Fan Music is a huge phenomenon among the Life is Strange fandom as the franchise's soundtrack can be seen as an atmospheric key element. The following is a list of Life is Strange-inspired music and artists.

You can find a navigation listing all our featured songs at the bottom of this page. Feel free to add other inspired songs and artists that aren't featured yet to this list.

Koethe Edit

Koethe Music

Source: Koethe on Tumblr

Koethe is a American songwriter who composes acoustic indie folk Life is Strange-inspired music. His songs are available for free download (you can find the download links below his YouTube videos). He composed two full albums called Time and A Light in a Dark Place featuring both his Life is Strange related and unrelated songs.
Blackwell Podcast Episode 21 - Koethe56:05

Blackwell Podcast Episode 21 - Koethe

Get to Meet Koethe on the Blackwell Podcast.

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Eduard Frolov EFG Edit

Eduard Frolov

Eduard Frolov EFG is a Latvian musical artist who composes acoustic Life is Strange-inspired tribute music. He is best known for his emotional melodies. He has collaborated with Koethe, Robyn Ardery and Riley Hawke for the vocals of some of his songs. Currently he is working with Faris Monshi on his next album. He composed an EP called "Price-Less Time" and a full-length album called "Endings", both consisting of his Life is Strange-inspired songs.

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Cristina Birkel/Riley Hawke Edit

Cristina Birkel is a American songwriter who composes indie Life is Strange-inspired music. In 2017 she started working under the artist name Riley Hawke. Under her new alias, she released an EP called Fragile Reality featuring all her Life is Strange-inspired songs. If you want to read more about her songs and how Life is Strange inspired them, click here.

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Campusanis Edit

Campusanis (Kevin[1]) is a German songwriter who composes indie-rock Life is Strange-inspired music and rock versions of the soundtrack.

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Faris Monshi Edit

Faris Monshi is a American musician covering and adding lyrics tracks from Life is Strange's soundtrack.

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Other Edit

Life is Strange Rap Edit

Dan Bull and Cammie Robinson performed a rap about Life is Strange.

LIFE IS STRANGE RAP Dan Bull & Cammie Robinson03:22

LIFE IS STRANGE RAP Dan Bull & Cammie Robinson

Remember Me Edit

Machinae Supremacy performed a song about Life is Strange called "Remember Me".

Life is Strange Remember Me05:45

Life is Strange Remember Me

Covers Edit

The following is a list of mentionable covers of Life is Strange's soundtrack:

Before the Storm:

  • No Below cover by Fontenele NXT

References Edit

  1. Evident from his Twitter profile

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