"Okay, okay! Whoa, whoa! Who stopped the music, okay?"

— DJ Doom in "Dark Room"

DJ Doom
Maxresdefault (4)
Biographical information
Age Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical description
Gender Male
Career information
Profession DJ
Game information
Appearance(s) "Episode 4: Dark Room"
Voice actor Daniel Bonjour (uncredited)

DJ Doom is a prestigious DJ in the Arcadia Bay area. He is hired for a performance at the Vortex Club's "End of the World" Party in the fourth episode of Life is Strange. Presumably, his appearance is a perk paid for by the Prescott Family for the benefit of the Vortex Club and the Blackwell students.

DJ Doom's popularity is emphasized by the fact Max expresses her awe in the fact that the Vortex Club hired him.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"Edit

Life-strange 0

His only appearance is during the Vortex Club Party in this episode. If Max is not on the guest list, she must enter the party to the right of the pool. He comes after Max angrily if she attempts to enter the VIP section this way, as she ends up pushing the lane reel into the pool, wrecking the sound equipment and stopping the DJ's set. Max rewinds in order to stop him from coming after her, enabling her to enter the VIP area safely. DJ Doom moves away and lowers the music in order for Mark Jefferson to announce Victoria as the winner of the Everyday Heroes contest.

Symbolism Edit

His name is incredibly symbolic of the true intentions of the party, as well as the later events of the episode. His shirt has the word "fate" on it, which further intensifies the symbolism.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • DJ Doom has a flash and a skull tattoo on his left arm.

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