This article is meant to give a deeper and more detailed look at the relationship between Chloe Price and Rachel Amber, also known as Amberprice, and its development throughout Life is Strange: Season 1 and Before the Storm.

Background Edit

Chloe became best friends with Rachel in the years following her dad's death and her best friend Max Caulfield's move to Seattle (when Chloe was 14), in 2010. They met at Blackwell when they were both sophomores.

Before the Storm Edit


Life is Strange Edit

Rachel goes missing 6 months before October 2013. Chloe describes Rachel as her angel and that after her dad died and Max moved away, she felt abandoned, but Rachel was there to save her. Chloe had plans to move to LA with Rachel, because Rachel wanted to be a star.  

Chloe and Rachel liked to hang out together in a hideout located in the local junkyard. Inside this hideout are lots of momentos of their friendship, including a mixtape CD that Chloe made called "Rachel Songs". Also in this hideout is a Vortex Club party flyer dated right before Rachel disappeared. 


The 'secret relationship' letter.

It is clear that Rachel meant a lot to Chloe from the sheer number of missing person flyers she had been printing at home to put up around the town. All Chloe knew about Rachel's disappearance was that, before she went missing, she said she had met somebody who changed her life. She did not appear to know anything about the "secret relationship" Rachel had been wanting to tell her about.[1]  

When Max returns to Arcadia Bay to start school in September 2013, and by chance meets up with Chloe the following month, Chloe is very vocal to Max about missing Rachel. At one point, she tells Max that she wishes Rachel could meet her as they are both not that different and they could have all been "best friends forever".  

Rachel was seen as a bad influence on Chloe by Chloe's step-father, while Chloe's mother describes their relationship as being "almost joined at the head" and thinks Rachel isn't as grounded as Max. (Said to Max: "Thank God you're not a hellraiser like her or Chloe.")  

In the months since Rachel disappeared, Chloe displays a possessiveness over Rachel and Rachel's things, such as the angry rage she flies into when she sees that Frank Bowers is wearing a bracelet that belonged to Rachel.

When Chloe finds out (through Max) that Rachel has been seeing Frank, she reacts badly to the discovery: 

"It makes me ill that Rachel posed like this for Frank... or wrote him love letters... I can't believe she was banging Frank! Rachel straight up lied to my face! Why didn't she say anything?"

Chloe sees the relationship with Frank as a betrayal to her and becomes tearful and angry.

"Why does everybody in my life let me down? My dad gets killed, you bail on me for years, my mother gloms onto step-fucker... now Rachel betrays me..."

The extent of Chloe and Rachel's relationship is never made clear in Life is Strange: Season 1, but what is clear is that Rachel cared about Chloe to some degree to send her postcards that said, "Miss you. Wish you were here!!!". There are also photographs that show them having fun together, so it can be assumed that they were at least good friends. They also had many sleepovers. At one point, Max says to Chloe, "Sounds like you totally crushed on Rachel." Chloe replies to this with, "You would have too. Smart, sexy and sassy... Like me, right?" Another ambiguity about the relationship between Chloe and Rachel is when Max says to Chloe, "I can't see you with any of the guys around here...", and Chloe responds with: "Because you have a good eye. That's why I was so glad Rachel came along to rescue me."


  • In Life is Strange, there are options to change the lock screen on Chloe's phone from a picture of her and Rachel to one of her childhood best friend, Max Caulfield, after Max returns into her life. However, the lock screen will remain unchanged no matter what if Max does not hide from David Madsen and blames Chloe directly for the weed he finds in Chloe's room.



References Edit

  1. Discovered when Max finds a letter written to Chloe from Rachel that has been screwed up and thrown away in a corner of the hideout.

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