"I can't believe Rachel set that fire. I don't think she meant to. But I also don't think she...didn't mean to. Crazy that something so destructive can also be so beautiful. Or a fire that began in a trash can could grow to light up the entire sky. In conclusion, fire: pretty sweet."

Chloe Price's thoughts in "Brave New World"

The Forest Fire occurs at the end of Episode 1. Rachel Amber kicks a trash can with the burning photo of her father and herself on the ground and accidentally sets a nearby tree on fire. Fire is a leitmotif throughout the episode, alluding to the forest fire at the end of the episode. It is a constant and distant presence throughout Episode 2. In Episode 3, the two firefighters in the hospital mention that the fire has somehow extinguished itself.

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  • Chloe Price mentions that the people at the punk club are not concerned with fire when a gasoline canister is standing near a campfire.[1]
  • Looking at the campfire, Chloe says, "Some say the world will end in fire." This is the first line of the poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.
  • Chloe's T-shirt in Episode 1 that she is wearing when going to the Firewalk concert at the old mill; its logo shows a flame and says "City on Fire".
  • Chloe jokes that she wants to fill the fire extinguisher in David Madsen's garage with gasoline in case his car ever catches on fire.
  • Evan Harris's petitions for a fire council assembly.
  • The tabletop game boss, Duurgaron the Unscarred, is immune against fire.[2]
  • Rachel catching fire in Chloe's dream
  • William Price warning Chloe about fire and how it blinds people with its beauty.

Symbolism Edit

In many cultures, fire is seen as a supernatural force. For instance, the ancient Greeks believed fire had divine origins and maintained perpetual fires in front of their temples.[3]

Theories Edit

Each time Rachel screams, gusts of wind seem to surround her and the fire intensifies. This may imply that Rachel has supernatural powers.

When William warns Chloe about fire in Episode 2, it's heavily implied he's referring to Rachel and how she will eventually "burn" Chloe.

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