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  • Ismaelciulla

    Gamers blog

    June 18, 2016 by Ismaelciulla

    Which Life Is Strange character is your favorite?

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I want to ask among the mods etc. 

    Would it not be more beneficial to remove the cause of death section from the infoboxes of key characters?

    I understand that having it would be beneficial for those who have already played the game, however, for many people who read the wiki, they want to look up the info on an episode they've just played because they've missed details etc. 

    I feel like it's not beneficial to any new player having those portions of the infobox present.

    Sorry if this is irrelevant, or you aren't in agreement; however I just wanted to put it out there and guage opinion on the matter. 

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  • Landiiy


    March 19, 2016 by Landiiy

    HEY EVERYBODYYY! My name is Mariah Medeiros, I'm have 13 years old currently living in Macapá and since discovered the Life Is Strange Wikia, I keep looking at the site. ITS VERY COOL!

    Yes, I was one of the Life Is Strange players, and HEART LOVED that game. Max, Chloe, Warre'n, Victo'ria, Kate, Jefferson, Nathan, everyone, although ficticious, were very special to me, and, I believe, for other players as well.

    AND SOUNDTRACK OF THAT GAME, MY GOD?! Believe me, I have ALL the songs from the soundtrack. #SydMattersILoveU

    Thank you all! I hope you like my posts. BYE EVERYONEEEE!


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  • Arvise

    Episode 5: The Storm

    October 23, 2015 by Arvise

    So, we all know that the opitional ending that let's Arcadia Bay be destroyed will kill lots of the residences, including the ones we got to know and love. But aren't there some of them who would've made it out?

    • Kate Marsh - Kate Marsh wouldn't have been present in Arcadia Bay because she would've been out of the town by now because her family is supposed to pick her up. We don't even know how far away the hospital is from Arcadia Bay, so even if it was delayed we won't know if the storm hit the hospital.
    • David Madsen - David Madsen was in the bunker when the storm hit, so unless the bunker was cheaply made (which it wasn't) he would have most likely survived. He may have left the bunker to look for Chloe and Joyce, but this would be unknown.
    • Mar…

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  • Arvise

    Episode 5

    October 23, 2015 by Arvise

    So, is anyone going to update the character's pages on Episode 5? I haven't seen much updates on it other than possible deaths but I don't think I'm qualified to update the Main Character's pages, I only did it to Evan's.

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  • TwoWhalesDiner


    just want to know what other people think of this episode.

    I'm disappointed in the new episode, because none of my choices from the previous episodes mattered in the end. In the description on Steam, it says that Life is Strange would have multiple endings depending on the choices we made in other episode. I don't think that two endings which are not dependent on my choices fulfill this description. In the previous episode, I mulled a lot over my choices and asked myself if I made the right decision. It's not satisfactory that this was all for nothing.

    Also, I have a lot of questions that remain open. For example, why did Max altering the time conjure a storm? Who gave her those powers? And of course, how works this pow…

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  • CrazySuperMax

    Max life

    October 20, 2015 by CrazySuperMax

    Senpai~Chloe be looking fine todAY :3

    ~Lets do that time warp again... 


    A)Kill Chloe

    B)Kill all of ' Arcadia bay

    Bye everyone else :3 

    pricefeild forevera!

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    If I'm alone in this, that's alright! Just wanted everybody's opinion on the matter.

    I believe Chloe's date of death and causes of death shouldn't be listed in her infobox. 

    Primarily, it's a huge spoiler right in plain view at the begining of the article. Because of the picture, it's easy to go ahead and look at the box before you read anything else on the page. Anybody who hasn't playeed the latest episode will inevitably be put out by the definite date of death sitting there.

    I just feel like it's a little wrong to have it there as an option. By all means, we should have aspects of the article which go into detail about the death and the causes and the dates etc - Chloe has a whole section just for her considering the number of times she d…

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  • Charlie1121

    All their pages, save for Rachel, Kate, and Megan Weaver, are only a couple lines long and have almost the exact same content listed for each page.

    I'd like to suggest to the admins that the following pages be merged into one paged titled Dark Room Victims:

    • Alexis
    • Ashley
    • Kelly
    • Lynn
    • Suzie
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  • Maxtheninja

    Some people think he is a victim of his childhood and love him while some think he is despicable and hate him. What are your feelings about this complicated character and why?

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  • Randomshadowmusic


    August 2, 2015 by Randomshadowmusic

    Do me a favour, all of you.

    Go to the Junkyard in Out of Time. 

    From your start point, walk towards the train tracks towards the bottle by the wrecked cars. Turn and look to the side where the photo-op Doe is standing. Don't move... just watch.

    Look at it.

    Look at where it stands.

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I'm Back!!

    August 1, 2015 by Randomshadowmusic

    Hey everyone!

    Back from holiday, and ready to get cracking on the new episode updates. Lots of work to be getting on with here. Can't wait to start getting things under way.

    New episode was CRAZY. My Jefferson theory was totally correct, but still some surprising incidents I wasn't quite expecting. 

    I've updated a bunch of pages already - you can bet that if you're reading any of the theory sections that I've helped write them up! 


    What do you all think of the new episode? I have a few criticisms, but nothing too ridiculous. 

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  • Mackubex


    Just edited a lot of articels & pages!

    Continue on supporting and playing Life Is Strange!

    One episode to go!

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  • The Walking North

    Back! :)

    July 29, 2015 by The Walking North

    Hey guys! So you probably dont know me im the creator of this wiki and i've arisen from the dead to help out. If anyone could catch me up to speed on the progress of this wiki (and whats being done) that'd be great! :) Remember leave me as message if you have any questions and i'd also like to mod a few users who have been hard working these past few months so if you want to nominate anyone (or yourself) please tell me. :)

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I'm heading off on holiday tomorrow!

    I probably won't be making as many edits in the coming two weeks, just because I'll be too busy living it up in Florida for a fortnight.

    I hope to be on at some point each day to do a few minor edits, but I probably won't be about as much. Just to give you all a heads up in case you wonder where I've disappeared off to, considering I've been a busy bee updating everything recently!

    Hope you guys have a great time when the episode is released! =D

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  • Josey-chan

    Navigation Bar

    July 13, 2015 by Josey-chan

    The wiki navigation bar is pretty clumped up at the moment and I think really needs sorting out. I sort of have a bit of an idea on how it should be organized but what does everyone else think? What tabs do you think should be there?

    I think that the character tab list should either include more characters (we could also make a minor and major character tab) or we could create a characters article and link it to that page.

    I think that the locations tab should either become a drop down list or it should have an article titled "Locations"(like the characters article idea) instead of being linked to a category.

    I'm not sure about the gameplay tab as the tab "gameplay" is quite broad and quite a lot of articles are categorized into the category b…

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  • Randomshadowmusic

    I was wondering about whether we should include possible theory sections on each character's page? 

    I'm still on the fence, but heading towards the negative side.

    Earlier today I went ahead and added one for Jefferson. Not sure whether to progress and add different ones for each of the characters that various fan theories apply to.

    Is there a place in the forums for this kind of thing without adding it to articles? I figure that putting confirmed facts there rather than speculation would probably be better, and help ward off comments from contributors who are in disagreement. 

    What say you guys?

    I'd appreciate some responses if you're around! =)


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  • Randomshadowmusic

    Hey guys! 

    I'm so glad to be here on the Life is Strange Wikia. I love the game, and I'd love to do my part to contribute to the community and all the articles here.

    If you're interested in a clear walkthrough to the game if you're stuck, by the way, visit my Steam guide for a quick and easy guide -

    Thanks for the support - I look forward to getting to know some of you all! =D

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  • Josey-chan

    I know that this isn't a very important thing or anything but I just wanted to know out of curiosity- who created this wiki?:3

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  • Josey-chan

    First blog post!

    June 7, 2015 by Josey-chan

    We all know that there are places and rooms and places inside Blackwell Academy so I think that someone should provide maybe a map of the school and new article pages each dedicated to a different place inside Blackwell Academy.

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  • TheSyphonGames


    May 20, 2015 by TheSyphonGames

    I must say that I am thoroughly dissapointed regarding the state of the Life is Strange wikia. We're being vastly outclassed in terms of grammar and information across the board. I'm taking it upon myself to do a vast clean up on all the posts, as well as adding in a whole bunch of information in terms of characters, events and places. Be warned, no shoddy material is safe from my wrath!

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  • Jackboog21

    Hello, I'm new here.

    April 30, 2015 by Jackboog21

    Hello! I'm new here to this wikia. I have several skills that could be useful.

    • Programming - Doubt it'll be useful.. But perhaps I can try and make some templates. I don't know. I tend to program video games.
    • Video editing - Not sure if this skill will help but putting it out there.
    • Photo editing - This is the only skill I can see being helpful here.

    My skills were more crafted to work on another wikia (Just Dance). However I hope I can be of some help here.

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  • Echoh98

    I haven't seen many fans talking about what could have possibly happened to Rachel Amber so far, and I was curious to see what theories fans on here might have. What do you think happened? Do you think she simply skipped town, or do you think something possibly more sinister might have happened? Do you think any of the residents in Arcadia Bay might possibly know what happened? Do you think that her dissapearance is (somehow) related to Max's powers and the tornado threatening Arcadia Bay? Feel free to share what you think might have happened below!

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  • The Walking North

    Blog Updates

    February 4, 2015 by The Walking North

    Hey guys this is the first update (very small one) of the blog to keep you updated on all that will be happing on this wikia, today ive made a Graphic Wordmark for this wikia that i think looks pretty awesome :) ive got a lot of plans for tommorrow and im exicted for what the future on this wiki will look like. If you have any questions please feel free to message me and ill get back as soon as possible. 

    Thanks to the help of a few hard working dedicated users this wikia is quickly growing we went from 7 to 22 pages in one day, tommorrow i'm striving for 50 pages. We also now have a character template which can be found under the 'templates section in classic editor. Next i hope to make a location template for noteable locations (Chloe's h…

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