Chloe's Truck
Type: Pickup truck
Location: Arcadia Bay
State: Oregon
Appears in: Episode 1: Chrysalis
Episode 2: Out of Time
Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Episode 4: Dark Room
Episode 5: Polarized (nightmare)

Chloe's Truck is a non-explorable object/location in Life Is Strange. The truck belongs to Chloe Price and is used by her throughout the game to drive around Arcadia Bay and transport Max Caulfield with her.

Overview Edit

On the outside, the truck has a beige paint and several stains of dirt. The cab doors are a darker shade of brown with traces of a white and blue decal (possibly vinyl). A number of small stickers can be seen near the door handles and on the back of the truck.

The inside is heavily populated with graffiti and stickers — the most notable ones being the Eye of Providence and the phrases "This is much bigger than you" and "You're about to die", which can be interpreted as foreshadowing. On the dashboard, there is a "Wacky Wobbler '68 Special" bobble head of Elvis Presley holding a microphone, several used tissues and soda cans, sunglasses, a pen and a pencil, several sheets of paper and two wrenches. Also present on the dashboard is a white cup that bears the same logo as cups that are stacked behind the counter at the Two Whales Diner. A white skull, a five-pointed star and a light and dark brown feather hang from the rear view mirror.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

Chloe's truck can be seen in the Blackwell Parking Lot, parked on two spots for the handicapped. Max comments that this circumstance "pisses her off" and calls the owner of the truck a bastard. She can also see a box full of Rachel Amber Missing Person posters in the cargo bed. Sometime later, Chloe breaks up the confrontation between Max, Nathan and Warren by driving very close to them in her truck. Max enters Chloe's truck and they head to Chloe's house. On the way there, they chat about Max's lack of communication with Chloe and her time in Seattle.

Chloe parks her truck in front of the house and the two girls go to Chloe's room. Inside, Max can find an invoice from an auto repair shop, which lists the parts of Chloe's truck that need replacing. Later, when Max is tasked with going to David's garage to search for precision tools, she can partially see the truck through the garage door.

Episode Two - "Out Of Time" Edit

Chloe drives in her truck to the Two Whales Diner to meet up with Max. After Max convinces Chloe of her rewind ability, they drive off to the American Rust Junkyard in the truck.

Chloe later brings Max from the junkyard back to Blackwell Academy using her truck and drives off in it afterwards.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Chloe uses the truck to get to Blackwell Academy to meet Max at night. After Max and Chloe swum in Blackwell's swimming pool, security guards search the pool and they run towards the truck and escape with it. While escaping, the number plate of the truck gets spotted by one of the guards leading Chloe as the truck owner, to be involved in a police investigation about the break-in to Blackwell.

Later, Max and Chloe drive to Frank's RV in the truck, where they find information about Rachel Amber's relationship with Frank Bowers. Afterwards, they drive away in it and Chloe silently drops Max off at Blackwell Academy.

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Max and Chloe use the truck to drive to the hospital if Kate is alive. They drive towards Blackwell Academy after visiting Kate there or directly if she is not alive. After finding evidence about Nathan, they use the truck to get to the beach to ask Frank about Rachel. With Frank's logbook, they drive back to Chloe's House and piece together their clues. With the clues, they find the location of the Prescott Barn and head there in Chloe's truck. They find a folder in the Dark Room, which leads Chloe to believe that Nathan is involved with Rachel and suggests Rachel's body location. They drive in the truck to the junkyard to check for Rachel's body and after finding it, drive to the End of the World Party to find Nathan, who Chloe thinks killed Rachel. After failing to find him at the party, Chloe gets a text suggesting that Nathan wants to make Rachel's body disappear, which causes Chloe and Max to drive to the junkyard again.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Edit

Chloe's truck appears as the first frozen moment in the Max and Chloe museum sequence of Max's nightmare. Similarly to the first episode, Max is examining her broken camera and Chloe is looking at her.

Alternative Timeline Edit

In the alternative timeline, Chloe gets a red SUV on her 16th birthday from William and Joyce. She is later involved in a car crash, leading her to be paralyzed.

Trivia Edit

  • Chloe's truck is most likely the 7th generation of Ford F-150.[1] Its body style is known as the "Regular Cab" as it features a single bench seat. The 7th generation was manufactured during 1979-1986; however, Chloe's truck is likely to be from 1982-1986 due to cosmetic changes during this period matching details on her truck, i.e., fewer vertical bars within the grille; oval company logo now located centrally within the grille (the previous years had "Ford" lettering above the grille).
  • The repair date of the truck on an invoice in Chloe's Room is in the future (for further information, see inconsistencies). However, it is possible that the car should be repaired later, but this is unlikely given that there are exact price lists.
  • Chloe's car's license plate spells "TWN PKS", which is a reference to Twin Peaks, an American television serial drama, which also takes place in Pacific Northwest and is centered around the mysterious disappearance of a well-liked teenage girl prior to the series' start. There are also two hills in San Francisco (the city where her parents took a photo together when Joyce was expecting Chloe) with the same name. It is a very prominent tourist attraction.

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References Edit

  1. Discussion on the Internet Game Cars Database

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