"Work hard, mustard big."

— Hawt Dawg Man

Hawt Dawg Man (sometimes referred to as Bob) is a recurring anthropomorphic hot dog throughout Life is Strange, originally seen as a figure in the alternative timeline in Chloe's bedroom. He also appears in the prequel game, Before the Storm, its bonus episode "Farewell" and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

He is featured in a videogame Max and Chloe used to play during their childhood years. He has become a common figure for fan art and merchandise. Hawt Dawg Man has also been the subject of many joke theories in the community. In Captain Spirit, he is featured in a game called "Hawt Dawg Man: Mustard Party 2".

Appearances Edit

Life is Strange Edit

  • He is seen on the entertainment shelf under the TV and next to a teddy bear in Chloe Price's bedroom in the alternative timeline.
  • He is seen on Max Caulfield's shirt in one of her alternative timeline selfies.
  • He is featured on a poster on the wall of Kate Marsh's hospital room (if she is still alive in "Dark Room").
  • He appears on an airplane screen in an alternative timeline in "Polarized".
  • He is featured on a photo in the Zeitgeist Gallery.
  • There is a calendar featuring Hawt Dawg Man in the general store that Max enters on her way to the Two Whales Diner.
  • There is a toy of Hawt Dawg Man on a shelf in the general store that Max enters on her way to the Two Whales Diner.

Before the Storm Edit

Bonus Episode - "Farewell" Edit

  • He is seen as the design on Chloe's kite in her backyard.

Captain Spirit Edit

  • He is the protagonist of a game called "Hawt Dawg Man: Mustard Party 2" on Charles Eriksen's phone.
  • He is seen in a comic book.
  • He is seen on a web page on Charles' laptop.

Trivia Edit

  • Hawt Dawg Man was created and designed by concept artist and illustrator Edouard Caplain.
  • His slogan is "Work hard, mustard big".
  • The Life is Strange Rewind and Play compact cassette, that was advertised on the Square Enix blog on April Fool's in 2016, features a bonus, dubbed "the never before heard Hawt Dawg Man theme song".[2]
  • A fan made a real Hawt Dawg Man figurine based off on the figurine shown in the alternative timeline, in Chloe's room.[3]
  • On one of the walls of the Blackwell Academy building in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, several graffiti can be seen. One of these graffiti reads "I Mustard Big", which is a possible reference to Hawt Dawg Man's slogan "Work hard, mustard big".
  • He is seen on a motif of the pre-purchase "Mascot bundle" bonus for Life is Strange 2.[4]

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