The "Bear Station" is a gas station in Life is Strange 2, located in Washington close to or in Mount Rainier National Park. It is an explorable location in Episode 1: Roads.

Overview Edit

The gas station is owned by Hank Stamper and his wife Doris Stamper, with Doris working as a cashier for the station's market. Surrounded by forest, the station features a small parking lot, a picknick table, a bench, a toilet, two gas pumps and a small workbench where Hank Stamper carves wooden bear figures which he offers for sale in the station's market. Hank and Doris' house is set beside the station. (...)

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

Sean and Daniel Diaz stumble upon the gas station after walking down the road for three days. They stock up on food and water, and get a free map of the area. (...)

Items for Sale Edit

  • Chock-O-Crisp Bar ($1.99)
  • Hot Dogs (2) ($6)
  • Mac n' Cheese ($4.50)
  • Sleeping Bag ($16) [note 1]
  • Sliced Bread ($5.90)
  • Soda ($3.50)
  • Sweater ($59.99) [note 2]
  • Tent ($69.99) [note 2]
  • Washington T-Shirt ($11.50)
  • Water Bottle ($4.50)

Daniel can also acquire a Power Bear toy by playing the claw game three times without switching players (for a total of $3).

Trivia Edit

  • A poster outside the gas station displaying a "ASH-82" chainsaw for sale references Ash Williams and his chainsaw hand from the classic 1981 horror movie The Evil Dead. The poster was posted by Sam R., a nod at director Sam Raimi.

Notes Edit

  1. Sean cannot steal this item
  2. 2.0 2.1 Sean cannot afford this item and can only acquire it through theft in the final cutscene at Bear Station