The Blackwell Podcast is a fan-made podcast discussing Life is Strange and interviewing special guests from the cast and crew behind the game. Its first episode was released on 30th of August 2015, introducing a long running series meant to be "about everything from Lisa the Plant to the in-depth analysis of game themes and character personalities." You can follow the Blackwell Podcast on Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram or Tumblr.

Extra Life Livestream Edit

The Blackwell Podcast did a Extra Life Livestream the July 16, 2016 with a lot of special guests from the team behind Life Is Strange and the community and raised $3292.[1]


Cast/Crew Edit

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Hannah Telle

For episode 8 of the Blackwell Podcast, Hannah Telle, the voice actor of Max Caulfield and Courtney Wagner, was invited.
Blackwell Podcast Hannah Telle

Dayeanne Hutton

For episode 4 of the Blackwell Podcast, Dayeanne Hutton, the voice actor of Kate Marsh, Alyssa Anderson and Juliet Watson was invited.
Dayeanne Hutton Podcast

Alejandro Arque

For episode 13 of the Blackwell Podcast, Alejandro Arque, game designer at Square Enix, was invited.
Blackwell Podcast Alejandro Arque

Christian Divine

For episode 15 of the Blackwell Podcast, Christian Divine, writer, was invited.
Blackwell Podcast Christine Devine

Scott Blows

For episode 19 of the Blackwell Podcast, Scott Blows, former community manager, was invited.
Scott Blows Podcast

Ashly Burch

For episode 20 of the Blackwell Podcast, Ashly Burch, the voice of Chloe Price, Taylor Christensen, Stella Hill, Sarah and the wierd lady, was invited.
Ashly Burch Podcast

Cissy Jones

For episode 22 of the Blackwell Podcast, Cissy Jones, the voice of Joyce Price and the homeless lady, was invited.
Cissy Jones Podcast

Nik Shriner

For episode 24 of the Blackwell Podcast, Nik Shriner, the voice of Nathan Prescott, Daniel DaCosta, Luke Parker and Trevor, was invited.
Nik Shriner Podcast

Toby Palm

For episode 26 of the Blackwell Podcast, Toby Palm, community manager, was invited.
Toby Palm Podcast


For episode 37 of the Blackwell Podcast, Alyzian, concept artist, was invited.
Alyzian Podcast

Community Members Edit

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For episode 16 of the Blackwell Podcast, TaylaChan, cosplayer of Max, Chloe, Kate, Victoria and Rachel, was invited.

Amethyst Leon

For episode 18 of the Blackwell Podcast, Amethyst Leon, cosplayer of Chloe, was invited.


For episode 21 of the Blackwell Podcast, Koethe, composer of Life is Strange-inspired music, was invited.


For episode 23 of the Blackwell Podcast, TheAwakened, cosplayer of Max, was invited.

For episode 25 of the Blackwell Podcast, the administrator and the moderators of, a dedicated social network for Life is Strange fans, were invited.

Team Polarized

For episode 32 of the Blackwell Podcast, Team Polarized, creators and cast of a Life is Strange cosplay music video, were invited.

Discussions Edit

References Edit

  1. Blackwell Podcast Extra Life Summary (Reddit)

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