The Life is Strange fandom is home to a lot of great artists who have created many outstanding, beautiful, cute, or funny fan art works. This article is meant to honor a few of them. You are welcome to post recommendations and explanations in the comment section.

Note: This article only features 2D art as that's the most comon type of fan art. For 3D art, see here.

404 Atelier Edit

Afterlaughs Edit

chin-chilla Edit

Everyday Box Edit

itoshiteru Edit


Lifeisfineandnothinghurts Edit

This artist also draws mini comics, such as Chloe's dream and a hospital ending.

summerfelldraws Edit

(Artist was re-contacted 16/09/2017 and will be choosing an art selection for Wiki hosting.)

yuriandtea Edit

Speed Painting Edit

[insert videos]

Permission Edit

We have permission from the listed artists above to feature their LiS fan art on the wiki as long as they are credited.

External Links Edit

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