Max realizes that changing the past can lead to painful consequences and that time is not a great healer. Her investigation into the disappearance of Rachel Amber begins to reach a thrilling conclusion as she finds the Dark Room. Will the answers lie within? Or will there just be trouble?

The now paralyzed and wheelchair-bound Chloe is taken by Max to the beach where they talk. Max apologizes for not being there for her when she had had her accident. Chloe accepts her apology and is happy to be around her. Later, in her house, she wants Max to overdose her with morphine so that she can die, because her condition is getting worse and she wants to die in her own way.

Max accepts
Max turns the dial on Chloe's morphine drip to its highest setting. Chloe slowly and peacefully nods off for the last time.

Max refuses
Chloe is upset with Max and wants her to leave.

Max then focuses on the photo of her and Chloe, bringing her back to the day of William's death. Unlike the last time, Max doesn't do anything. William finds his keys as usual and leaves. Max is visibly distraught during the search. Immediately after William leaves, Max tries to comfort Chloe about abandonment. It has no effect and the previous timeline is restored.

After the focus, Max finds herself in Chloe's room. She's very happy to have the normal Chloe back and decides not to mention anything of the altered timeline to Chloe.

If Kate is still alive, they go to the hospital to visit Kate. Chloe remains outside when Max enters the room. Kate and Max have a pleasant discussion. They talk about her recovery, how grateful she was that Max came to the rooftop to help her, the pictures she is drawing for her picture book, and a not so subtle request that Kate's picture book will have photography artwork and that she wants no one other than Max to do it. Later, Max shares that she and Chloe are going to investigate Nathan's room for clues. Kate will then promise to find out Nathan's room number and to text Max it later. Max will then return to Chloe in the hallway. If Max had chosen to answer Kate's call at the Two Whales Diner Chloe will bring it up and apologize failing to see the gravity of the situation and that Chloe can sometimes be very selfish for attention.

Next, they go back on the Blackwell campus to examine Nathan's dorm. After checking he is gone, Max breaks open his locked door with a fire extinguisher and searches for clues in his room, finding a phone hidden behind his couch. While exiting the boy's dorm, Nathan comes back and threatens Max, but Warren beats him up. Max can either stop Warren or not do anything. If Max decides not to do anything, Warren beats him up until Nathan lies on the floor, hurt drastically. If this happens, Chloe will take the gun off Nathan but if you decide to stop Warren from beating up Nathan, Nathan will run away with the gun.
2015-07-28 00007

Nathan lying on the ground in agony after Warren has beaten him up.

Max and Chloe decide to visit Frank next to get the list of the code names in Frank's book they have found in his RV. There are three possible endings:

  1. Frank (and Pompidou if still alive) are killed by Chloe.
  2. Frank is wounded by Chloe.
  3. Frank remains calm during the conversation and becomes an ally.

All three cases end with the pair getting Frank's client list. There are several other bad endings which must be rewound. The bad endings involve losing a gun or knife fight or if Pompidou overwhelms Chloe.

Frank will have David's gun if he had taken it earlier, otherwise he will have his knife. It is possible for Chloe to be armed with Nathan's gun, David's gun, or unarmed. There are altered conversation options to attempt to smooth over relations if the first attempt ends less than peacefully and Max chooses to rewind. Using the stolen money from the Principal's office makes Frank less likely to become angry. Having attempted to shoot Frank earlier will make him more likely to get angry.

After retrieving the list, they head back to Chloe's house and start to evaluate the clues they have found. The clues lead them to an abandoned barn. They enter and examine it closer, finding hidden stairs. After breaking the padlock to the floor covering the stairs, they move downstairs and find a massive door with a key pad. Max manages to get the correct combination and they enter an underground bunker full of photo equipment. They find binders with photos of drugged girls, among them binders of Kate and Rachel. There is also an empty binder for Victoria. One of the photos is of Rachel appearing to be dead in the junkyard. Chloe is very upset by this and convinces herself that she is just posing for the camera. She recognizes the spot and rushes back to the truck leaving Max to rush after her.

The pair drive quickly to the junkyard. After arriving, Chloe rushes to the spot and begins to dig. Max helps as well. Max quickly comes upon a decomposing body in the ground. After Chloe looks at it, she confirms that it is definitely Rachel. Extremely distraught, she wanders off a few steps and collapses onto the ground and begins to cry. Max hugs her as Chloe mourns the loss of a dear friend. Chloe than swears to get revenge on Nathan.

In the evening, they arrive at the Vortex Club's "End of the World" party in search of Nathan. The pair bump into a very drunk Warren outside who notes that this truly the end of the world because of the crazy weather and wants to take a picture with Max for prosperity. He uses Max's camera to take a selfie of the pair and keeps the picture. Getting extremely impatient at the delay, Chloe splits up from Max and storms off into the party first. Max follows after.

Victoria is at the party and Max can warn Victoria of the danger she is in. If you were nice to Victoria before, she has a higher chance of believing Max. The two can then chat about their differences and lament that if they could get over their petty differences, both Max and Victoria actually have a lot in common and could be friends. Regardless of whether Max warned Victoria or not, she will tell Max that Nathan isn't at the party.

Mr. Jefferson is also attending the party. He can be spoken to and will share his disappointment with Max that she did not enter a photo into the Everyday Heroes contest.

He later briefly interrupts the party to announce the winner to be Victoria who comes up on stage. Victoria is invited to speak and will share her gratitude to her fellow classmates and will remark that Kate is the real Everyday Hero of Blackwell.

Chloe will re-enter the building after the announcement, she has found out that Nathan isn't there as well. The two leave the building. Just after they have left the building, Chloe gets a message from Nathan saying that there will be no evidence of Rachel Amber once he is done.

Max and Chloe hurry to the junkyard where Rachel's body is left at. Chloe rushes ahead again and is several steps ahead of Max. She arrives at Rachel's burial site first and is relieved to find it intact. While approaching the site, Max is suddenly injected with a sedative from behind. Quickly losing consciousness, Max tries extremely hard to shout a warning to Chloe. Chloe realizes there is a threat and attempts to attack but is shot in the head first. Witnessing this, Max attempts to rewind but fails. Mark Jefferson's face becomes visible as Max loses consciousness.