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This article is a script for Episode 5: Polarized.

Dark Room Edit

Max wakes up tied to a chair in the Dark Room. If Max warned Victoria about the Dark Room in the previous episode, she will be lying on the floor to Max's left, unconscious.

Max: (thinking) Chloe...? What? Where? The Dark Room...

Max: (shouting) Is anybody out there?! Please, help!

Optional Conversation with Victoria

Max: [turns to Victoria, panicked] Victoria...wake up. (fervently) Wake up!

Victoria groans but doesn't wake up.

Max successfully detaches her right foot from the chair.

Max: (thinking) Finally! I'm free! Almost...

Max uses her foot to pull the trolley in front of her. She then looks at a photo Jefferson took of her.

Max (thinking): I hate looking at myself like that. You'll pay for this, Jefferson.

Max focuses on the photo.

Max (thinking): I promised I would never go back in time like this again... But this is the only way...

First Focus Edit

Jefferson: (during the focus) Oh, that's great... Oh, Max...

Max wakes up lying on the ground with her hands tied, while Mr. Jefferson takes pictures of her.

Jefferson: This angle highlights your purity, see? The slightly unconscious model is often the most open and honest. No vanity or posing just...pure expression.

Jefferson moves Max's leg

Mr. Jefferson: Oh Christ... Look at that perfect face.

Max attempts to move her head, and Jefferson smacks her back into position.

Jefferson: (shouting) Hold that stare there! (angrily) Stay still!

Jefferson continues to take pictures. Max whimpers and tries to move.

Jefferson: (shouting angrily) Oh, Max! You fucked up my shot! (calmly) But please don't worry, we have all the time in the world. For now. I knew you were special the second I saw your first..."selfie". Yes, I still hate that word. But I love the purity of your own image. Not like Rachel, who was always looking in the wrong places. Poor Rachel. Wait... Let me try this angle.

Jefferson steps over Max and continues to take pictures.

Jefferson: Don't move!

Jefferson positions Max's shoulder.

Jefferson: Oh, much better... Thanks, Max. If only Nathan could see this setup. He tried so hard, but you can't just throw a few subjects around and expect a cohesive style or theme. But he had an eye for shadows. And an eye for a whole lot more, as his elite family will find out...along with Arcadia Bay.

Jefferson positions Max's head.

Jefferson: Nice... Good... Oh, those eyes...

Jefferson positions Max's shoulder again.

Jefferson: It's just too bad you're so goddamn nosy, Max! But, this under 24/7 surveillance, so all I had to do was text you from Nathan's phone, and you fell right into my hands. You really should have focused on schoolwork, not "private detecting" with your little...friend.

Max: Chloe...

Jefferson: Chloe, right. Yeah, I'm sorry I killed—that Nathan killed her in self-defense. But she had a troubled history like most Arcadia Bay dropouts. Nobody will be surprised...or care. Though I promise...people will care when you die tonight, Max. I wasn't lying when I said you have a gift.

Jefferson crouches to take photos.

Jefferson: Okay... Now, this looks good. Maybe a few more close-ups...

Max moves her head, and Jefferson stands up again.

Jefferson: Max, please do not move so much. I need you posed and framed my way! Maybe a new dose will calm you down...

Max: No, no... No...

Max whimpers and struggles as Jefferson drags the trolley over.

Jefferson: [fills the syringe with drugs from a vial] Now don't move, or this will...hurt...much.

Max kicks the trolley away and the vials of drugs fall, one breaking and spilling liquid over a folder.

Jefferson: (shouting angrily) Stupid bitch! You just don't listen, do you? (threateningly) In fact, you never did hear much in my class; if you had, you might have seen all this coming.

Jefferson crouches down next to Max.

Jefferson: (admiringly) Goddamn, you are a fighter, though. I've had my eye on you, and I have noticed that you've been more...fearless this week than maybe your whole life.

Max struggles and shakes her head.

Max: (mumbling quietly) No...

Jefferson: Remember my number one rule. Always...take...the shot.

Jefferson injects the needle into Max. She struggles and cries out, then goes limp as she falls unconscious.

After the Focus Edit

Max: (thinking) Oh, Jesus... I can't believe that happened. So sick.

If Victoria is in the Dark Room, Max glances at her as she groans and starts to stir.

Optional Conversation with Victoria

Max: [turns to Victoria] Victoria? Hey,'s Max. Can you hear me?

Victoria: Max... [panicked, on the verge of tears] Oh, God, where—where are we? Oh, what's happening?

Max: You've been drugged and kidnapped like Kate...and me. Do you remember how you got here?

Victoria: [panicked, on the verge of tears] No... I don't know... Wait... You warned me. You warned me about Nathan. Then I went to Jefferson for help, and he was acting so weird... That's the last thing I remember. And I can't move my hands! (crying, panicky) Help me, Max! Please, I'm sorry for everything!

Max: Listen carefully, Mark Jefferson kidnapped us. He's using Nathan as well. Jefferson is very dangerous, so we have to get out of here before he comes back.

Victoria: (crying) Max... I just can't believe this is real. I don't want to die like this! I'm only 18!

I have a plan.

Max: Victoria...please, listen...I have a plan.

Victoria: Really? How? Max...I'm so scared.

Max: So am I. But...we don't have time to be scared. We have to fight

Victoria: (crying) Max...I can't even move my arms... How are we supposed to fight?


Max: Ssh, Victoria! We don't want to bring Jefferson back... Please...let me think...

Victoria: Are you kidding?! We're fucking trapped!

Max: I know, I know...but we have to stay focused.

Nobody is going to die...

Max: Just hold on, Victoria. Nobody is gonna die...anymore.

Victoria: Max, what's going on? I thought you said Nathan was dangerous, but it was actually Mark? Mr. Jefferson?

Max: I was wrong. [sighs] I should have known that Nathan couldn't do all this on his own.

Victoria: Do what? What's going to happen to us? Oh, please get us out of here!

Max: I'm not going to let that asshole get away with this. I just... I need you to be strong. I can't do this alone. We need to act while we're clear-headed. If he doses us again, we'll forget everything.

(Kate is alive)

Victoria: I'm not strong, Max. Look at me... Look what I did to Kate Marsh... Now she's in the hospital, and I'm here.

We're both here.

Max: We're both here, okay?

Victoria: I just can't believe this is happening... That Jefferson would do this to us...

We'll see her again.

Max: Kate wants us to get the hell out of here...and then we can both go see her again, okay?

Victoria: I'd do anything to see Kate once more...just to tell her I'm sorry.

(Kate is dead)

Victoria: Then Kate Marsh was telling the truth... Even though I knew she wasn't lying... And I could've helped her Max...but I hurt her. (crying) Now it's—it's my turn.

We're both here.

Max: We're both here, okay?

Victoria: I just can't believe this is happening... That Jefferson would do this to us...

That's bullshit.

Max: That's bullshit. Nathan and Jefferson killed Kate. And she deserves justice...

Max: Victoria, we will find a way to escape. I promise.

Victoria: Max...I believe you.

Max looks at another photo of herself on the trolley.

Max: (thinking) Whoa... I—I'm definitely more awake in this photo... I could try this one.

Max focuses on the photo.

Max: (thinking) This might work. Please work...

Second Focus Edit

Jefferson: (during the focus) So (...) So innocent...

Max is still tied up in her chair while Mr.Jefferson takes photos of her from behind a camera mounted on a tripod.

Jefferson: I'm getting some spectacular images here, Max. Yes, Victoria would kill to be in your place, but...she doesn't understand our...connection. You're the winner, Max. I choose you...your portrait.

Max: Fuck you.

Jefferson: You're trying too hard. I know you're scared... You all have the same doe-eyed look when you wake up here. Replaced by fear as you realize what's about to happen.

Max: Mr. Jefferson, why are you doing this?

Jefferson steps away from the tripod and approaches Max.

Jefferson: Oh, Max... I'm so glad you asked that question. Simply put, I'm obsessed with the idea of capturing that moment innocence evolves into corruption. That shift from black, to white, to grey, and beyond... Most models are cynical. They...lose that naiveté. However, some Blackwell students carry their hope and...optimism with them aura. And those lucky few become my subjects.

Max: Yes, you're a psychopath. And this is your last session.

Jefferson: Au contraire, Max. I'm so sane, that nobody knows what's happening to you right now.

(Victoria was kidnapped)

Jefferson: As you can see, Sleeping Beauty here is too harsh for my gentle lens.

Jefferson: And don't get me started on your late partner. I had enough of those faux-punk sluts in my Seattle days.

You killed Chloe.

Max: (angrily) You killed Chloe! You murdered my best friend.

Jefferson: She had a loaded weapon. This was clearly self-defense; but that's what happens when you play with guns...or try to fuck with me. It's better when they don't pure...sweet...Kate.

Go to hell.

Max: Go to hell. You will, for everybody you've hurt.

Jefferson: Unlike pure, sweet Kate Marsh, I don't believe in that bullshit. She could have been my masterpiece. The world is what an artist makes it...and my muse—

Blah blah blah.

Max: Blah, blah, blah... God, I hate your voice now.

Jefferson: You might as well savor it, considering it's the last you'll hear. Oh... [chuckles] That struck a nerve. Your face changed color...beautiful.

Kate survived. (Kate is alive)

Max: Kate believed, and she survived. You failed to break her. She's stronger than ever. And she'll outlive you.

Jefferson: She'll certainly outlive you. [chuckles] Who knows? Maybe I'll pay Kate a visit soon and test her faith again... .

Artists don't kill. (Kate is dead)

Max: Artists don't drive teenagers to suicide for any bullshit muse. You trained Nathan to drug take photos of her. That's why she's dead.

Jefferson: Which makes me sad, Max. I will miss her... Kate had such a strong was very satisfying to break it down.

Max: (angrily) You will not get away with this. I want you to know that.

(Blamed Jefferson)

Jefferson: When you told the principal that I made Kate cry, I thought you almost had me. It's good our esteemed Principal Wells is like most administrators...a closet drunk.

(Blamed David)

Jefferson: Then why did you blame David Madsen for stalking Kate? Of course, he was the only person who was about to find out the truth. Irony.

(Blamed Nathan)

Jefferson: Too bad you already made a convincing argument against Nathan in the Principal's office. Thank you so much for setting him up for me.

Jefferson: I do know that the Prescotts are going to have a major scandal when the town finds out what their elite son has been doing for homework...

You used Nathan.

Max: You used Nathan..

Jefferson: I prefer the term "manipulated." Like with an image... Nathan's was easy to twist around.

You used Nathan.

Max: He's as sick as you.

Jefferson: Don't...judge people, Max. But that's why Nathan never should have been at Blackwell...

You didn't care.

Max: You didn't care about him.

Jefferson: You're wrong again. He was genuinely talented. And his father is a serious asshole, as you might know...

Max: I know.

That makes two.

Max: That makes two of you.

Jefferson: I helped Nathan realize his vision... So few people get that chance...

Max: You brainwashed him!

Jefferson: I become a sort of...father figure for Nathan. It happens often in teacher/student relationships. It was kind of...touching, for a while.

Max: Did you tell him everything about your plans at Blackwell?

Jefferson: Don't be stupid, Max. I told him what he needed to hear. In return, I had the Prescott fortune; who do you think paid for this glorious dark room and equipment? How else could I get all these hip, new drugs for my subjects?

Max: Rachel Amber was your victim, not your "subject".

Jefferson: (quietly) Oh...Rachel Amber... Hm. (normally) That's the real tragedy. Nathan thought he could be an artist like me...instead, the dumbass gave her an overdose.

Why Rachel?

Max: Why Rachel?

Jefferson: I don't have time to tell you everything. But she... was special. A human chameleon... So many visual possibilities... We had a real connection.

She let you take pictures?

Max: Did she let you... take pictures of her?

Jefferson: Rachel was in love with me. That's not my ego. Just look at our sessions. Not that I'll let you. Nobody loved having their picture taken more.

Did you know Frank?

Max: Did you know she also had a connection with Frank?

Jefferson: Let's be honest, she was doing the classic "bad boy" thing. She was over Frank before it began. He just didn't know.

Chloe and Rachel.

Max: Chloe and killed both of them!

Jefferson: They're fucking together in heaven right now. Is that what you wanna hear?

Max: Why? Why?!

Jefferson: (mockingly) "Why? [sniffles] Why?" (angrily) Start listening to me, you dumb cunt! (normally) I'm sorry, Max. [chuckles] That was not cool.

Jefferson: Anyway, Rachel is dead. But no tears, Los Angeles would've killed her anyway, so, look at this as a favor.

Max: You're evil.

(Max stopped Warren from beating Nathan)

Jefferson: Oh, I see; you're "good" because you stopped your friend from beating Nathan up.

(Warren beat up Nathan)

Jefferson: Oh, I see... You and your friends almost beat Nathan to death. You see, we're not so different.

Max: Yes, yes we are.

Max: I cared more about Nathan than you did.

Jefferson: (angrily) No! You didn't. It's just too bad he fell in lust with Rachel; he actually thought he could mimic what I do with a camera and subject; like father, but not like son.

Max: Where is Nathan now?

Jefferson: Dead and buried. After what he did to Rachel, I knew I couldn't keep him as a protégé for much longer. Now the police will never find his body... Do you finally get it now, Max? I can't compromise my vision with amateurs.

Max: You are an amateur. Look at the trail of death you've left behind. You can't blame all this on Nathan! I don't care what you do to me. You're gonna die, motherfucker! For Chloe, and Rachel, and everybody else!

Jefferson: I do love your spirit, Max, but you brought yourself here, by your own choice. Anyway, I like my models to be seen and not I have to make sure...there's nothing left behind...of you.

Jefferson goes over to the camera tripod.

Jefferson: Okay. Now, let's see how these shots came out. I can see why an instant camera is so appealing. [goes to the shelf and turns on stereo] You don't need a computer to print your work out.

Jefferson goes to the back of the Dark Room to work on the photos.

Jefferson's Comments About the Photos

Jefferson: Oh, now this one... This is purity personified...

Jefferson: Max...I wish you could see yourself now...

Max's Comments to Herself

Max: (thinking) Sorry. This is not art...

Max: (thinking) Come on, Max... Think, girl!

Max looks at her journal in the corner.

Max: (thinking) I have all those photos in my diary... This could be a way out.

Max rewinds and speaks to Jefferson as he turns to leave.

Max: Wait! Please, Mr Jefferson...

Jefferson: Max... [turns around to face her] I would love to talk shop, but I really need to go over these pictures. Especially while they're fresh in my mind... I think our session...was a career high for me...

Let me go.

Max: Let me go and I'll help you. Let me help you, please...

Jefferson: Don't beg! Never beg. I hate that. Anyway, let's enjoy our final moment, before I have to end our memorable session, with your death.

Show me the photos.

Max: Could you... Could you show me the photos?

Jefferson: That's the first time one of my models down here has asked me that. Of course you would... But I love that you'll ever see is yourself through my camera eye. Too perfect.

What are you going to do?

Max: What... What are you going to do to me?

Jefferson: I'm going to make you live forever in my photographs. That's all that will be left of Maxine Caulfield. They won't even find your bag...

My diary. (Max looked at diary)

Max: still have my diary.

Jefferson: Don't worry...nobody's going to read it. Thanks for reminding me.

Jefferson approaches Max's journal and picks it up.

Jefferson: There's nothing more innocent than a teenager's diary. Oh...look at your selfies. What a waste of talent.

Jefferson throws Max's journal to the floor and it opens to a page with a selfie of Max in the photography classroom.

Jefferson: Look at that shot, Max... You can do so much better.

Jefferson walks away, turns on the stereo, and returns to looking at his photos of Max. Max looks down at her diary and focuses on her selfie.

Photography Lab Edit

Victoria: (during focus) ...hopeless faces. You feel, like, totally haunted by the eyes of those sad mothers and children.

Jefferson: I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation. Sh, sh, sh. I believe Max has taken what you kids call a "selfie". A dumb word (in background as Max thinks to herself) for a wonderful photographic tradition. And Max...has a gift. Of course as you all know...

Max: (thinking) I'm back... Right back where I started this insane week... And nobody is going to hurt Chloe ever again...

Jefferson: ...the photo portrait has been popular since the early 1800s. Your generation was not the first to use images for "selfie-expression". Sorry. I couldn't resist. The point remains that the portraiture has always been a vital aspect of art, and photography, for as long as it's been around. Now, Max, since you've captured our interest and clearly want to join the conversation, can you please tell us the name of the process that gave birth to the first self-portraits?

A real visionary.

Max: The Daguerreian Process. He was a real visionary...not a hypocrite.

Jefferson: Uh... [chuckles awkwardly] What do you mean by that?

Max: I mean that he actually created something. He didn't just take pictures of models and pretend they were art.

Victoria turns in her seat to glare at Max, resting her arm on the back of her chair.

Jefferson: I'm not sure I get the connection, but... Uh...yes. The Daguerreian Process made portraiture hugely popular, mainly because it gave the subjects clear, defined features. You can learn more when you actually finish reading the assigned chapters. Max has...clearly read more into them than...I have.

Daguerreian Process.

Max: The Daguerreian Process.

Jefferson: Oh. Well...that was easy, Max.

Max: Was it? [scoffs] Okay.

Victoria turns in her seat to glare at Max, resting her arm on the back of her chair.

Jefferson: Well...uh... Okay, then. So, uh, the Daguerreian Process made portraiture hugely popular, mainly because it gave the subjects clear, defined features. You can learn more when you actually finish reading the assigned chapters. Obviously...Max has read them.

Not "capturing."

Max: I'm not into "capturing" your interest. That's kind of sick, isn't it?

Jefferson: Uh... [chuckles awkwardly] I guess somebody hasn't had their coffee... Do you wanna try again?

Max: Okay, okay, the Daguerreian Process. [scoffs] Blah, blah, blah.

Victoria turns in her seat to glare at Max, resting her arm on the back of her chair.

Jefferson: Let's...let's move on, hm? Uh, anyway, so the Daguerreian Process made portraiture quite popular, mainly because it gave the subjects clear, defined features. You can learn more when you finish reading the assigned chapters.

Who cares?

Max: Who cares? This class is hella bullshit.

Jefferson: I'll pretend you didn't say that, and let you try to answer one more...

Max: Sorry, there's no time left. I mean, your class is almost over.

Victoria turns in her seat to glare at Max, resting her arm on the back of her chair.

Jefferson: Oh... Well, uh... Thanks for the warning, Max. So, the Daguerreian Process made portraiture quite popular, mainly because it gave the subjects clear, defined features. You can learn more when you finish reading the assigned chapters. Clearly, Max doesn't have the, uh...time.

The school bell rings and the students begin collecting their things and leaving the room.

Jefferson: And, guys, don't forget the deadline to submit a photo in the "Everyday Heroes" (in background as Max thinks to herself) contest. I'll fly out...

Max: (thinking) Time to change time...

Jefferson: ...with the winner to San Francisco where you'll be feted by the (in background as Max thinks to herself) art world. It's great exposure and it can kickstart a career in photography. So...

Max: (thinking) First, let's make it real easy to capture Mark Jefferson.

Jefferson: ...Stella and Alyssa, get it together. Taylor, don't hide, I'm still waiting for your entry too. And, yes, Max, I see you pretending not to see me.

Max: (thinking) Bastard. I have to warn David about Jefferson and the Dark Room.

Max searches her bag and finds a pamphlet for Blackwell.

Max: (thinking) [sighs] I should be able to track down David's number from the school pamphlet.

Max flips through the pages until she finds David's number.

Max: (thinking) Found you!

Max takes out her phone to text David.

Max: (thinking) For once, David...I'm praying you'll overreact to this as much as everything else...and take Jefferson down fast.

Max (SMS): Mr. Madsen. You're after Rachel Amber. Mark Jefferson is guilty. His Dark Room is under the Prescotts' farmhouse. You know the location. He's sick and dangerous. Stop him.

Max deletes her message after sending it and puts her phone in her pocket.

Max: (thinking) You wanted me to enter the contest, asshole.

Max grabs her bag and gets up from her seat.

Max: (thinking) So maybe I'll be going to San Francisco. And,'ll be going to prison.

Max's nose starts bleeding and she wipes the blood away.

Max: (thinking) The past within the past... [sighs] Am I pushing myself too hard?

Optional Conversation with Kate

Max approaches Kate and Kate looks up at her.

Max: Hi, Kate...

Kate: Oh... Hey, Max.

Max: Kate, listen to me...

Kate: I am.

Max: Always remember that you're not alone. I've got your back, no matter what happens. So do a lot of other people. We all care. We're all here for you. You need to know that.

Kate: Max... That makes me feel so blessed for the first time this week... I...I don't know what to say...

Max: That's okay, neither do I. Maybe we could both use a hug.

Kate gets up and she and Max hug.

Kate: Thanks. You always know the right thing to do.

Kate returns to her desk.

Conversation with Jefferson and Victoria

Max: [crosses her arms] Mr. Jefferson? We need to talk.

Jefferson: Uh—

Victoria: Can you see I'm talking to Mr. Jefferson now?

(Victoria was kidnapped)

Max: Yes, I see. But maybe you shouldn't...

Victoria: Uh, and why not?

Jefferson: Hold on, Victoria. Are you okay, Max?

Max: I will be when Victoria realizes that hiding behind a screen, posting videos of people is incredibly cruel and unfair. You're smart enough to know how easy it is to hurt somebody, to destroy their life. I just want you to think about how much it would hurt if somebody did that to you. You can always make the right choice, Victoria. I know you've got a good heart. I've seen it.

Victoria: Listen...I...I didn't...

Max: You don't have to explain. There's no reason for you to be so insecure you can't be happy with your own talent. Wouldn't it be better to lift people up than to bring them down? You could inspire people...

Victoria: Okay, I don't know what you're talking about now... Do I, Mr. Jefferson?

Jefferson: I think I should stay out of this one, Victoria.

Victoria: [crosses her arms] Then I guess I'm done talking.

Max: And that's okay too.

Victoria leaves the classroom.

Jefferson: That was kind of random, Max. What did you mean?

(Victoria wasn't kidnapped)

Max: I can see you're kissing ass again. Nothing new.

Victoria: What did you just say?!

Jefferson: Hold on, Victoria. Are you okay, Max?

Max: Not until Victoria knows that hiding behind a screen and posting videos of people is totally fucked up. You know how easy it is to hurt somebody, to destroy their life? Are you proud of yourself? If you have any feelings left, you should think about your actions.

Victoria: Listen... [scoffs] I—I didn't...

Max: Of course you did! You're so insecure, you can't even be happy with your own talent. You have to try and bring everybody down to your mean and ugly lev—

Victoria: Okay, (angrily) I do not have to listen to this bullshit... Do I, Mr. Jefferson?

Jefferson: Well, it looks like you already did, Victoria.

Victoria: [crosses her arms] Then I guess I'm...done talking.

Max: I sure hope so.

Victoria leaves the classroom.

Jefferson: [chuckles] I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy that, but...why?

Max takes her selfie out and hands it to Jefferson.

Max: Here's my photograph for the "Everyday Heroes" contest.

Jefferson: Oh, uh... That was easy.

Max: No... It wasn't easy at all.

Jefferson: Well, I, uh... I—I can't pre-judge yet, but I'm very...happy you decided to enter. That means a lot to me...and Blackwell. The—the first step for any artist is to put themselves out there, in the world, without fear. To be...innocent.

Max: Or guilty.

Jefferson: Uh... [chuckles awkwardly] Well... Thanks...for the photo. Maybe both of us will be jet-setting to San Francisco this Friday.

Max: Or maybe only one of us will be going.

Jefferson: Don't be so modest, Max. Anything can happen in a week...

Max: As you're going to find out, Mr. Jefferson.

A timestream montage shows Chloe in the bathroom with Nathan, Chloe and Max walking on the train tracks, a cop eating breakfast being replaced by several cops investigating the Dark Room, Kate crying in the hallway replaced by Kate and the principal watching Jefferson being arrested, Kate on the roof replaced by the police discovering Rachel's body, Max with Chloe after finding Rachel's body replaced by Max winning the contest, Jefferson killing Chloe replaced by Chloe helping Max pack for San Francisco, and Jefferson taking pictures of Max replaced by Max getting into a taxi to go the airport.

Plane Edit

Max wakes up on the plane. Principal Wells is asleep in the aisle seat next to her.

Max: (thinking) Whoa!

Max looks out the window at the wing of the plane.

Max: (thinking) Okay... You're okay, Max... You're safe...on a plane. I hope I did everything right this time.

Max leans forward to look at the newspaper in front of Wells. The headline says "Local Teacher Arrested!".

Max: (thinking) Good work, David.

Max takes her phone out of her pocket to check her text messages.


Chloe (SMS): i am so proud of my superstar

Chloe (SMS): this is just the start of your career

Max: Chloe... Oh, you're alive... Oh, you're alive. I did it... I fixed everything. Wowser.

Max puts her phone away again and relaxes in the seat.

Announcement: Please fasten your seat and stow any electronic gear until the plane is on the ground and at the gate. Thank you. We're starting our descent in a few minutes. It's a beautiful day in San Francisco with clear skies and a cool 60 degrees. We hope you enjoyed your trip, and we thank you very much for choosing PacificWest Air. Come fly with us anytime.

Principal Wells: (groaning) Ah, I don't think so. I'm hoping these airline seats get smaller so I won't have to fly at all anymore.

Conversation with Principal Wells

Max: How did you sleep?

Principal Wells: Hope I wasn't snoring out loud, Max...

Max: Just a bit.

Principal Wells: It's...been a tough week at Blackwell, so I hope you'll forgive me. Between Mr. Jefferson and the Prescotts, things have been...hectic, to say the least.

Max: I totally get it, Principal Wells.

Principal Wells: That's a smart way of telling me to stop whining. We are proud of you for representing Blackwell at the "Everyday Heroes" contest. I know I'm not exactly the guide you wanted in San Francisco. But we all want you to have a great experience here.

Max: I already am, and we're not even there.

Max's nose starts bleeding and she wipes away the blood.

Max: (thinking) Christ! Another nosebleed?'re not just screwing around with time...

The screen fades out. Another timestream montage appears: Max tied to a chair in the Dark Room is replaced by Max and Wells exiting the airport and getting into a taxi.

Zeitgeist Gallery Edit

Max walks slowly near the entrance of the gallery and stares in awe at the people and pictures. Principal Wells is talking to the woman at the front desk. Max approaches him and touches his arm to get his attention, and he turns to face her.

Max: San Francisco is so cool...and this gallery is huge!

Principal Wells: So is the buffet. If an event skimps on the food, you know it's a bad event.

Max: As long as I don't have to eat any caviar...

Principal Wells: This is your day, Max. You can do whatever you want. I hope you take advantage of your status and talk to as many influential people here as possible. Work the room.

Max: I don't know... I feel so weird, like I'm a little kid hanging with the adults.

Principal Wells: Max, after this week, you are certainly not a little kid anymore. In fact, you're a noteworthy adult being honored by your peers. Now, you have to start acting like the photographer you want to be. Hell, I wanted to be in charge of a big school someday, so I started taking charge of things when I was young. [chuckles] Ask my poor classmates... Max, I'm gonna eat up that caviar so you don't have to. Better get in there and start schmoozing. You know, I won't always be here to take charge. But you come talk to me, whenever you want.

Principal Wells pats Max on the back, then leaves and walks toward the buffet table.

Max: Come on, Max... After everything that's happened, this should be the least scary thing you've ever done.

Max: (thinking) Wowser, Max... You did it. Somehow... I went from the Dark this gallery. I've been through so many realities in one week. Life is...weird.

Optional Conversation with the Receptionist

Receptionist: Why, good morning! You must be Max Caulfield. Congratulations for your "Everyday Heroes" photo! The exhibition is quite impressive, especially with your entry.

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