The Community Heroes event was initiated by Square Enix's community management on December 19, 2016 for Life is Strange, which nominated several community heroes based on the community's feedback who could win prizes such as the official Life is Strange soundtrack on vinyl (signed) and official Life is Strange Hawt Dawg Man mugs.

Awarded Community Members Edit

The following nominations received signed vinyls:

  • /u/NotSoConcerned from Reddit.
"For tireless dedication in posting the Daily Topics and filling them with great questions and links and nods to awesome community content. Updating us on awards and upcoming events. It’s a LOT of work that you do on your own free time and adds so much to the community. THANK YOU!"
  • Gatsu from Steam (and various other hubs).
"I felt welcomed and at home while talking about the game to him, which only implies how much he as a player understands the game as well as the players who play it. If you own the game, Gatsu is a must in your friendlist."
  • Meyerliane, Admin of the Life is Strange Wikia and the unofficial Facebook group.
"Honestly do I have to mention Liane Meyer deserves a spot there? Not just for her activity here, but also because she frikking wrote the wikia? :0 And she also helped a lot in organizing the Everyday Heroes contest."
  • Chris, Mai and the team behind
  • The Blackwell Podcast team.
  • Koethe.

Special Mentions Edit

The following nominations received Hawt Dawg Man mugs:

  • The admin and moderator teams of the following unofficial communities: LiS Reddit, LiS Discord, DONTNOD Entertainment group on, @LifeIsStrangeES (Twitter), The Tolma4 Team.
  • Jeckenn (Steam).
  • Maczime (Reddit & Discord).
  • TomorrowHeart (Author of fanfic Ouroboros).
  • Bosterm (Reddit).
  • Youngechosugar (Artist).
  • Eduard Frolov (Composer).
  • The Not This Time Cosplay group.

Along with many others.

External Links Edit

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