Deck Nine Games (previously Idol Minds) are the developers of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. They were founded in 1997, being focused on PlayStation 1 games. Nowadays they are focussing on narrative adventures like Life Is Strange. They currently reside in Westminster, Colorado, United States.

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Deck Nine Games (formerly known as Idol Minds up until May 2017) is a small, independent game developer studio dedicated to the "forging of stories and gameplay into transformative entertainment experiences."[1] They were founded in 1997 by Mark Lyons, originally focused on PlayStation 1 games. The company's earliest hit is a snowboarding series called Cool Boarders. Over the years, Deck Nine (as Idol Minds) has worked with publishers such as Sony Entertainment and Activision.

For the past three years, Deck Nine has been focused on expanding their genre to narrative adventure games. Their efforts have been directed towards developing "StoryForge", a suite of tools for writers, directors, cinematic artists and content creators that allows them to create an interactive story and turn that story into a fully functioning narrative game. The writing tool PlayWrite integrates writing traditional screenplays and the branches and consequences found in narrative games. It allows writers to focus "on amazing characters, intriguing plots and agonizing choices" and spend more time on writing, reading and playing a story before it goes into production. Additional functionalities include scene graphs, motion capture, audio recording scripts and output to their custom cinematic tool. The cinematic tool StoryTeller is essential for creating film-like moments blending a mix of automation and easy to use controls to give artists creative command of features such as lip syncing, blending animations, emotion events, cameras and camera effects (depth of field, chromatic aberration etc.).

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  • From 1997 to May 2017, Deck Nine was known as Idol Minds.
  • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is the Deck Nine's first narrative adventure.
  • The name "Deck Nine" comes from a storytelling game from the 80s.
  • The company became widely known for their physics engine in the 2007 game Pain.

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