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This article is a script for Episode 5: Polarized.

Dark Room Edit

Max wakes up tied to a chair in the Dark Room.

Max (thinking): Chloe...? What? Where? The Dark Room...

Max: Is anybody out there?! Please, help!

Max successfully detaches her right foot from the chair.

Max (thinking): Finally! I'm free! Almost...

Max uses her foot to pull the trolley in front of her. She then looks at a photo Jefferson took of her.

Max (thinking): I hate looking at myself like that. You'll pay for this, Jefferson.

Max focuses on the photo

Max (thinking): I promised I would never go back in time like this again... But this is the only way...

Photo session Edit

Max wakes up lying on the ground with her hand tied, while Mr.Jefferson takes pictures of her.

Mr.Jefferson: This angle highlights your purity, see? The slightly unconscious model is often the most open and honest. No vanity or posing just... pure expression.

Mr.Jefferson moves Max's leg

Mr.Jefferson: Oh Christ... Look at that perfect face.

Max attempts to move her head

Mr.Jefferson: (Shouts) Hold that stare there! Stay still!

Mr.Jefferson continues to take pictures

Mr.Jefferson: Oh, Max! You fucked up my shot! But please don't worry, we have all the time in the world. For now. I knew you were special the second I saw your first "selfie". Yes, I still hate that word. But I love the purity of your own image. Not like Rachel, who was always looking in the wrong places. Poor Rachel. Wait... Let me try this angle.

Mr.Jefferson steps over Max and continues to take pictures.

Mr.Jefferson: Don't Move!

Mr.Jefferson positions Max's shoulder.

Mr.Jefferson: Much better... Thanks, Max. If only Nathan could see this setup. He tried so hard, but you can't just throw a few subjects around and expect a cohesive style or theme. But he had an eye for shadows. And an eye for a whole lot more, as his elite family will find out... along with Arcadia Bay.

Mr.Jefferson positions Max's head.

Mr.Jefferson: Nice... Good... Oh, those eyes...

Mr.Jefferson positons Max's shoulder.

Mr.Jefferson: It's just too bad you're so goddamn nosy, Max! But this room... is under 24/7 surveillance, so all I had to do was text you from Nathan's phone, and you fell right into my hands. You really should have focused on schoolwork, not "private detecting" with your little friend.

Max: Chloe...

Mr.Jefferson: Chloe, right. Yeah, I'm sorry I killed—that Nathan killed her in self-defence.

But she had a troubled history like most Arcadia Bay drop-outs. Nobody will be surprised, or care. Though I promise... people will care when you die tonight, Max. I wasn't lying when I said you have a gift.

Mr.Jefferson crouches to take photos.

Mr.Jefferson: Okay. Now, this looks good. Maybe a few more close-ups...

Max moves her head.

Mr.Jefferson: Max, please do not move so much. I need you posed and framed my way! Maybe a new dose will calm you down...

Max: No, no... no...

Mr.Jefferson: Now don't move, or this will... hurt... much.

Max kicks the trolley and breaks the vials of drugs.

Mr.Jefferson: Stupid bitch!!! You just don't listen, do you? In fact, you never did hear much in my class... If you had, you might have seen all this coming. Goddamn, you are a fighter, though. I've had my eye on you, and I have noticed that you've been more fearless this week than maybe your whole life. Remember my number one rule. Always... take... the shot.

Mr.Jefferson injects the needle into Max.

Present time Edit

Max (thinking): Oh Jesus... I can't believe that happened. So sick.

If Victoria is in the Darkroom.

Victoria: Mhh—hmm...

Optional Conversation with Victoria

Max: Victoria? Hey, Victoria... it's Max. Can you hear me?

Victoria: Max... Oh God, where are we? What's happening?

Max: You've been drugged and kidnapped like Kate... and me. Do you remember how you got here?

Victoria: No... I don't know... Wait... You warned me. You warned me about Nathan. Then I went to Jefferson for help, and he was acting so weird... That's the last thing I remember. And I can't move my hands! Help me, Max! Please, I'm sorry for everything!

Max: Listen carefully, Mark Jefferson kidnapped us. He's using Nathan as well. Jefferson is very dangerous, so we have to get out of here before he comes back.

Victoria: Max... I just can't believe this is real. I don't want to die like this! I'm only 18!


Max: Sssh, Victoria! We don't want to bring Jefferson back... Please... let me think...

Victoria: Are you kidding! We're fucking trapped! Max: I know, I know... but we have to stay focused.

-"Nobody is going to die."=<h5 style="display:none">"Nobody is going to die."</h5><blockquote>'''Max:''' Just hold on, Victoria. Nobody is going to die... anymore.

Victoria: Max, what's going on? I thought you said Nathan was dangerous, but it was actually Mark? Mr.Jefferson?

Max: I was wrong. I should have known that Nathan couldn't do this all on his own.

Victoria: Do what? What's going to happen to us? Oh, please get us out of here!

-"I have a plan."=<h5 style="display:none">"I have a plan."</h5><blockquote>'''Max: '''Victoria... please listen... I have a plan.

Victoria: Really? How? Max... I'm so scared.

Max: So am I. But we don't have time to be scared. We have to fight back... now.

Victoria: Max... I can't even move my arms... How are we supposed to fight?

Max: I'm not going to let that asshole get away with this. I just... I need you to be strong. I can't do this alone. We need to act while we're clear-headed. If he doses us again, we'll forget everything.

"Kate is alive"
Victoria: 'I'm not strong, Max. Look at me... look what I did to Kate Marsh Now she's in the hospital... and I'm here.

"Kate is dead"
Victoria: Then Kate Marsh was telling the truth. Even though I knew she wasn't lying... and I could have helped her, Max. But I hurt her. Now it's... it's my turn.

"We're both here."
Max: We're both here, okay?

Victoria: I just can't believe this is happening... that Jefferson would do this to me... to us..."

"We'll see her again. (Kate alive.)"
Max: Kate wants us to get the hell out of here... and then we can both go see her again...okay?

Victoria: I'd do anything to see Kate once more... Just to tell her I'm sorry.

"That's bullshit. (Kate dead.)"
Max: That's bullshit. Nathan and Jefferson killed Kate. And she deserves justice...

Max: Victoria, we will find a way to escape. I promise.

Victoria: Max... I believe you.

Max notices a photo of her.

Max (thinking): Whoa... I am definitely more awake in this photo... I could try this one.

Max focuses on the photo.

Max (thinking): This might work. Please work...

Awake photo session Edit

Max is still tied up in her chair while Mr.Jefferson takes photos of her.

Mr.Jefferson: I'm getting some spectacular images here, Max. Yes, Victoria would kill to be in your place. But... she doesn't understand our... connection. You're the winner, Max. I choose you... your portrait.

Max: Fuck you.

Mr.Jefferson: You're trying too hard. I know you're scared... You all have the same doe-eyed look when you wake up here. Replaced by fear as you realize what's about to happen.

Max: Mr.Jefferson, why are you doing this?

Mr.Jefferson: Oh, Max... I'm so glad you asked that question. Simply put, I'm obsessed with the idea of capturing that moment innocence evolves into corruption. That shift from black to white to grey and beyond. Most models are cynical. They lose that naivité. However, some of Blackwell's students carry their hope and... optimism with them like... an aura. And those lucky few become my models... my subjects.

Max: Yes, you're a psychopath. And this is your last session.

Mr.Jefferson: Au contraire, Max. I'm so sane, that Nobody knows what's happening to you right now.

If Victoria is kidnapped:

Mr.Jefferson: As you can see, Sleeping Beauty here is too harsh for my gentle lens. And don't get me started on your late partner. I had enough of those faux-punk sluts in my Seattle days.

You killed Chloe
Max: You killed Chloe! You murdered my best friend.

Mr.Jefferson: She had a loaded weapon. This was clearly self-defence. But that's what happens when you play with guns... or try to fuck with me.

Go to hell.
Max: Go to hell. You will, for everybody you've hurt.

Mr.Jefferson: Unlike pure, sweet, Kate Marsh, I don't believe in that bullshit. She could have been my masterpiece. The world is what an artist makes it... and my muse--

Blah blah blah.
Max: Blah. blah blah... God, I hate your voice now.

Mr.Jefferson: You might as well savour it, considering it's the last you'll hear. Oh... that struck a nerve. Your face changed colour... beautiful.

Kate survived. (Kate alive.)
Max: Kate believed, and she survived. You failed to break her. She's stronger than ever. And she'll outlive you.

Mr.Jefferson: She'll certainly outlive you. Who knows? Maybe I'll pay Kate a visit soon and test her faith again... .

Artists don't kill. (Kate dead.)
Max: Artists don't drive teenagers to suicide for any bullshit muse. You trained Nathan to drug Kate... to take photos of her. That's why she's dead.

Mr.Jefferson: Which makes me sad, Max. I will miss her... Kate had such a strong spirit... it was very satisfying to break it down.

Max: You will not get away with this. I want you to know that.

Blamed Jefferson.
Jefferson: When you told the principal that I made Kate cry, I thought you almost had me. It's good our esteemed Principal Wells is like most administrators... a closet drunk.

Blamed David. (Kate alive.)
Jefferson: Then why did you blame David Madsen for stalking Kate? Of course, he was the only person who was about to find out the truth.

Blamed Nathan.
Jefferson: Too bad you already made a convincing argument against Nathan in the Principal's office. Thank you so much, for setting him up for me.

Jefferson: I do know that the Prescotts are going to have a major scandal when the town finds out what their elite son has been doing for homework.

You used Nathan:

Max: You used Nathan

Jefferson: I prefer the term "manipulated." Like with an image... Nathan's was easy to twist around.

He's as sick as you:

Max: He's as sick as you.

Jefferson: Don't judge people, Max. But that's why Nathan never should have been at Blackwell...

You didn't care:

Max: You didn't care about him.

Jefferson: You're wrong again. He was genuinely talented. And his father is a serious asshole as you might know...

Max: I know.

That makes two:

Max: That makes two of you.

Jefferson: I helped Nathan realize his vision... So few people get the chance.

Max: You brainwashed him!

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