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"Rules" is the second episode of Life is Strange 2. It will be released on January 24, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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"On the run from the police following a tragic incident in Seattle and the manifestation of a strange supernatural power, Sean and Daniel Diaz continue their journey into the winter months. As the two brothers struggle against the cold, Daniel gets increasingly ill. Sean decides that they must take the risk and make their way to their distant grandparent's house to recover and seek shelter."[1]

"There, they encounter next-door neighbour Chris Eriksen, a young boy who believes he has powers eerily similar to Daniel's, and they come face to face with his superhero alter ego, Captain Spirit. As Daniel and Chris are becoming fast friends, it’s up to Sean to make sure Daniel follows a set of rules they agreed on for his power: Never in public. Never talk about it. Run from danger.

Can Daniel successfully hide the truth from the people around them, will the temptation to explore the immense power within him be too much, or will he break the rules in a time of need?"[2]

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There are nine achievements the player can earn on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox for finding collectibles or drawing something.

Back in Time Achievement Back in Time
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #1 in Episode 2
Family Business Achievement Family Business
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #2 in Episode 2
Bad Santa Achievement Bad Santa
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #3 in Episode 2
Heirloom Achievement Heirloom
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #4 in Episode 2
Teenage Angst Achievement Teenage Angst
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #5 in Episode 2
Small Town Blues Achievement Small Town Blues
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #6 in Episode 2
A Private Journey Achievement A Private Journey
Xbox G Icon40SilverTrophy
Find all optional collectibles in Episode 2
Free Spirits Achievement Free Spirits
Xbox G Icon30SilverTrophy
Finish Episode 2
Draw The Line Achievement Draw The Line
Xbox G Icon30SilverTrophy
Start any drawing in Episode 2

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  • Promo screenshots for Episode 2 show Sean and Daniel seeking shelter in what looks like an abandoned house, the two brothers in front of the Reynolds house, Daniel and Chris playing at the Eriksen household, Daniel using his power, and Sean stopping Daniel from going towards something/somewhere.

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These theories were developed by the community prior to the release of Episode 2:

  • Sean and Daniel's mother's name is Karen Reynolds, and Stephen and Claire Reynolds are her parents. From the official synopsis, we know that Sean and Daniel will visit their grandparents. From The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, we also know that Claire Reynolds has two grandsons of Chris' age visiting for Christmas, and Sean and Daniel appear in her backyard at the end of the game. It is a logical conclusion that Stephen and Claire are their grandparents.
  • Chris Eriksen does not actually have powers. It is Daniel performing his tricks either to amuse him or make him believe he has powers for some reason.
  • During the events of Episode 2, Sean is keeping Daniel extremely sheltered to avoid abuse or accidental misuse of his powers. This might explain Claire's apparent fixation on Chris Eriksen behaving "like a real boy," as she has a grandson at home who never goes outdoors.
  • Emily Eriksen's homicide case was never solved. (See her wiki article for details.) This episode's plot may center around Chris attempting to solve her homicide case with his newfound "powers," and of course bringing Sean and Daniel along with him. We know that even two years after her death, Chris is deeply affected by her loss. The one enemy he cannot defeat in his imagination is Mantroid, the personification of his mother's death, who is "everywhere," always hanging over him in his thoughts. He knows that accomplishing this goal will also bring closure to his suffering father who is still obsessed with finding the truth.
  • The freight jumpers mentioned in the email on Charles Eriksen's computer may play a role in this episode. Another explanation is that this email is an easter egg reference to the events of Episode 1 of Before the Storm, where Chloe Price and Rachel Amber do that.

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  1. Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2 launches in January (December 19, 2018)
  2. Life is Strange 2 reveals its connection to Captain Spirit in January (December 19, 2018)