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Chaos Theory
TX Episode3 Preview
Season 1, Episode 3
General information
Release date May 19, 2015
Written by Jean-Luc Cano

Christian Divine

Directed by Michel Koch

Raoul Barbet

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"Chaos Theory" is the third episode of Life is Strange. The episode was released May 19, 2015, and is available on PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


When Max Caulfield and Chloe Price begin investigating the conspiracy surrounding Kate Marsh and Rachel Amber, the pieces of the puzzle surrounding Rachel's disappearance lead to answers, and the consequences of Max's powers lead to a conclusion that has devastating results on everyone she knows.

See here for diary entries and messages from this episode.


  1. Girls' Dormitories
  2. Dormitories
  3. Main Campus - Evening
  4. High School - Evening
  5. Swimming Pool - Evening
  6. Parking Lot - Evening
  7. Chloe's House - Upstairs
  8. Chloe's House - Downstairs
  9. Diner
  10. Chloe's Truck
  11. Main Campus - Noon
  12. Max's Room
  13. Chloe's House - Focus
  14. Alternative Main Campus



  • Local Birds - Dead birds are seen in the backyard of the Madsen household.
  • Fish (Mentioned) - The fisherman mentions that there are no edible fish left in Arcadia Bay.
  • Humpback Whales - Humpback Whales can be seen laying on the beach while Max is on her way to Chloe's House in the alternative timeline. They are also there in the main timeline.
  • Lisa the Plant (Determinant) - Lisa might be found drowned or dehydrated depending on Max's earlier choices to water her twice or not watering her at all in the last two episodes.

Featured MusicEdit

Main article: Soundtrack
  • "Lua" - Bright Eyes (Morning sequence in Chloe's Room)
  • "Santa Monica Dream" - Angus & Julia Stone (Optionally played in Chloe's Room)
  • "Piano Fire" - Sparklehorse (Optionally played in Chloe's Room)
  • "Kids Will Be Skeletons" - Mogwai (Max's bus ride in the closing sequence)


  • Chaos Theory has the second highest Metascore of all episodes on Metacritic with a Metascore of 80 and a User Score of 9.0.
  • IGN gave it a great 8.0 calling it a massive turn with a heartfelt and ambitious new story.


There are twelve achievements the player can earn on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.

Parallax View Achievement
Parallax View
Take optional photo #1 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Lenscrafted Achievement Lenscrafted
Take optional photo #2 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
The Reflex Achievement The Reflex
Take optional photo #3 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Histogrammar Achievement Histogrammar
Take optional photo #4 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Bokeh Achievement Bokeh
Take optional photo #5 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Pinholed Achievement Pinholed
Take optional photo #6 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
RAW Strength Achievement RAW Strength
Take optional photo #7 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Viewfinder Achievement Viewfinder
Take optional photo #8 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Optican Achievement Optican
Take optional photo #9 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Flash! Achievement Flash!
Take optional photo #10 in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Camera Eye Achievement Camera Eye
Take all optional photos in Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory Achievement Chaos Theory
Finish Episode 3: Chaos Theory


  • The term "Chaos Theory" refers to the the study of "behaviors in dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions" such as the butterfly effect.
  • If you rewind time after using the vending machine and use it again while searching through Blackwell at night, Max will make a comment about how she could get every can in the machine with just one coin.
  • If you go inside a Swimming Pool locker room and then rewind, Chloe says, "Dude, it's getting old! Try and dazzle me with another trick!"
  • The audio files for Episode 3, contain a file called "VO_E3_6B.STM_pck-0000000043", featuring Officer Berry's voice: "Since you know so much about episode two, maybe you should tell me what's going on? I sure hope you're not proud of yourself for playing a leaked, incomplete game, and, if you do it again, next time you roll through Arcadia Bay might be your last time. Choose wisely."Headphones
Moved Eggs Episode Three After Patch
  • With the patch update on January 19, 2016, the shopping bag with the eggs Max has to find for Joyce's breakfast was moved from the door to the kitchen probably due to a lot of complaints about how hard it was to find.
  • The morning after the break-in at Blackwell Academy, Max will receive three text messages from Warren a few seconds after she gets up from Chloe's bed. The timestamps of these texts are: 8:13am, 8:13am, and 8:14am. Max receives no further texts while she is inside Chloe's room. Once Max exits the room, she will receive a text from Richard Marsh (Kate's father). This text has a timestamp of 8:10am, which is prior to the timestamps on Warren's texts. A possible explanation for this could be a delay in delivery to Max's handset. Most phones will display the time a message was sent to that device, not the time it was received.
  • The clock in the dining area of Chloe's house has real-time hand movement. The hands are positioned at approximately 8:22am when Max heads downstairs. If Max were to idle and allow time to pass, any text messages she is to receive in that chapter or future chapters with a timestamp matching the time reflected by the clock will not occur. Therefore, the clock is not linked to timed events.[1]


Notes Edit

  1. This was discovered by allowing Max to stand idle until the clock hands reached 9:17am, which is the time she receives a text message from her dad. This text is only received when Max makes her way towards the entrance of the Two Whales Diner in the next chapter.) If the Chloe's House - Downstairs chapter is played at a normal pace, it is estimated that Max leaves the house with Chloe at approximately 8:50am (as a minimum time.

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