Folders in the Dark Room

Note: This page contains spoilers for all the currently released episodes of the game.

While in the Dark Room, Max and Chloe find binders labeled with the names of several former Dark Room Victims that were captured, drugged, and photographed by Mark Jefferson.


Binders Edit

Rachel's Binder Edit

Kate's Binder Edit

Max's Binder Edit


  • Victoria will be taken to the Dark Room if Max warned her about Nathan in Episode 4: Dark Room. After Max warned Victoria, she went to Jefferson in search of protection, which led to her drugging and subsequent capture.
  • Red folders
    A glimpse of the red folders at the end of "Chrysalis" reveals that the folder immediately before the one marked "Rachel" is marked with the name "Kelly". When Rachel Amber was attending Blackwell Academy, a girl called Kelly Davis was staying in room 217 which is the room directly opposite Rachel Amber's old room (224) and next door to Dana Ward's room (218). These room residents are visible on the dormitory floor plan that appears in Max's nightmare in episode five, when she inhabits the clothing of Rachel Amber. It has been confirmed by DONTNOD that these two are the same Kelly.
  • In the alternate timeline, Chloe mentioned that she had a friend named Megan who supported her while Max was away, but has recently become distant. It is confirmed by the directors that this is the same Megan whose name appears on the binder.

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