This article is a script for Episode 3: Chaos Theory.

Blackwell Academy Edit

Girl's Dormitories Edit

Max's Room Edit

It is nighttime at Blackwell Academy. Max is in her room; she has fallen asleep at her desk. Max gets a text notification on her phone, and the sound wakes her.

Max: Kate!

Max leans over and unlocks her phone. She has received a text from Chloe.

Chloe (SMS): I have something to show you

meet me in front of campus

Chloe (SMS): get dat ass in gear NOW

Max (thinking): I knew Chloe would be all over this... So I better get moving.

Max puts her phone in her pocket and gets up from her desk.

Optional Conversation with Alice the Rabbit

Max (thinking): Are you a hungry bunny? Here, nosh on this...

Max puts a small carrot in Alice's cage.

(Optional) Max's Comments About the Pages on Her Computer

News article about Kate's suicide attempt

Max (thinking): (sarcastically) Glad the media doesn't waste a second exploiting Kate. (normally) Now she has another video of herself all over the web...and even I'm in this one. (sighs) At least the news didn't mention my name...yet.

Max (thinking) (sarcastically) Glad the media doesn't waste a second exploiting tragedy. (normally) Now Kate's family has to see their daughter's death all over the web like a cat video...and I'm even in this one! Ugh, that makes me ill.

List of missing persons in Arcadia Bay

Max (thinking): Hm. Besides Rachel, it's been a while since anybody vanished from Arcadia Bay... I shouldn't sound so disappointed.

Email about grief counseling (Kate died)

Max (thinking): This is such a moving piece of cut-and-paste Blackwell bullshit. Nobody here had Kate's back! (scoffs) Too little, too late...

Kate's social media page

Max (thinking): I sure hope these people treat her better when she comes back to school...if she does.

Max (thinking): Yes, now everybody loves Kate Marsh. They bullied her and now post their feels? Hypocrites.

Max's social media page

Max (thinking): Either I delete my page or I block everybody. Nowhere to hide these days...

Max (thinking): [after looking at the computer] Everybody will be talking about Kate now. Blackwell might as well shut down for the next month.

Max leaves her room to enter the hallway of the girls' dormitories.

Hallway Edit

Max steps out of her room and closes the door behind her. All the lights in the hallway have been turned off.

Max (thinking): Okay, this is scary dark. Let there be--

Max turns on the flashlight on her phone.

If Kate jumped, there will be a memorial outside her room. Max has the option to light a candle on it.

Max (thinking): [picks up candle and uses it to light another candle] This is my prayer for you, Kate. Bless your gentle soul...

Showers Edit

Max enters the showers and puts her phone back in her pocket because the lights are on in the bathroom. Taylor stands next to a sink brushing her teeth.

Optional Conversation with Taylor

Max approaches Taylor, who turns around to face her.

Taylor: Hey, Max...

Taylor: I saw you go up on the roof and save Kate... I can't believe she tried to jump...

Taylor: I--I saw you go up on the roof to try to help Kate... I can't believe she jumped...


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