The Investigation Files are the files that Max Caulfield and Chloe Price gather and use in their investigation of Rachel Amber's disappearance and Kate Marsh's viral video that leads them to reveal the Dark Room Conspiracy. They consist of David Madsen's secret surveillance files gathered during during his investigation, Frank Bowers's drug dealing logbook and several belongings of Nathan Prescott, in particular his secret phone. Principal Wells' files aid their interest in the topic.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

Max can find a binder of David's secret files in his garage, which include pictures of Kate Marsh and a record of her actions throughout the week prior to the game's events. She can also discover that David installed hidden cameras inside the Madsen Household.

David's record of Kate's actions reads as follows:

Kate M. follows same path to every class.
Overheard Kate and Dana W. talking about supplies for Vortex Club party. Drugs? Watched Kate with her church group. She knows her bible. Kate stays in bathroom longer than other students. Drugs? Saw Kate helping Jefferson after class. Don't trust grown men with goatees. Kate has kept to herself since Vortex Club party. Not even church. Drugs?
Tried to talk to Kate about the party. She got upset and ran. Guilty.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit


Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Max investigates David's laptop and locker. They reveal that David has been behind Rachel for some time. David has a map for locations of security cameras for Blackwell Academy and Pan Estates. With the help of David's investigation, Frank's logbook and Nathan's phone, Max is able to track down the Prescott Barn, leading her and Chloe to the Dark Room and find out about the Dark Room victims.

Trivia Edit

  • The license plates in the GPS sheets are references to several television series: TPFTHLK from Jefferson's car is a reference to Top of the Lake, SXFTNDR from Nathan's car references to Six Feet Under, the only one not being within the mystery genre; TWNPKS from Chloe's car making a reference to Twin Peaks, and TWLGHTZN being a reference from The Twilight Zone.
  • The icon of David's investigation files when obtained from the locker features an X on the top left corner. This could be a reference to The X-Files, a science fiction drama series.

Gallery Edit

David's Files Edit

Files on Kate Edit

Files on Max Edit

Files on Rachel Edit

Security Files Edit

Principal Wells' Computer Edit

Investigation Board Edit

Nathan's car has a damaged left light indicating his number plate to be "SXFTNDR".

Nathan's Files Edit

The third SMS describes Frank's delivery of drugs to a special location on the 4th that was used on Kate.

Frank's Logbook Edit

The 4th page and the 6th clue indicate Frank's the drug delivery to Nathan.

Locations Edit

The times and date indicate that the location were kate was taken is the Prescott Barn.

References Edit

A map of Arcadia Bay with the GPS coordinates by Reddit user /u/libbysthing

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