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"Global Excellence in Arts and Science for over a hundred years and counting."
— a flyer in the Two Whales Diner

Blackwell Academy-02
Blackwell Academy
Type: Private Boarding School
Location: Arcadia Bay
Coordinates: Latitude : 45.535068 l
Longitude : -123.906641
State: Oregon
Appears in: Episode 1: Chrysalis
Episode 2: Out of Time
Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Episode 4: Dark Room
Episode 5: Polarized

Blackwell Academy is a senior high school located in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. The school specializes in Science and Arts, and is currently led by Ray Wells.

Biography Edit

The following is what Max wrote about the Blackwell Academy in her diary :


If words could dance this would be a rave. Even though I've never been to one. But who cares because I GOT INTO BLACKWELL ACADEMY, a unique and famous private school for seniors! NO KIDS ALLOWED! I didn't think I would be so excited since it's not like I didn't used to live in the same town. But when I saw the text from the Blackwell scholarship office, I could literally feel my pulse speed up.

But Seattle wasn't like a fable. Au contraire. Now Blackwell Academy seems more exotic to me than any other place in the world. To study photography under Mark Jefferson... SIGH. Insert hearts and flowers. Plus there will be cool diverse students from everywhere. It won't be like my high school now...

Background Edit

According to Ms. Grant, the school is built on old Native American land, shared between the natives and the early colonial settlers.

In 1910, Jeremiah Blackwell founded the academy, striving for excellence among the student body. Jeremiah's statue resides at the front of the building, bearing the motto "The future needs excellence".
Blackwell Flyer TWD

In the Two Whales Diner, there is also a black and white flyer of Blackwell, boasting "Global Excellence in Arts and Science for over a hundred years and counting." The flyer also offers free campus tours every third Saturday.

Blackwell is partially owned by, and financially supported by, the Prescott family. In 1998, they donated the dormitory building to Blackwell.

Related Locations Edit

Indoors Edit

Within the Academy building there are several explorable rooms:


  • Boys' Bathroom
  • Library
  • Cafeteria and Kitchen
  • Computer Lab
  • Media Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Storage Rooms
  • Jefferson's Office
  • Business Office

Outdoors Edit

Outside the building, there are several main areas:

The layout of the campus can be seen on a map in the Madsen garage in David's surveillance cupboard.

Blackwell Campus Map

Blackwell Campus Map

Faculty Staff Edit

Based on Chloe and Alternative Chloe's Blackwell Report Cards from 2010, the following teachers were at that time, or are still faculty members:

  • J. Edwards - Physical Education Teacher
  • C. Cole - Art Teacher
  • E. Terry - Practical Math and Life Skills Teacher
  • P. Jackson - Social Sciences Teacher
  • I. Ferdinand - Personal Health Teacher

Known Students Edit

Courses Edit


  • World History
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Social Sciences
  • Algebra
  • Practical Math
  • Statistics


  • Language of Photography
  • Life Drawing
  • Media Literacy
  • Literature
  • Music


  • English AP
  • Physical Education
  • Life Skills
  • Personal Health

Clubs and Other Groups Edit

Most Prestigious GroupsEdit


  • Geek Grrls Book Club - led by Brooke Scott
  • Drama Club 
  • Vegan Club 
  • Science Gamer's Group
  • Anti-Mobbing Support/Discussion Group - led by S. Sorber
  • Gamer Guyz (led by J. Romero)
  • "Meals on Wheels" (led by Kate Marsh)
  • School Newspaper "Blackwell Totem" (Reporter Juliet Watson)
  • Bible Study Group (led by Kate Marsh)


A well is something used to obtain water in large amounts. As water is important to human survival, it is associated with good things. Hence, the reason people throw coins down wells in exchange for luck.

The color black holds many negative connotations. It's the color of night and darkness (when people can not see and are therefore vulnerable), the color of bruises and body parts afflicted by frostbite, the color of ashes (which are the leavings of a fire, which can cause great harm), and the color of rotting things. It's connected

Hence we have "Black Well", or "Danger disguised as fortune". And it is a fitting name considering that, despite being a school (and therefore originally intended to give students opportunity and knowledge), Blackwell is a place where a lot of sinister and generally shady things are going on.

Gallery Edit

School PostersEdit

Concept ArtEdit


References Edit

  1. He placed an ad for lost swimming goggles on the Blackwell Pool noticeboard.
  2. Both Rory W. and River S. have signed a post card sent to Kate after her suicide attempt on behalf of Blackwell Academy.
  3. In the Boys Dormitory, there is an advertisement for an anti-mobbing support and discussion group at Blackwell organized by S. Sorber.
  4. J. Romero adversises a gaming group called "Gamer Guyz" in the Boys' Dormitory.
  5. Someone called Tyron tries to sell his bike at Blackwell. It's possible that he's also attending Blackwell.

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