The Blackwell Bigfoots are the football team of Blackwell Academy. The club's name is based on the rumours of a Bigfoot living in the forests of Arcadia Bay.

Across the Blackwell campus, there are many references to the team in the form of posters and flyers. 

Dana also mentions the impending Bigfoots vs. Razorbacks game on Friday (the day of the tornado). The game will begin at 7pm on the Blackwell field.

Known Players Edit

Known Games Edit

  • October 11, 7PM - Bigfoots vs Sunnydale Razorbacks (Blackwell field)
  • November 4, 5PM - Bigfoots vs Oldport Slugs (Blackwell field)
  • November 6, 6PM - Bigfoots vs Dillon Panthers (outside of Arcadia Bay)
  • November 10, 5PM - Bigfoots vs Sunnydale Razorbacks (Blackwell field)

Trivia Edit

  • Blackwell Academy Concept Art

    Concept Art done by Gary Jamroz-Palma. The banner on the right wall reads "Fishermen".

    As evident from the Blackwell Hallway concept art, the Bigfoots were originally meant to be called "The Fishermen".
  • The Bigfoots sell merchandise which you can order at their e-mail address BigStuff@BigFootBall.trog.

Gallery Edit

Posters and Flyers Edit

Illustrations Edit

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