Christian Divine
Christian Divine2
Writer, Co-Producer
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Born December 2

Christian Divine is a writer and actor known for Life is Strange18 Wheel Butterfly and Carnage, working for DONTNOD Entertainment as a writer since 2014. He is the Lead Writer, Co-Director and supportive Artistic Supervisor for DONTNOD Entertainment's latest work Life is Strange (2015).

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Trivia Edit

  • Christian Divine is a great Star Wars fan.
  • He describes himself as a "hardcore scion of Dungeons & Dragons and Donkey Kong."[1]
  • He is credited as "Additional Voices" in the end credits of "Polarized", as he voiced several people who attend the "Everyday Heroes Contest" exhibition at the Zeitgeist Gallery.
  • In an interview with Dontnod it was mentioned that Christian would show his scripts for Life is Strange to his nieces to "read it and see if it feels genuine and fresh."[2]

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References Edit

  1. Christian Devine's Linked In Profile
  2. Life is Strange: Ambiguous young love among leading ladies (August 14, 2014)

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