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This article is a script for Episode 4: Dark Room.

Alternative Beach Edit

Max walks next to Chloe as they stroll down the path next to the beach.

Chloe: It's weird hanging out with you again.

Max: I know... I'm glad we are, though.

Chloe: It was nice that you sent me actual letters. That's more than any of my other friends have done... And you even wrote on that cool parchment paper. That's so Max.

Max: So pretentious. But I love writing on it, like an English poet. You deserve the best stationery.

Chloe: Probably easier to write than to visit me. I don't mean that in a bitchy way. Not totally. You probably wanted to avoid awkward conversations like this.

Max: Uh...pretty much, yeah.

Chloe: Look, the worst thing you can do is treat me like a baby. I still want to laugh and talk shit with my best friend. Can we stop? This is seriously the best view of the sunset. What do photographers call that?

Max: "The golden hour."

Chloe: See? Without you here, I'd have no clue. Bet you could take some amazing shots... Those beached whales are so sad. I kind of know how they feel... At least I'm alive here with you.

Max: You're a real survivor, Chloe. I know you have to deal with so much.

Chloe: I don't want anybody else feeling sorry for me. I can do that...along with my parents. My dad still feels guilty about buying me that car.

Talk about accident?
Max: Are you okay to talk about the accident?

Chloe: We never actually have, huh? There's not much to say. Some prick in an SUV cut me off and I flew into a ditch.

Blame William?
Max: You don't really blame you?

Chloe: For getting me the hybrid I wanted for my sweet sixteen? No, I blame the asshole who cut me off and sent me into a ditch.

Max: Do you...remember everything?

Chloe: I saw everything in bullet time. I felt my back snap and... And that was the last thing I ever felt in my body. When I woke up in the hospital, I literally couldn't move a muscle.

Max: Jesus! I...I don't know what to say.

Chloe: Don't say anything. I'm just happy I did get to see you again. I could have ended up vanishing out of the blue like that girl from Blackwell.

You mean Rachel?
Max: You mean Rachel Amber? When was the last time you talked to her?

Chloe: Uh, never. I just read about her in the news. I didn't even know her name. You did?

What missing girl?
Max: What missing girl?

Chloe: I don't know her name, just read about it in the news. I feel bad for her family.

Max: This is such a different world than when we were kids, isn't it...

Chloe: After that snow and eclipse, it's more like the end of the world.

You think?
Max: Do you think so? I haven't kept up with the details.

Chloe: I have more time on my hands than you... Plus I'm a science nerd. But none of this makes sense.

It might be.
Max: It might be, but...I'd like to think we can still change things for the better.

Chloe: I'd like to think that too...but I don't have much hope these days.

Don't say that.
Max: Don't say that.

Chloe: Not trying to bum you out. It just seems like Arcadia Bay is having a meltdown.

Max: I know things seem out of control, long as we're together, I don't feel afraid.

Chloe: Hanging out with you makes me feel like a total kid again. You don't even know...

Max: Listen, Chloe...I'm sorry I haven't been out to see you more. That was wrong. You're my best friend.

Chloe: Max, thanks for coming out to see me. You''re doing awesome.

Max: I don't think so.

Chloe: Um. nose is getting cold. Maybe we should get back to my place.

Max: It is hella cold out here.

Chloe: "Hella"? I hate that word, no offense.

Max: None taken.

Max and Chloe turn around and head back towards Chloe's house.

Alternative Chloe's House Edit

Alternative Chloe's Room Edit

Max: This is a pretty high-tech lair.

Chloe: Feels like a high-tech cell. But I am lucky my parents bust their ass to take care of me. I know it's hard for them...

Max: They're grateful you are here with them.

Chloe: Right. Especially when they can't even take a walk alone. Sometimes I act like a total teenage brat just to give them an excuse to yell at me. Pathetic, I know.

Max: Chloe, you're a great daughter. You're kind and sensitive, when you don't even have to be.

Chloe: Trust me, I still get my rage on. Especially when a nurse has to watch while I take a dump, so she can wipe my bum. Or when doctors flip me around like I was a science doll...

Max: I can't even imagine... But you're still amazing. You always have been since we were kids.

Chloe: Thanks again for coming, Max. I, uh...need to get my drink on. Can you bring me some water?

Max gets up from her chair

Give Chloe cup of water on the nightstand

Max: Drink up, buttercup.

Chloe: Oh man, no wonder my throat is dry. I don't think I've talked this much the whole year.

Max: Have you ever thought about doing a podcast or something?

Chloe: I wish I could punch your face right now. A podcast? Dude, I am a pod in a cast. Boring.

Max: Ouch. It was just a thought...

Chloe: I know you're just trying to help.

Max: Yeah, that's become a bad habit of mine...

Chloe: You sound like an adult now. It seems like we were kids in another life.

You're right.
Max: You're right... I wish I could take us all the way back there again.

Chloe: Wish I could build us a...DeLorean.

Max: Well, um, with your scientific mind, you might do that. But time travel can screw things up, too...

Chloe: Plus, you'd have to be my live-in assistant to help me build a machine.

What do you remember?
Max: What do you remember about us as kids? We all have different memories...

Chloe: I think about us as little pirates, running and jumping through Arcadia Bay.

Max: Me too. But, we're still pirates in our own way.

Chloe: Uh, yeah, right. Check me out, "Chloe of the Caribbean." No way will I get on a fucking boat now. Unless you're with me.

Seems like yesterday.
Max: To me, it seems like yesterday we were little brats here, watching "Power Rangers" and destroying the kitchen.

Chloe: Oh my God, we covered everything in flour, even my parents.

Max: That was so hilarious!

Chloe: But a long time ago. You're the only person I grew up with who visits me...

Chloe: As you can see, I can't keep all my other friends away.

Which friends?
Max: Which friends did you hang out with the most?

Chloe: Megan Weaver, but you don't know her. She was cool. But after my accident she was too cool for school.

You have me.
Max: You have me. I'm not leaving you, Chloe.

Chloe: Well, you didn't visit me a lot either. I mean, I loved your cards and photos, but...

Max: I know I wasn't around much. No excuses, I'm a loser. But, I am trying to make things right.

Chloe: How? Dude, you're not Super Max. And I'm not trying to guilt-trip you. That's what my parents are for...

Are they okay?
Max: Are they okay? I mean, are they still happy together and everything?

Chloe: So now you're Dr. Bill? I guess they're good, considering they have to deal with me. They laugh and hold hands...and I hope they still get busy too...

Are you lonely?
Max: I know this is a dumb question, but...are you lonely here?

Chloe: Yes, dumb question. I don't mind being alone. I can't exactly go party like a rock star, though...or get in any teen trouble with the folks.

They love you.
Max: They love you so much.

Chloe: I know. My mom and dad are so cute. They always pop in here and make sure everything's okay with me.

Max: I think Joyce and William are incredible.

Chloe: Max, the accident has been so hard on them. Our insurance sucks and the medical bills are fucking insane.

I bet.
Max: I bet. This tech must be crazy expensive.

Chloe: Along with the drugs, the nurses, the supplies... Mom and Dad are always broke and they get so frustrated... Is it worth it?

Can they pay?
Max: Can they pay all the bills?

Chloe: No way. They keep the numbers away from me, but it doesn't take much research to find out I'm costing my parents almost a million dollars a year.

Max: Chloe, you're priceless. Uh, no pun intended.

Chloe: You are such a geek. That's why I love you. Of course, I know a geek when I be one. See, I'm practically a human entertainment system. It would be sweet to chill out together and watch a movie, like when you'd spend the night at my house...

Max: What do you want to watch?

Chloe: Uh, I think I'm in, like, a mellow "Blade Runner" mood. I always cry at the end. Plus you know I always wanted to have cool colored bangs like Pris.

Max: I know. You would look incredible with blue hair. Now let's get this show on the road. And you better not fall asleep on me, like you always do when we watch movies.

Chloe: I remember, Max. Swear I won't fall asleep. Not when you're here. Not yet.

Optional Conversation with Chloe

Use tissue box to start conversation

Chloe: Thanks. I think you missed a grain stuck in my eyeball.

Max: Hard to believe how just a little sand can cause such a big mess.

Chloe: It's like that Chinese proverb, "A spark can start a fire that burns the entire prairie." You know, like that butterfly thing...

Max: So I've heard...

Search left drawer beneath TV to get DVD

Max (thinking): Aha, here's the DVD.

Place DVD in DVD player

Max wakes up the next morning

Max: I cannot believe you fell asleep so fast. How dare you.

Chloe: I know you were beat down after the day with me. And Blade Runner is a pretty dreamy movie to watch at night. Uh, do you think Deckard is a replicant? Sorry, I can see you're not wide awake like me.

Max: No, I'm sorry I crashed so hard. Were you...okay?

Chloe: I do have a mother and father when you're not falling asleep on me.

Max: You are a bitch in the morning.

Chloe: It's the company I keep... Yesterday was such a blast.

Max: It was great, seeing you.

Chloe: I know things were different when we were just dorky kids, but being with you made me feel like we were little pirates, jumping and running through the forests again. It meant a lot to me just to chill out with you and bullshit. Ahh... Fuck. Um, I'm getting my regular head pains... Uh, can you pretty please go upstairs and get my--my morphine injector in the bathroom?

Max: Morphine injector?

Chloe: It's--ahh. It's total Star Trek shit. You can't even see the needle. Seriously, I need it. Um, my parents keep the swag upstairs because they think I can't get to it...but you can, Max. Like a pirate, right?

Max: I'm on it, Chloe.

Downstairs Edit

Optional Conversation with William

Max: Hey, William. Am I bothering you?

William: Why, yes, Max, I love going through bills. Kidding. How can you bother me? I haven't seen you in forever.

Max: I know. You look exactly the same. It's so cool.

William: Good, or I'd be ascared if I didn't look like me... Of course, you seem more adult now. So what's on your mind?

Max: I don't know how to say this, but I am truly sorry about what happened to Chloe.

William: Me too. All it takes is a few minutes to change a girl's whole life. But she's alive. And she's been a trooper.

Is she mad at me?
Max: Is she mad at me for not staying in touch? She should be, I have no excuse.

William: She was disappointed, but she knows you care. And I know how hard it is to process all this. It's taken us years.

Glad you're here.
Max: She is so amazing. I'm so glad you're here to help her...and be her father.

William: I'm so glad Joyce is here to help us both. Max, I just hate to think of what would happen to Chloe if I wasn't here...

Max: William, I just want you to know that whatever happens, I'll always be here for Chloe. Always.

William: I know you will, Max.

Care room.
Max: I was impressed by Chloe's room and all the high-tech equipment.

William: You should be. We could buy a few mansions for what it all costs. The insurance helps, but...I don't know, Max.

Max: I know it must be hard on you guys, financially.

William: These bills are more like crushing. We have to mortgage our home and that's pretty scary...but we'll get through it. The Price is always right. Get it? No?

Max: Being around you and Joyce again is so nostalgic.

William: Very old school, as they say. I think it's great for Chloe to see you. It makes Joyce happy, too. So it's not all bad news in Arcadia Bay. Or is it?

Rachel Amber.
Max: I was reading about that missing girl...Rachel Amber?

William: Oh yes, she went to Blackwell, right? Poor thing. That's a real nightmare for a family... I get scared thinking about Chloe and that we might...lose her someday.

Crazy weather.
Max: What do you think is going on with all of this crazy weather and animals dying?

William: Nobody knows, right? It's Nostradamus type shit, pardon my French. But all I actually care about now is Chloe and Joyce. My family.

Prescott family.
Max: The Prescott family might be bad news. What do you think about them?

William: Evil. Next question?

Max: Sounds like you know them well.

William: More than I want to. But Joyce has to work for those greedy bastards at Pan Estates. I don't even like to think about it.

Paris trip. (only available after looking at Eiffel Tower replica)
Max: So you finally made it to Paris?

William: "Oui," as they say. Not me, because I can't speak French. But it was a great experience, especially for Chloe.

Max: I can see her loving it there. You guys rock for going on a family adventure like that.

William: She talked about going to school there...but that's not practical anymore. It's not fair, Max...

Max: I have to go see if Chloe needs anything. It was so great talking with you again.

William: You act like it's the last time. And please, keep me from this bills whenever you want.

Upstairs Edit

Optional Conversation with Joyce

Joyce: Good morning, Max. You and Chloe are so much quieter now than when you were kids.

Max: I remember. It's nice waking up in your house again.

Joyce: Oh, William and I love it. Finally seeing you and Chloe together after all these years...after the accident...

Max: I have to tell you how much I love seeing you and William together again.

Joyce: He's been such a hero through all this. Chloe and I are lucky to have him.

William still the same?
Max: Is William still the same...after everything that's happened?

Joyce: For better and for worse...but always for the better. I never thought I'd love a man so much I can't imagine life without him. Sounds corny, I know.

Chloe and William.
Max: Chloe and William still seem like they get along so good.

Joyce: Yeah, those two are closer now more than ever. Chloe will actually listen to William, while she usually ignores me. Oh, it's so cute when they gang up on poor ol' me...

Max: You rule, Joyce.

Joyce: Shit, things would be different if I did... I like how you think, kid.

Max: How are you doing, Joyce?

Joyce: I'm doing the best I can, Max. I won't lie, it's difficult...but nobody said life was easy here in Arcadia Bay.

David Madsen.
Max: Do you know somebody named David Madsen? He, um...might hang out at the Two Whales.

Joyce: Well, that was random. Yeah, he's a bus driver. He comes in sometimes. Cute, quiet. Why?

Max: Oh, um...I was just...curious.

Joyce: You always were. Nice to see that everything doesn't change.

Lot of work.
Max: Plus you guys have to work, too.

Joyce: Bill and I have no time for ourselves, and we're working more than we're living. I even had to take a part-time gig at Pan Estates. Ugh.

Max: Do you know the Prescotts?

Joyce: I know that Sean Prescott won't be happy until he owns everything in Arcadia Bay. Stay away from his son, Nathan.

Max: So, what do you think is going on here with all this eco-havoc?

Joyce: Maybe Arcadia Bay just wants to be left alone... I know the feeling. Honestly, I don't give a shit about too much outside our house.

Max: I don't blame you, Joyce.

Joyce: Except now we have dead birds and beached whales outside our front door... So maybe I should care, for Chloe's sake.

Max: I wish I was a better friend. I know Chloe doesn't get many visitors.

Joyce: Oh, Max, you're Chloe's best friend for a reason. You're here exactly when she needs you.

I hope so.
Max: I hope so. You guys do such an amazing job taking care of her.

Joyce: We can only do so much...and she gets damn sick of her parents. That's why it's so important you came to spend time with her.

Chloe needs help.
Max: Who helps Chloe out when you guys are at work?

Joyce: We have a series of revolving nurses and caretakers... Chloe still causes trouble, even if she can't move...

Joyce: Max, Chloe's condition is not improving. Her respiratory system is very weak and you know what I'm saying?

Max: Oh, Joyce, I'm so sorry you have to go through all this.

Joyce: Bad or good, I embrace every moment with my daughter and husband. This is what it means to be a family...and we'll always be one, no matter what.

Max: I better get back to Chloe now. It's good talking with you, Joyce.

Joyce: You too, honey.

Enter bathroom and take morphine injector from left side of the cupboard above the toilet

Max (thinking): Here it is. Never thought I'd be delivering morphine to my best friend.

Downstairs Edit

Return to Chloe and give her the morphine

Chloe: Finally. Give me the blue pill...

Max: I'm sorry. I'm nosy, but not precise.

Chloe: Go ahead and plug it right in. It's so easy. And painless.

Max: Um, okay, but get ready to yell for your folks if I screw up. (Max injects the morphine into Chloe's IV)

Chloe: Oh, trust me, I will. Of course, my pain just keeps getting worse...but you caught me on a good day. Max, I'm so grateful that I'm even able to hang out with you. See, I'm getting mushy. I'm already high.

Max: You are so adorable. Do you want anything else?

Chloe: Um, stop me if I'm being too emo, but can you grab one of the photo albums over there? I'd like to check out some old pictures of us when we were kids.

Max: Please. My diary is like emo ground zero. Plus Max Caulfield does not pass up a photo op with Chloe Price. Ever.

Take the photo album on the chest of drawers near the window

Return to Chloe and give her the photo album

(Max pull up a chair and sits down, then sets the album on Chloe's lap)

Max: Is that okay?

Chloe: Perfect. Oh my god, look how little we are there! We look like toys!

Max: I remember that day by the lighthouse.

Chloe: My dad was pissed at us. He actually tried to give us a time-out!

Max: And you laughed at him. My dad would have banished me.

Turn the page

Chloe: Whoa, awesome picture. We look so badass in our pirate gear.

Max: We should have taken over Arcadia Bay when we had the chance.

Chloe: There's still time for you...

Turn the page

Chloe: Oh man, there we are making pancakes. I love that shot of us. It's hard to believe my dad took that picture only five years ago.

Max: Literally seems like yesterday...

Chloe: I wish it was.

Max: Me too...

Max (thinking): This photo... Maybe I could...

Chloe: Listen, Max, my respiratory system is failing and...and it's only getting worse. I've heard the doctors talking about it when they thought I was zonked out. So I know I'm just putting off the inevitable, while my parents suffer along...and I will, too. This isn't how I want things to end.

Max: What? What are you saying?

Chloe: I'm saying that being with you again has been so special. I just wanted to feel like when we were kids running around Arcadia Bay...and everything was possible. And you made me feel that way today. I want this time with you to be my last memory... Do you understand?

Max: Yes, I do.

Chloe: All you have to do is crank up the IV to eleven...

Max: Chloe...

Chloe: I'll just drift asleep...dreaming of us here together...forever.

(Max gets up, turns up the IV, then sits down again)

Chloe: Thank you so much. I'm so proud of you for following your dreams. Don't forget about me.

Max: Never.

Chloe: I love you, Max. See you around.

Max: Sooner than you think.

(Chloe's eyes close and her muscles relax)

Max: Chloe...I can't. It wrecks me to see you in any pain, but I don't have any right to do this.

Chloe: I'm an adult. I'm giving you the right.

Max: But Joyce...and William...

Chloe: I already said my goodbyes to them, but they won't honor my wishes. You will...right?

Max: I can't...kill you with an overdose.

Chloe: Max, I'm dying from my illness, not my dosage. This accelerates the process. I'd rather go out on a wave than a rock. And I want my best friend to help me out...

Max: I'm going to help you, but not like that. You have to believe me, Chloe.

Chloe: Why, Max? You're just bailing on me like everybody else! Why don't you go now? You've been wanting to since you got here, right? So go and don't come back. (Chloe turns her face away from Max)

Max: Chloe, I am never leaving you again.

Max: Chloe...I really don't know if I can do this. I had another friend who wanted to...end it all and I did everything I could to try and save her life. How can I be responsible for ending yours? I mean, there's got to be another way.

Chloe: Max, you were there for your friend no matter what. Now I'm asking you to help me the same way.

Max: I want to help you, Chloe, but I think my help is hurting.

Chloe: At least you have a choice. When you want to make a decision, you can just do it. Look at me, I'm at the mercy of...everybody. For once, I want to make my own choice...the most important one of my life. me, Max.

You are forced to choose to ACCEPT or REFUSE

Focus on the photo

Max: I'm sorry, William...

After a successful focus, Max returns to her 13-year-old body

Young Chloe's House Edit

(Camera flashes)

Chloe: Someday Dad will get one of them newfangled computers.

William: I hope the flash didn't scare you, Max. This is a keeper.

(Phone rings, William picks up)

William: Hello? Hey, honey... What? Oh, I didn't know you had to get groceries. Of course I'll come pick you up.

(Max stands near the fireplace and looks at the photo William just took)

William (in background): Shit, where are my keys?

Chloe (in background): That's a dollar for the swear jar!

William (in background): You mean your college fund. Keys, please...

(William searches under the hat and finds the keys)

William: A-ha! You can't hide from me forever!

(Max burns the photo in the fireplace)

William (in background): And no Chloe and Max wine-tasting session...

Chloe (in background): Dad!

William: Don't blow it because tonight your mother promised to make her world-famous salmon surprise with chocolate cake for dessert. Max, you'll be here too, right?

Chloe: She's never leaving me!

William: That makes all of us. (William walks out the door)

(Max leans against the wall with her head in her hands)

Chloe: Max, you are being so fucking strange, like you're never going to see us again.

Max: Chloe, I'm so sorry... I tried to make things different for you... I...I did try...I'm sorry.

Chloe: I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but come on. (Chloe holds Max's hands, then lets go) You have made things different, like my whole life. You're my best friend. I've got you and a great family. What's to be sorry for? We'll be best friends forever. And when we grow up we're taking over the world.

Max: Listen, whatever happens, I want you to be strong. Even if you feel like I wasn't there for you...because I will never abandon you, Chloe. (Max holds Chloe's hands) I'll always have your back. Always.

(Fades to white, scenes of the alternative timeline revert back to the original events)

Chloe's House Edit

Chloe's Room Edit

(Zooms out on cardboard mural painted by young Chloe and Max, now converted to an investigation board)

Accepted Alternative Chloe's request
Max:'re alive. Yes!

Refused Alternative Chloe's request
Max:'re back.

Max hugs Chloe.

Kissed Chloe

Chloe: Whoa! Down, Max! You get one kiss and now you're all over me...

Didn't kiss Chloe

Chloe: Oh yeah, now you suddenly want to kiss me? You had your chance.

Max: I'm just...I'm just--I'm so glad you're here!

Chloe: You sound high, but thanks for the morning grope. Since we were up all night playing "CSI: Arcadia Bay," I was still spaced out here, trying to put all this info together. (Max sits down on the edge of Chloe's bed) Max, did you forget we've gone over this? I hope you weren't messing around with time while I was sleeping...

Max: Not anymore. I'm just spaced out, too.

Max (thinking): Welcome back to the real world, Max... I don't think I can ever tell Chloe about what happened.

Max gets up.

Max: Let's look at the big board and see all our pieces in the puzzle so far.

Examine the board

Max: So close, yet so far away... We have to do three main things.

Chloe: Right...uh, what things?

Max: One, decipher Frank's logbook. Two, get Nathan's phone to find out where he's been during the Vortex Club parties with Kate and Rachel. And see whatever hidden shit he's got in his messages.

Chloe: Three, beat step-douche down until he tells us about Frank, Nathan, and the "Dark Room."

Chloe has a gun
Chloe: And I do have a gun now...

Max: Keep it in your pants.

Chloe doesn't have a gun
Chloe: Too bad I don't have a gun anymore...

Max: Yes, that's the solution.

Max: We'll have to do this on our own.

Chloe: Dude, at least let me kick his ass, then rewind--Fine, whatevs, it's your power.

Max: Which I can't waste on shit like that. Or Blackwell would be in big trouble.

Left the money
Chloe: You didn't even let me take that money to pay Frank off.

Max: And I'm glad. We have to be better than that.

Stole the money
Chloe: At least you let me take that money to pay Frank off.

Max: Don't remind me. I just want him off your back. Our back...

Chloe: I know. You should get busy in the garage to see what dirt you can dig up. I'm going to cyberstalk some names and see where that leads...or to who.

Sided with David
Chloe: And be careful of step-crack...unless you want to hang out with him after you stood up for his ass yesterday.

Max: Oh, please.

Sided with Chloe
Chloe: And be careful of step-crack. He's not going to be a happy camper after you reamed him yesterday, and Mom is giving him the boot...

Max: I'm on it, partner.

Max (thinking): I can't abuse this level of my rewind power... It's way too dangerous, and I need to navigate the present without messing up the past...

Max leaves Chloe's room.

Upstairs Edit

Saved the bird
Bird flies into bathroom

Max (thinking): Oh no, that poor little bird has been trapped in here!

If Max opens the upstairs window and scares the bird twice, the bird will fly out outside. Max will think, "Fly! Be free!"

If Max scares the bird twice but doesn't open the window, the bird will slam against it and die. Max will think, "Oh shit! Poor thing..."

Let the bird die
The bird will not be seen.

Go downstairs

Downstairs Edit

Sided with David
Max will not encounter David near the doorway.

Sided with Chloe
(Max sees David standing near the doorway holding a suitcase and looking at the pictures on the corkboard.)

David: You won this battle, Max. You broke up my family. I salute you.

Max: David, I didn't try to hurt you. Ever. But I won't let anybody hurt Chloe.

David: Too late, isn't it? You just better be damn careful with her. Don't you wander off into the dark...

(David leaves)

Enter the garage

David's Garage Edit

Max (thinking): It looks like David finished his car repairs. Maybe there's some new clues around.

David's Comments to Max

David: Sure is hard to work in private with somebody watchin' ya.

David: Max, I don't like people in my personal space, I mean it!

David: Hey, missy, you do know I can see you snooping around?

David: Hey, Max, I do appreciate you standing up for me.

David: Sorry, but this is my official man cave, girls allowed.

Optional Conversation with David
Max can only talk to him in the garage if she sided with David; otherwise, David will not be found there

David: Anything I can do for you, Max?

Max: I...I was just waiting for Chloe to get out of the bathroom, so we can go.

David: I owe you one, so I'll pretend what you just said is true, missy.

Max: Excuse me, that's Miss Caulfield.

David: Yes, sir. You and Chloe still better be careful where you wander. There are a lot of dark places in Arcadia Bay.

Max: What do you mean by "dark places"?

David: I can't tell you everything that's going on at Blackwell. And you've seen too much already. So, please stay out of this, Max.

Max: Too late. I already know way too much.

Nathan is suspended

Saw the Pan Estates map
Max: Like the fact that you might be working for Sean Prescott.

David: What? Who told you that? Nathan Prescott?! That little shitass is lucky he only got suspended!

Max is suspended

Max isn't suspended
Max: I don't think luck had anything to do with it. I could have been suspended, too.

David: I didn't have all the evidence at the time. I...I am sorry, Max. So are you going to tell me why you think I'm working for Sean Prescott?

Pan Estates.
Max: I saw documents that you were hired to do surveillance and security at Pan Estates.

David: Goddamn, you are a good detective. But I didn't get hired, I gave Sean Prescott an estimate. For my own reasons.

Max: No, David. But I know how powerful the Prescott family is...and you're working for them.

David: I guess I wouldn't trust me either. But I will never work for Sean Prescott and his fucked-up family.

Didn't see the map
Max: So, do you and Nathan Prescott--

David: That little shitass Nathan Prescott is lucky he only got suspended...

Max is suspended

Max isn't suspended
Max: I don't think luck had anything to do with it. I could have been suspended, too.

David: I didn't have all the evidence at the time. I...I am sorry, Max.

David: Anyway, I think we can both agree it's been a hard week on all of us... Especially poor Kate Marsh.

Saved Kate

I tried to help Kate.
Max: I tried to help Kate.

Nobody helped Kate.
Max: Too bad nobody helped her when she needed it.

David: You did, Max. You saved her life, like a hero. While I left the goddamn dorm roof wide open... I knew Kate was feeling desperate. You even made it to the roof before me or anybody.

Max: I knew Kate was desperate, too. So did Mr. Jefferson.

David: That guy is an elitist prick. Now, I'm off-duty, so I can say it at home behind his back. Like when Chloe calls me "step-douche." These "artists" live in a fantasy world.

Why say that?
Max: Why do you say that?

David: These art-farts are all about themselves. When I was in the service, I hated the photographers who'd try to pose me in their anti-war bullshit.

He isn't like this.
Max: Jefferson can be pretentious, but so can I...He's been a big influence on my photography.

David: That's exactly what I'm talking about--elitist.

Max: Well, Blackwell Academy is a school for artists, so maybe this isn't the best place for you.

David: I have a family here, Max. And I think Blackwell is the best place for me, since only I know what's happening. That's why I'm working out the new Blackwell surveillance plan, to protect future students, so they don't end up like Rachel Amber and Kate Marsh... Although, you're like a walking surveillance system. I appreciate you standing up for me, but I have to be a hardass and tell you and Chloe to stay the hell out of this. Things are just gonna get more ugly.

Max: Chloe and I can take care of ourselves.

David: Now excuse me, Max, I have to get back to my camera. See, I'm an artist, too.

Kate died

David is suspended

Max blamed Jefferson

If Max tries to talk to David again:

David: Sorry, Max, I can't talk and work.

Max's Thoughts About Investigating Lockers

Max (thinking): I better go scope out those lockers.

Max (thinking): I can't leave until I search through David's garage.

Max (thinking): There's no way I can go to Chloe without going to David's locker.

Max looks at the lockers in David's Garage.

Max (thinking): Whoa, that is a serious padlock on that locker. Hey, David, whatcha hidin'?

There are several ways Max can open the lockers.

If Max remembers the code from Episode 3 (7171), she can input it into the lockers.

Max (thinking): Alright! Open sesame!

After one or more failed attempts at unlocking the padlock or after pressing "back," Max can find another way to open the lockers.

Sided with David

Max (thinking): For once, I don't have time to search for the code... I need to find a key.

Max tries to take the keys from the desk in front of David.

David: Excuse me, Max! Do not touch one goddamn thing!

Max (thinking): Come on, Max, find a way to get David out of his cave...

Max tampers with the fuse box in the back of the garage, next to the door leading to the foyer.

Max (thinking): I can't let David see me while I snag his keys. Enter the ninja...

David: Son of a bitch, I just fixed that fuse box!

Chloe (from upstairs): Shit. Somebody fix the fuse!

Max enters the door next to the fuse box. She returns to the other entrance to the garage and takes David's keys from the table.

Max (thinking): Gotcha!

Max rewinds to before she tampered with the fuse box. She uses the keys on the padlock.

Max (thinking): I am the Keymaster!

Sided with Chloe
Max (thinking): For once, I don't have time to search for the code... I need to find a way to break this padlock.

Max takes the crowbar on the table.

Max (thinking): Okay, I can use that crowbar to pry open the locker.

Max uses the crowbar to break the padlock off the locker.

Max (thinking): Sorry, David, but I bet you would do the same thing as me.

Max searches through the contents of the locker.

Max (thinking): Whoa... Maps, notes, coordinates, photos of Kate, Nathan... Oh, yes!

Max closes the locker after rifling through the files.

Max (thinking): Score! Back to Chloe now.

If Max goes through the living room on her way to Chloe (and sided with David):

Max (thinking): I give up William, but defend David... Would Chloe hate me if she knew?

Max goes to the bottom of the stairs and calls out to Chloe.

Max: Yo, Chloe, are you ready yet? I have to get back to my dorm!

Chloe: Are we happy?

Max: Very happy. I hit the secret file jackpot. Kate, Nathan, and Rachel. Plus, there's some location coordinates. David is, like, a one-man surveillance army. Now let's get the hell out of here, before we get busted.

Saved Kate
Max: But I absolutely have to go see Kate in the hospital right now. I want to find out how she's doing.

Couldn't save Kate
Chloe: Now let's go find out what Nathan is hiding in his room.

Max: We have to be extra careful.

Chloe: Max, now it's time for Nathan Prescott to be afraid of us.

Max and Chloe get in the car and drive away.

Hospital Edit

If Max saved Kate, she and Chloe are shown entering a hallway in a hospital.

Max: This is definitely Kate's floor.

Chloe: Hospitals always freak me out.

Max: I hear you. But imagine how Kate feels... I'm so glad I get to see her again. I hope it's not too weird for her.

Chloe: No, she'll be stoked to see you. Who wouldn't be?

Max and Chloe reach the door to Kate's hospital room.

Max: This be it. I'm a little nervous...

Chloe: Just...go in there and be her friend. I'll wait out here so you can chill by yourselves.

Chloe sits in a chair against the wall.

Answered Kate's call
Chloe: I was a total dick for blowing a fuse when you answered Kate's call the other day. Good thing you ignored me.

Didn't answer Kate's call

Chloe: I had no idea what shit she was going through. And you saved me. I'm sorry.

Max: Thanks, Chloe, but don't be sorry. We're all on the same team.

Chloe: Team Max. Let Kate know we're gonna string Nathan up by his balls, then.

Max: Oh, yes. I'm on it.

Max enters the room. Kate is sitting on a chair, drawing. She sees Max and the two smile at each other. Kate jumps up and gives Max a hug.

Kate: Max!

Max: Oh, Kate!

Kate: I thought I'd never see you again. I feel so ridiculous... I'm so sorry.

Max: Kate, listen to have nothing to be sorry about. Other people do. You do not know how happy I am to see you. You look awesome. Is it...a stupid question if I ask how you're doing?

Kate: Now that you're here, I'm doing even better. I'm so grateful to you for coming up to the roof to talk me down... Max, I felt so lost and alone...but when I saw how much you cared, how hard you were made me realize I wasn't alone. Thank you.

Max: Kate, there are so many people who love you and want to help you.

Kate: I know. You should see all the letters and postcards. I gave most of the flowers to other patients here because they need them more than me. I'm keeping the balloons, though. One of the nurses gave me a pen and paper so I could do some drawings...

Kate sits down again and resumes drawing.

Max: I love your illustrations.

Kate: They got kind of dark there for a while, but I have an idea for a new children's book about bullying. I was thinking about having some photographs in there, too.

Max: I hope that's a subtle hint that you'll let me take the photographs for the book...

Kate: Was that subtle? You better take the pictures, Max. I'm going to be here for another day until my family comes out to visit.

Max: How are they treating you?

Kate: Like they need to protect me forever. They're so upset, and I know they feel guilty even though they didn't do anything... I was surprised how many students from Blackwell wrote me. Daniel, Mr. Jefferson... Even Victoria wrote me a very sweet note...and I believe she was being real.

Max: Me too. I'm glad you believe again, Kate.

Kate: I'm working on it, Max. I just pray I can get this drawing right...

Conversation with Kate

Max: Kate, it is so good to hang out with you again.

Kate: Max, I owe you so much. And I can tell you want to talk to me about something.

Max: I always want to talk to you...

Kate: We missed our tea session this week...

Max: That was so not cool. We need to plan, like, a tea shop tour of Portland...

Kate: Oh, yes! And you could bring Warren along, too...

Max: What do you think of, uh, Warren?

Kate: Oh, smart and silly. He's got such a good heart. And he's a cutie pie. You know he likes you...

Accepted Warren's invitation
Max: I'm going to the drive-in with him, so...we'll see. With everything that's going on, a date seems weird...

Kate: No, you deserve that.

Max: Kate Marsh, matchmaker. I'm glad somebody is looking out for my love life...

Kate: Even angels need angels, Max.

Didn't accept Warren's invitation

No boys allowed.
Max: No boys allowed.

Kate: You are funny, Max. And right.

Victoria. (after looking at postcard)
Max: I saw Victoria's letter... How does that make you feel?

Kate: Max, I know Victoria can be a...a...not nice. But, I do believe in forgiveness and redemption. I might be naive, but...I feel her struggle.

Made fun of Victoria
Max: I wasn't so nice to her this week either, when I took a picture of her covered in paint. Not a proud moment.

Comforted Victoria
Max: Me too. I could've taken a picture of her covered in paint, but I didn't and...we had a genuine moment.

Kate: We all have our moments. Why do you think she acts so mean?

She's a bitch.
Max: She's a bitch. I'm sorry, but...she's wealthy, pretty, and, yes, talented. So, there's no reason for her to treat people like shit.

Kate: Well, there must be. If Victoria could write me such a sincere letter...

She's insecure.
Max: She's insecure. If you're comfortable with yourself, you don't need to act superior.

Kate: Victoria doesn't look like she has much to be insecure about...

Max: If anybody could make Victoria see the light, it would be Kate Marsh.

Kate: No. I think it will take more than that, Max.

Max: I want you to know I'm this close to getting all the info I need about Nathan...

Kate: Nathan Prescott has to pay for what he did. And we have to stop him from hurting anybody else.

Nathan is suspended
Max: Well, I did get his ass suspended, so...that might be a start...

Kate: You did? Oh, right on, Max! I love how fearless you are.

Nathan isn't suspended
Max: I wish I could've gotten his ass kicked out of Blackwell.

Kate: Me too. But his dad would never let that happen. I thought I had a tough family...

Kate: So, what is going on with him now?

Vortex Club.
Max: I assume he'll show up at the Vortex Club party tonight like nothing happened.

Kate: And nobody can do anything to him after what he did.

Prescott family.
Max: I think his family is totally protecting him...or worse.

Kate: I never say this about people...but, Max, there's something evil about the Prescotts. They have something to do with death.

Max: We're going to stop him. I just have to find Nathan's room number, get inside, and get the clues I need.

Kate: Max, please let me help! I can get the number and I'll text it to you, okay?

Max: Of course, Kate! I can't do this without you.

Kate: Now it's time for Nathan to watch out for us...

Max: I have to get back to our, uh, mission. You don't know how much it means to see you again...

Kate: I do. That's why I love you, Max. And thanks for taking care of my bunny. Tell Alice I'll see her soon.

If Max talks to Kate again:

Max: Hey, Kate, back again.

Kate: Which makes me happy.

Max leaves Kate's hospital room.

Chloe: Well, how is she?

Max: She's still Kate Marsh. Thank God.

Chloe: I'm glad we came to see her.

Max: Thanks for coming with me.

Chloe: Now let's go pay a visit to Nathan Prescott. That little prick is not gonna be glad when he sees us...

Max and Chloe leave the hospital.

Dormitories Edit

Max and Chloe enter the Dormitories at Blackwell. Jefferson approaches them.

Jefferson: Hey, Max. How you doing?

Max: Oh, hi, Mr. Jefferson. I'm okay. Um, and this is my...friend Chloe.

Chloe: Yo.

Jefferson: Chloe, why isn't someone as cool as you going to Blackwell?

Chloe: I was way too cool for this school. It's a long story. In actual files here...

Jefferson: I can imagine. Max, are you sure that you're alright?

Max: It's weird just being on campus, like everything's normal.

Jefferson: I know. Lame as it sounds, life has to go on.

Max: I think there's too much going on in my life.

Jefferson: On that note, Blackwell duty calls. Remember, I'm going to announce the winner of the "Everyday Heroes" contest tonight at the party, so I hope you'll be there to celebrate. Even though I'm sorry you didn't enter a photo, I understand your reasons. You can't force an artist to work.

Max: I feel like a total loser, but it's been a hard week to focus. No pun intended.

Jefferson: I'm proud of you for caring so much about a troubled friend. And I take hope in the fact that you have plenty of time to find your way. Just...get in the habit of putting your work out there.

Max: Thanks, Mr. Jefferson. I'll definitely be there tonight.

Chloe: Me too. I'll be Max's date. You better dance with us at least once.

Jefferson: Nobody should have to see me dance. Plus, you don't want to watch the old hipster trying to keep up with the kids... I have some pride. Be seeing you.

Chloe: Yes, you will.

Jefferson leaves.

Chloe: Hot for teacher.

Max: Gross! You are out of control.

Chloe: Not yet. Just wait until the rager tonight....

Max: Ugh, shut up.

Chloe: Don't be jealous because Mark Jefferson thinks I'm cool...

Max: I am so ignoring you.

Chloe: Fine. Since I'm here, I'll see if I can get some dirt from Justin. I haven't talked to him in a while...

Max: Now, that is a great plan.

Chloe leaves to talk with Justin.

Max (thinking): Let's see if I can find out where Nathan is...

Conversation Between Chloe and Justin

Chloe: Justin, it's been so long since I've seen you!

Justin: 'Cause you're way too cool for us now, Chloe.

Chloe: Way too much shit going on, man.

Justin: Try going to Blackwell... Insane!

Chloe: So I hear.

Justin: Any word at all on Rachel?

Chloe: Dude, I wish. I'm working on it.

Justin: I miss her laugh...when I bail off my board...

Chloe: She is probably high.

Justin: Yeah, she had the sick nugs.

Chloe: True dat. Okay, I have to bounce.

Justin: Come hang with us at the park sometime.

Daniel's Comments

Daniel: I'll just stick to my sketches...

Zachary's Comments About Football

Zachary: Bring it on home, bro!

Zachary: Wait 'til the game!

Zachary: Bigfoot stomp!

Conversation Between Samuel and Ms. Grant

Samuel: I had to clear away another batch of dead birds today... Sad.

Ms. Grant: Makes me mad. "Climate change isn't real," my ass.

Samuel: I think everything is changing here...

Ms. Grant: As a scientist, I'm fascinated. As Michelle Grant, I'm very worried.

Samuel: Arcadia Bay is scared, too. Look at the weather...and the animals...

Ms. Grant: Not to mention poor Kate Marsh.

Samuel: We all need to look out for each other these days...

Ms. Grant's Comment to Max

Ms. Grant: Good to see you out and about, Max.

Samuel's Comments

Samuel: Samuel misses his squirrels...

Samuel: Time to go clean up graffiti from those kids...

Samuel: I feel like the sky wants to yell at us...

Brooke's Comments About the Drive-In

Accepted Warren's invitation
Brooke: That's so ironic that Warren asked Max to the drive-in.

Brooke: It's not like I don't own all the original "Apes" films.

Brooke: Maybe I should've asked Warren to go...

Declined Warren's invitation
Brooke: I hope Max isn't pissed that Warren asked me to the drive-in.

If Max tries to speak to Chloe before learning Nathan's whereabouts:

Chloe: Let me know when you've found something.

Conversation with Daniel

Max: Hey, Daniel. You look bummed out... Are you alright?

Daniel: Hola, Max. I just figured out that my photos...basically suck. I'm a wannabe artist...

Take different photos.
Max: Maybe you should try different subjects...something more like your portraits.

Daniel: That makes sense, but not if I can't choose the subjects in class. If only I could draw my photographs... I think I'll just sit here bummed out, thanks.

Draw your photos. (after rewind)
Max: Daniel, your drawings are your photographs. So, draw the photos with your eyes and make the camera your "lens pen."

Daniel: "Lens pen"? Oh, I dig that, Max. That could work for me... I do feel better now. You are good, Max.

Max: Have you talked to anybody about what happened with Kate?

Daniel: I...don't talk to anyone, Max. But I did actually have a nice talk with Brooke. She couldn't stop talking about how brave you were on that roof.

Max: I don't think doing the right thing is "brave," but I appreciate what she means.

Saved Kate
Max: The most important thing is that Kate gets better...and gets justice.

Daniel: I hear that, Max. She's the sweetest, most genuine person I've ever met. I don't mind getting picked on by Blackwell bro-holes, but don't fuck with Kate.

Max: I like this revolutionary Daniel DaCosta.

Daniel: Only if I can start the revolution from my sketchbook, Max.

Couldn't save Kate

Max: By the way, have you seen Nathan Prescott?

Nathan is suspended
Daniel: Ooh, I heard a rumor he's actually suspended...

Max: Yeah, but he's still gotta be on campus.

Daniel: That explains why he looked so pissed off when I saw him leaving campus a few moments ago.

Nathan isn't suspended

End of the World party.
Max: Are you going to the "End of the World" party tonight?

Daniel: It will be if I go, man. People here push me into lockers, not dance floors.

Go to the party.
Max: That's exactly why you should go to that party. We have to stand up to these Blackwell bullies for Kate. You won't be alone, Daniel.

Daniel: Not with you to back me up, Max. Damn it, I will go to the party like it is the end of the world! Okay, maybe I won't go, but... No, I won't do that, but...I'll go.

Don't go to the party.
Max: Screw the Vortex Club. They don't deserve you, Daniel.

Daniel: They don't deserve anything. I mean, what do they actually do for Blackwell, huh? You're right, Max. Screw them.

Max: Let's talk later. Okay, Daniel?

I love your drawings. (if Daniel sketched Max)
Max: You're not here to be a photographer. That's my gig. Look at that sketch you did of me... Incredible. And that's your art, your gift.

Daniel: I do feel better now. You are good, Max.

Max: Have you talked to anybody about what happened with Kate?

Daniel: I...don't talk to anyone, Max. But I did actually have a nice talk with Brooke. She couldn't stop talking about how brave you were on that roof.

Max: I don't think doing the right thing is "brave," but I appreciate what she means.

Saved Kate
Max: The most important thing is that Kate gets better...and gets justice.

Daniel: I hear that, Max. She's the sweetest, most genuine person I've ever met. I don't mind getting picked on by Blackwell bro-holes, but don't fuck with Kate.

Max: I like this revolutionary Daniel DaCosta.

Daniel: Only if I can start the revolution from my sketchbook, Max.

Couldn't save Kate

Max: By the way, have you seen Nathan Prescott?

Nathan is suspended
Daniel: Ooh, I heard a rumor he's actually suspended...

Max: Yeah, but he's still gotta be on campus.

Daniel: That explains why he looked so pissed off when I saw him leaving campus a few moments ago.

Nathan isn't suspended

End of the World party.
Max: Are you going to the "End of the World" party tonight?

Daniel: It will be if I go, man. People here push me into lockers, not dance floors.

Go to the party.
Max: That's exactly why you should go to that party. We have to stand up to these Blackwell bullies for Kate. You won't be alone, Daniel.

Daniel: Not with you to back me up, Max. Damn it, I will go to the party like it is the end of the world! Okay, maybe I won't go, but... No, I won't do that, but...I'll go.

Don't go to the party.
Max: Screw the Vortex Club. They don't deserve you, Daniel.

Daniel: They don't deserve anything. I mean, what do they actually do for Blackwell, huh? You're right, Max. Screw them.

Max: Let's talk later. Okay, Daniel?

Don't give up.
Max: Don't give up that easy. Just...stay away from your sketchbook for a while. You need to keep taking the shot, as Jefferson says.

Daniel: Stay away from my sketchbook? You don't know me, Max. That's like you staying away from your camera. I think I'll just sit here bummed out, thanks.

If Max talks to Daniel again after saying "Draw your photos" / "I love your drawings":

Max: Thought I'd bug you again, Daniel.

Daniel: Fortunately, Max, I like bugs.

If Max talks to Daniel again after exhausting all dialogue options and telling him to go to the party:

Daniel: Thanks again for making me feel better and pushing me to the party. Let's chat later, Max!

If Max talks to Daniel again after exhausting all dialogue options and telling him not to go to the party:

Daniel: Thanks again for making me feel better. Screw the Vortex Club. Let's chat later, Max!

If Max talks to Daniel again after saying "Take different photos " / "Don't give up":

Daniel: Oh, hey, Max. Sorry, I'm...still bumming. I'll talk to you later when I'm not so pathetic.

Conversation with Ms. Grant

Max: Hi, Ms. Grant.

Ms. Grant: Max, you always show up when I'm talking about you.

Signed the petition
Ms. Grant: I'm still bragging about you and the other students making Blackwell surveillance-free.

Didn't sign the petition
Ms. Grant: And I swear it's not about that petition you didn't sign.

Recent events.
Max: I was hoping you could explain some of these crazy things happening in Arcadia Bay...

Ms. Grant: If I could, I'd be collecting my Nobel prize in science today. I haven't been able to wrap my mind around that eclipse, much less the snow and whales...

Scientific explanation.
Max: There must be a scientific explanation...right?

Ms. Grant: When my friends at NASA tell me they can't explain a solar eclipse without a single theory as to how or why, maybe it's time to get worried. Like they are.

Beyond science.
Max: I think this is beyond science.

Ms. Grant: Nothing is beyond science except for our lack of knowledge. We may never know why, but that doesn't change reality.

Max: I am worried about reality... I feel like it's changing right in front of us.

Ms. Grant: You and Samuel both. We were talking about that before you came over. Our planet is changing, but it's not mystic. It's erosion.

Dying animals.
Max: You think that's why all these animals are dying here?

Ms. Grant: Well, our shoreline has been receding, not to mention the daily contamination of the ocean. That's all you need to kill off sea and wildlife here...

Max: So, you don't think this could be some kind of..prophecy or something?

Ms. Grant: Max, you know how fascinated I am by Arcadia Bay legends, but I haven't found any apocalyptic signs yet...unless you count those "End of the World" posters.

Ms. Grant: Unless you know something I don't?

Time travel.
Max: What about wormholes and Chaos theory? Like, time travel stuff?

Ms. Grant: The only wormholes in Arcadia Bay are underground. And Chaos Theory is just that... But if this is about time travel, sign me up.

Max: Would you really change time?

Ms. Grant: Not after reading that Bradbury story, "A Sound of Thunder." I won't give it away, but it involves dinosaurs and butterflies. Time is like a thread, Max. One tug and it all can unravel.

Max: I wonder if the Tobanga knows more than anybody here...

Ms. Grant: Oh, Max, nobody even knows who brought the Tobanga here. It was likely stolen from the South Pacific by local fishermen. But I know what you're saying. There's a lot of energy here.

Max: I was looking for Nathan Prescott and I thought he might be in your class...

Nathan is suspended
Ms. Grant: Mr. Prescott has no class at all, after his suspension. I didn't think you were friends.

Nathan isn't suspended

Hell no.
Max: Hell no. Sorry, Ms. Grant.

Ms. Grant: You're an adult, you can swear, damn it. And I'm glad you did.

Max: So, you haven't seen Nathan at all?

Ms. Grant: Let's just say I try not to, Max. But I did catch him storming off campus. After what happened this week, I hope you don't see him either. You're not the best student here, but you--you might be the wisest.

You know him better.
Max: You probably know him better...

Ms. Grant: I've tried. Nathan is a Prescott and with that comes a lot of baggage. Too much for one teenager. This week was the proof... Principal Wells did the right thing.

Max: I know. Nathan needs real help.

Ms. Grant: Yes, he does, Max. I did try once...but Mr. Prescott didn't appreciate my help. I did see Nathan leaving the campus, looking angrier than usual, so...maybe it's good you haven't found him.

Max: I don't think surveillance would've helped Kate Marsh.

Saved Kate
Ms. Grant: Who needs surveillance when we have Maxine Caulfield? You did a wonderful thing and now we have to make sure Kate gets the help she needs.

Couldn't save Kate
Ms. Grant: Oh, Max, I'm so sorry you had to go through that... Kate was the sweetest student I've ever met at Blackwell...and they can be so cruel to each other...

Ms. Grant: Do you need to talk to a counselor?

Blackwell needs help.
Max: Blackwell Academy needs the help. There's something terrible going on here... You see it, right?

Ms. Grant: This week hasn't been Blackwell's finest hour. But me and some faculty members won't rest until all the students here feel safe, not bullied.

No, thanks.
Max: Uh, no, thanks, Ms. Grant. I have my best friend and my parents...for now.

Ms. Grant: I'm happy to hear that, Max. Just don't ever be afraid to talk to somebody, okay? I wish Kate had come to me... I had no idea what she was going through.

Max: Kate was drugged at the Vortex Club party and bullied by them, until she ended up on the roof. How do you stop that?

Ms. Grant: Shut down that damn Vortex Club, for a start! I don't mean to get riled up, but that party should've been postponed. It's extremely tasteless given what happened with Kate.

The Prescotts.
Max: Do the Prescotts have anything to do with the Vortex Club? They don't get all their money from car washes.

Ms. Grant: No, they don't. But membership has its privileges...especially when your father is Blackwell's biggest sponsor. This elitist nonsense has no place here.

Principal Wells.
Max: So, why doesn't Principal Wells stop the party? To be honest, he doesn't seem to care about what's going on here.

Ms. Grant: Raymond Wells has saved this school from financial disaster and he cares more than you know. You're wise, but don't be so quick to judge everybody.

Max: You're right. I just wish that this could be the school I dreamed about before I came here.

Ms. Grant: I hear you, Max. I love seeing you, and Warren, and all my students at your best here. You're all too young to be so cynical... But you truly give me hope.

Max: I'm sorry, Ms. Grant, I have to get going. I'll see you later.

Ms. Grant: It's always good talking to you, Max.

If Max talks to Ms. Grant again:

Max: Hi again, Ms. Grant.

Ms. Grant: Welcome back to the lab, Max.

If Max talks to Ms. Grant again after exhausting all dialogue options:

Ms. Grant: Let's talk again soon, Max.

Conversation with Samuel

Samuel: How are you doing, Max? Been a tough week, I know.

Max: Yes, it has, Samuel. How are you?

Samuel: Sad and confused, like everybody else in Arcadia Bay. You look like you have a lot of questions, too...

Max: More questions than answers...

Samuel: Samuel is always here to talk.


Saved Kate
Max: I actually just talked to Kate Marsh in the hospital. She's doing so much better.

Samuel: Because of you, Max. That was quite a rescue.

Couldn't save Kate
Max: Blackwell is so sad and quiet since Kate...isn't here anymore.

Samuel: Yes, you can tell that the campus is different now. And you reached out to her when everybody turned away.

Kate bullied.
Max: Samuel, you're the eyes of Blackwell. Did you know Kate was being bullied?

Samuel: Most everyone makes fun of me...but Samuel warned them about Kate. I hate bullies, Max.

Max: It could've gone either way... Samuel, do you think that we each have a destiny?

Samuel: Yes, I do, Max. In many different lifetimes; of course, Kate Marsh believed in something different, so...that's her destiny.

Max: I believe you.

Samuel: Kate just needed some more helpful spirits like her friend Max. I hope she finds them now...

Max: Have you seen Nathan Prescott around?

Nathan is suspended
Samuel: That would be hard, since he was suspended.

You don't sound sad.
Max: You don't sound sad, Samuel.

Samuel: Nathan hurts people. The end.

Max: What do you really know about him?

Samuel: Not enough to help you, Max. I truly wish I could... I see what you're doing...

He deserved it.
Max: He deserved it. And more.

Samuel: Samuel tries not to judge people, but Nathan shouldn't be here. Maybe he's supposed to be here, though.

Max: What do you really know about him?

Samuel: Not enough to help you, Max. I truly wish I could... I see what you're doing...

Nathan isn't suspended
Samuel: I try not to.

You don't like Nathan.
Max: Whoa, you really don't like Nathan. How come?

Samuel: Samuel likes everybody...until they give him a reason not to. He did.

Max: Well, okay. 'Nuff said. You know a lot of Blackwell secrets, so I thought you could help me.

Samuel: Max, I'm a custodian, not a psychic. I can only help by warning you to be careful.

What do you know?

Max: Do you ever talk with David Madsen?

Samuel: He talks to me. I listen.

Max: That's how David operates...

Samuel: He sees things, not people. But I...I think he sees you, Max...

Max: Why do you say that?

Samuel: both see with cameras.

He wishes.
Max: He wishes he could...

Samuel: Mr. Madsen has all the surveillance in the world, but...he's still blind...

Max: I think you have better vision than both of us...

Samuel: No, Max, I just look at everything from...a different angle.

Max: I definitely have questions about what's happening to the animals in Arcadia Bay.

Samuel: Oh, many do. These poor creatures have no choice in what happens to them...

Beached whales.
Max: How can anybody explain all those poor beached whales...?

Samuel: My dad was a fisherman, and he'd take me out to hear the whales sing... Now they...they just cry.

Max: Do you think this is some kind of eco-disaster, or...?

Samuel: I think it's more than that... Somebody is causing all this to happen.

They're not alone.
Max: They're not alone these days... I feel so powerless.

Samuel: Oh, no, you're the opposite of powerless, Max.

Max: You think so, Samuel?

Samuel: You and Arcadia Bay are connected by time and tide... So, next time I have a question, I'm coming to you.

Max: Well, I'm glad to see your squirrels are still healthy and happy on the campus.

Samuel: Me too. If something happened to them... Oh...

Max: Not as long as you're here to take care of them, Samuel.

Samuel: The only thing that calms them is food. Lots of food. Which reminds me that I have to feed them now.

Samuel sprinkles food crumbs on the ground. The squirrel by the tree notices and runs over to eat the food.

Dead birds.
Max: What do you think about all those dying birds?

Samuel: Samuel had to bury dozens near the Tobanga...

Max: Is that cool with the Tobanga?

Samuel: We'll find out if the souls of the birds move on. Not that we can prove it...

What happened?
Max: What happened to them?

Samuel: I would say the sky is too dirty for their wings, but something worse is in the air...

Max: It's so ominous...

Samuel: Unless it's fate...then it doesn't matter.

Arcadia Bay.
Max: I still have a million questions about what's happening to Arcadia Bay.

Samuel: That must be why Ms. Grant says you're one of her favorite students at Blackwell...

Max: Even though Ms. Grant likes me, I have zero science skills to explain that eclipse.

Samuel: As I was just saying to her, that's because science has no explanation. No offense to Ms. Grant here, but...this is just the beginning.

How do you know?
Max: How do you know that? I'm...genuinely curious.

Samuel: You just have to open your eyes...then you can see what's coming...

Beginning of what?
Max: Beginning of what?

Samuel: Oh, I don't believe anything ever ends...especially time...

Samuel: That's why I can sense something bigger is coming to Arcadia Bay...and, Max, I don't like it at all.

Max: I keep thinking that Rachel Amber has a few answers...if we can find her...

Samuel: If Rachel wants to be found...

You think she is alive?
Max: Do you think she's alive?

Samuel: She'll always be alive in our hearts... Sometimes, that's all we have left.

Where is she?
Max: That's the real secret: where is she?

Samuel: If anybody knows, it will be you. My dreams tell me that...

Max: But...

Samuel: Max, all I can tell you is to stay on your path and you'll find what you're looking for... Rachel Amber is waiting, too...

Vortex Club.
Max: I'd rather be in her class then the Vortex Club.

Samuel: Yes, you would. Rachel saw right through them...

Max: She's not the only one.

Samuel: Nobody should be trapped in the Vortex Club. Get out now, Max...while time is on your side.

Max: I'm sorry, I better get going now.

If Max talks to Samuel again:

Max: Sorry to bother you again, Samuel.

Samuel: There's no bother here, Max.

If Max talks to Samuel again after exhausting all dialogue options:

Samuel: All we are is dust in the wind...

Conversation with Brooke

Max: Hey, Brooke, how are you?

Saved Kate
Brooke: I'm here, as usual. By the way, thanks for helping Kate down. Are you okay?

Couldn't save Kate
Brooke: Considering what happened to Kate, I could be better. Are you okay?

Max: I might feel better taking your drone for a quick flight...

Accepted Warren's invitation
Brooke: Ms. Grant finally gave up and let me fly her again. But you're going to the drive-in with Warren, so you don't have time to fly my drone.

Max: Really? I can't fly your drone because I'm going to see "Ape" movies with Warren?

Brooke: You are perceptive, Max. Now, excuse me. My drone needs me.

Declined Warren's invitation
Brooke: Ms. Grant caved and let me fly her again. So, take a spin! I have to see what time I'm going to the drive-in with Warren on Saturday.

Sounds fun.
Max: That sounds fun. It would be good for you and Warren to take a road trip after this week.

Brooke: Warren got a new car. Or an old new car. So, I'm all about a serious road trip out of here after this week.

He asked you?

Brooke hands Max her tablet and points to the drone. Max flies the drone around the Dormitories, then hands the controls back to Brooke.

Max: Thanks.

Max: I need to find Nathan, have you seen him around?

Accepted Warren's invitation
Brooke: Ask Warren. I mean, you're going to the movies with him and everything...

Nathan is suspended
Max: Come on, Brooke, don't be that way. Nathan was suspended, but he should still be on campus.

Brooke: Warren's not good enough for you? Okay. I saw Nathan pissed and walking off campus earlier. Good luck getting that date, Max.

Nathan isn't suspended
Max: Okay, Brooke, um, but right now I'm trying to find Nathan.

Brooke: Warren's not good enough for you? Okay. I saw Nathan pissed and walking off campus earlier. Good luck getting that date, Max.

Declined Warren's invitation
Brooke: I was distracted by Warren asking me out to the drive-in.

Nathan is suspended
Max: Nathan was suspended, but he should still be on campus.

Brooke: I did see him this morning heading off campus. He looked more angry than usual... I wouldn't look for him now, if I were you.

Nathan isn't suspended

Max: I can't get my limited brain around that eclipse and the beached whales... I was hoping the science department had some ideas.

Brooke: Warren and I are supposed to compare notes and theories this weekend.

That makes sense.
Max: That makes sense. Two big brains are better than one...or mine.

Brooke: We'd get the Nobel Prize if we could explain this phenomenon, but even Ms. Grant has no clue...

He asked you?
Max: Oh, he asked you?

Brooke: You know, science geeks stick together. But honestly, neither of us can explain this phenomenon... It's pretty scary.

Max: I have to go. Talk later, Brooke.

If Max talks to Brooke again:

Max: Back again, Brooke.

Brooke: Are you sure you're alright?

If Max talks to Brooke again after exhausting all dialogue options / asked about drone but accepted Warren's invitation:

Brooke: Talk to you later, Max.

Conversation with Chloe

Chloe turns around when Max approaches. She gives Justin a high-five and a fist-bump, and then walks to Max.

Max: Coast is clear. It would be so cool if you and me were going to school here together...

Chloe: But now you can have Mr. Jefferson all to yourself...

Max: Ugh, you suck. Now let's get into Blackwell Ninja mode.

Max and Chloe enter the Boys' Dormitories.

Boys' Dormitories Edit

Chloe: So lame they don't have co-ed dorms here.

Max: Yes, because I want Nathan Prescott in the room next door.

Chloe: Good point.

Max: Wait here. Give me the signal if Nathan or anybody shows up.

Chloe: I won't let you down, Bat-Max.

Max: Now I just have to find Nathan's room...

If Max saved Kate, Kate will text her Nathan's room number.

Max (thinking): Kate brings it! So room 111 is the magic number...

If Max talks to Chloe before entering Nathan's room:

Chloe: Max, what are you doing?! Hurry up!

Max's Thoughts

Max (thinking): Welcome to the boys' dorm...

Max (thinking): Max, hurry up and find Nathan's dorm!

Max (thinking): Please, please, please stay away, Nathan...

Max (thinking): Remember, you're on enemy turf now, Max...

Conversation Between Dana and Trevor (Trevor's Room, 105)

Dana: I'm glad you stayed over.

Trevor: Fuck that dorm curfew shit! We're eighteen!

Dana: And after what happened to Kate...

Trevor: Yeah, I feel so bad for her...and her family.

Dana: That's why you're so hot: because you care.

Trevor: I'm here with you, right?

Max attempts to enter Nathan's room, but the door is locked. Max notices a fire extinguisher nearby and uses it to smash the lock open and enter Nathan's room.

Nathan's Room Edit

Max (thinking): Now I need to find Nathan's phone or anything with clues.

Max searches through Nathan's computer, then examines the scratch marks on the floor next to the couch.

Max (thinking): What the hell are all those marks on the floor?

Max moves the couch.

Max (thinking): Let's find out what you're hiding...

Max notices a phone taped to the side of the couch and takes it.

Max (thinking): Oh, yes, little phone, you are mine now.

Max moves the couch back to its original position.

Max (thinking): Now I have Nathan's phone, so I can show it to Chloe. Well, before Nathan comes back.

Max leaves Nathan's room.

Hallway Edit

Conversation with Chloe

Chloe: Damn, Max, you're finally back. I got worried... So, what did you find?

Max: His room was clean and...creepy. Check this out...

Max gives Nathan's phone to Chloe.

Chloe: Boom, Nathan! We got you by the balls, fucker.

Nathan enters the Boys' Dormitories, surprised to see Chloe and Max.

Nathan: What are you doing in my dorm?!

Max and Chloe start to back away.

Nathan: You're such a nosy bitch, Max!

Max: Stop right there, Nathan!

Nathan: Make me, ho!

Nathan steps toward Max and Chloe. Chloe grabs him by the shoulders. Warren suddenly appears and pushes Nathan backward.

Warren: Max, I got this!

Nathan: Get the fuck outta my face!

Warren grabs Nathan's shoulders and headbutts him. Warren holds his head and groans in pain. Max gasps and covers her mouth with her hands.

Nathan: You are so fucking dead--!

Nathan reaches for his gun, but Warren kicks it out of his hands, then kicks Nathan in the stomach. Max gasps again.

Nathan: Get off me, brah!

Warren kicks Nathan a few more times.

Max says nothing as Warren continues to kick Nathan.

Warren: You like to hurt people, huh? Like Max? Like Kate? Like me? Huh? Feel this, motherfucker!

Warren repeatedly punches Nathan in the face.

Nathan: me... Please...please stop!

Warren gets up. Nathan turns over and holds his head in his hands.

Max: He's down! Hey...come on...

Warren leaves.

Nathan: Stop... Sorry...

Chloe reaches down and takes the gun lying on the ground.

Chloe: Yes, we have to go!

Chloe leans down toward Nathan.

Chloe: Who's the bitch now?

Max: Chloe!

Chloe leaves.

Max (thinking): Damn, Warren went full alpha on Nathan...and it was good. But...scary...

Max runs to Warren and pulls him off Nathan.

Max: Warren, stop it! Come on.

Nathan: Oh! Ow, my head... Why are you all looking at me like that, huh?! You, and you, you're all dead!

Nathan grabs his gun and gets up.

Chloe: Let's go. Now!

Chloe and Warren leave.

Nathan: Plus, my dad is on his way! You're all fucked! He owns you!

Nathan leaves around the corner.

Max (thinking): Even if Nathan definitely deserved a beating...we should try to be better than that.

Nathan's Comments (STAYED OUT OF IT)

Nathan: Shit, man...this really hurts...

Nathan: Everybody hates me....everybody...

Nathan: I think my face is broken...

Max leaves the Boys' Dormitories.

Main Campus Edit

Max: Damn, that was intense. Warren...thank you so much.

Warren: For what?

Stayed out of it
Chloe: For beating the shit out of Nathan Prescott! Dude, you rule.

Warren: I don't know. I kinda went crazy Nathan.

Stopped Warren
Chloe: For headbutting Nathan Prescott! That was awesome!

Warren: I don't know. I almost went crazy Nathan.

Max: You're not anything like him.

Warren: Good to know. So, where are you going? I better stick with you guys. Just in case you need me to get my Hulk on again. Or should I call the cops on Nathan?

Max: No police. Not yet. maybe you

Chloe: Warren, me and Max have to do this on our own. No offense.

Warren: It's cool. Whatever I can do to help...

Max: What you can do is find out anything you can about Nathan's father.

Warren: I'm on it. Between the snow and eclipse, I'm assuming the apocalypse is around the corner...

Max: And...thank you. Seriously. I'll call you later.

Warren: You better. I'm feeling pretty alpha now.

Max: Yes. You are.

Warren leaves.

Chloe: Man, that guy is so fucking in love with you.

Max: I know...

Chloe: He really did give a serious beatdown to Nathan.

Max: It was a little scary to watch him do that...

Chloe: Now let's make a date with Frank.

Max: Will he even answer you?

Chloe: Frank always answers when he wants money.

Chloe takes out her phone and texts Frank. Her phone dings as Frank replies immediately.

Chloe: Like I said, Frank wants to see me right now.

Max: Let's not keep him waiting...

Max and Chloe leave the Main Campus.

Beach Edit

Max and Chloe drive up to the beach where Frank's RV is parked.

Max: God...I hate seeing those poor whales like that...

Chloe: Me too. I just think of their families out there in the ocean looking for them... Well, that asshole is gonna help us find Rachel.

Chloe has a gun
Max: Or what? You'll actually shoot him? Chloe, do not count on my rewind. Seriously.

Chloe: Obviously, I'm not counting on you. That's why I have a gun. And I might even save you someday.

Max: About time.

Chloe: I am so going to hit you.

Chloe doesn't have a gun
Chloe: You know what would be great? If I still had a gun.

Max: Yes, the chance for gunplay would just about even the odds here.

Chloe: Frank would scare better. He's a pussy. Besides, if I take him out, you can just rewind.

Max: Chloe, do not count on my rewind. Seriously. After Kate, I feel like every time I do it might be the last...

Chloe: There's no way we could've guessed this is what would happen to us when we grew up...

Max: I'm looking forward to the day when we can just go on a road trip to Portland.

Chloe: Fuck yeah! You, me...and Rachel.

Max: Absolutely. So, let's play this cool, okay?

Left the money
Max: Just talk to Frank so we can get that code for the book from him. That's all.

Stole the money
Max: Just pay Frank his money and then we can get that code for the book from him. That's all.

Chloe: Got it. No dicking around.

Max: Let's roll.

Max and Chloe get out of the car.

Max's Thoughts About the Beach

Max (thinking): It blows my mind that I was just here with Chloe in an alternate reality...

Negotiation with Frank

Max rewound the whole scene
Max: Listen, Chloe, I can tell you for a fact that this will not go well.

Chloe: Max, I should've known you'd be kind and rewind. So, tell me exactly what I need to do here.

Get rid of gun. (Chloe has a gun)
Max: You won't like this, but you need to get rid of that gun.

Chloe: No, Max, I don't like that at all. But I trust you. And, girl, if I need that gun you better rewind fast!

Chloe tosses the gun away, then knocks on Frank's RV door.

Watch your mouth.
Max: Please watch your mouth. You have no social skills here and you will piss off Frank immediately.

Chloe: You kind of love this, don't you? Fine, I'll try being like you for a change. Or how you used to be...

Chloe knocks on Frank's RV door.

Be careful.
Max: Be careful, okay? Don't give Frank any excuses to go ballistic. We need his help, Chloe.

Chloe: You know, I'm not a total fuck-up. Occasionally, I can be both cool and now, okay?

Chloe knocks on Frank's RV door.

Max didn't rewind
Max approaches Chloe. She nods toward the RV door and Chloe knocks.

Frank opens the door and gets out of his RV.

Frank: Oh, look. The Wonder Twins. You shoulda come alone.

Chloe: She's my partner.

Frank: Yeah, or bodyguard. So let's get to business: where's my fuckin' money?


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