Due to the episodic nature of Life Is Strange, there are several inconsistencies throughout the game. The following page lists all inconsistencies, sorted by the episode they appear in.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit


Rachel's Future Edit

Rachel wanted to become a model. However, despite being a pretty girl, it is evident from her Missing Person posters that Rachel is 5'5 ft (165 cm) tall, which is too short for the modeling industry. Most successful female models are usually around 5'8 ft to 5'10 ft, which is just the average height for the industry.

Chloe car repairs

Chloe's Car RepairsEdit

Chloe's cost estimate for car repairs is signed and dated October 17th 2013, but Max finds and reads the invoice in Chloe's room on October 7th 2013.

Kate's PhotoEdit

If Max chooses to take a photo of Kate Marsh getting bullied by David Madsen instead of intervening, the photo will appear in Max's journal on page 16. However, when Max is in Chloe's room later in this episode, the photo examined by Chloe is completely different to the one that was taken. The pose of Kate in this photo matches the pose of a sketch of Kate on the same journal page.

Episode Three - "Chaos TheoryEdit

Nathan's Age Edit

Despite the fact that Max mentions Nathan is 19 in her journal entry about him, his school file states that he was born on August 29, 1995, making him 18 years old. This could be explained by Max simply being misinformed, as she did not know Nathan well beforehand.

Victoria's Age Edit

Victoria's birthday is listed as August 14, 1995 on her Blackwell Student Record, while her social media page says that it's November 14, 1995.

Rachel's Age Edit

Rachel's Missing Person Posters state that Rachel was 19, while her Blackwell Student Record originally stated that she was 18, born July 22, 1995. However, this contradiction was corrected with a patch update on January 19, 2016, which changed her year of birth to 1994.

Warren Student File

Warren's Age Edit

Warren's age is listed as 16 on his Blackwell Student Record, but the high school is specifically for seniors. The records are known to be unreliable, but there is a possibility that he has advanced a few grades due to his academic abilities. On the other hand, Chloe, for example, attended Blackwell three years ago, when she was still 16 years old, and many other students are known to attend Blackwell for a longer time period than one year. It also seems contradictory that Max writes in her journal that Warren is "her age", since they are two years apart by age.


Rachel's Sign Edit

In a note to Frank, found in Frank's RV, Rachel refers to herself as a Leo; presumably the star sign. However, her date of birth would classify her as a Cancer-Leo cusp, and not a true Leo.

Kate's Character Notes Edit

Max's character notes page for Kate Marsh will change in this episode, depending on whether Max manages to save her life or not. A new decal will appear on the page to cover the 'LiFE' graphic that was visible in the previous two episodes. However, there is currently an inconsistency with how these new graphics appear, due to the files being misnamed in the Unreal Engine packages (TX_Character_E3_Kate_SF, TX_Character_E4_Kate_SF, and TX_Character_E5_Kate_SF).

The sticker graphic that implies Kate is alive has been labelled Kate_scrapbook_dead, and the sticker graphic that implies that Kate is dead has been labelled Kate_scrapbook_alive. If Kate dies, the sticker graphic that appears after this consequence implies she is still alive ("Get Well Soon"). If Kate lives, the sticker graphic that appears implies that she has died ("Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone").[note 1]

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Nathan's Father Edit

Although we know that Nathan's father is named "Sean" on his Blackwell Academy report, other names seem to be listed. Sean Prescott's signature on Nathan's Best Son Certificate doesn't equal that on his School Report.

Chloe's Height Chart Edit

A number of inconsistencies exist between Chloe's height chart from the original timeline and her height chart in the alternative timeline:

Original Timeline Alternative Timeline
13 months 3 months
16 months 14 months
25 months 25 months
7.6.1996 7.6.2000
11.1.1998 2.1.2001
3.24.2000 2.24.2003
3.2_.0_ (partially illegible) 3.21.04
12.__.02 (partially illegible) 7.11.05
7.11.05 (partially illegible) 12.02.05

Nathan's Pills Edit


There is an online drugstore website left open on Nathan's computer at the time Max explores his room. The diet pills listed there are called Dexomine. In real life, however, Dexomine is a cough suppressant, and the correct name for diet pills would be Dexamine.

Episode Five - "PolarizedEdit

Frank's Tattoo Edit

Frank Inconsistency2

Episode 4 / Photo of Frank and Rachel / Episode 5

Though Frank never had a scar tattoo on his throat throughout the series, he clearly has one in the ending of episode 1 and Sacrifice Chloe ending while watching Chloe's funeral. Although it is possible he could have applied and removed a removable tattoo sticker, there's also a photo of Frank and Rachel Max can find in his RV in episode three, which clearly shows him with that tattoo again. This is very contradicting, but probably a design mistake.

Neonvault Edit

In the first episode, the photo editing software in Jefferson's class has a name NEONVAU. However, in all subsequent appearances, e.g in the Dark Room or during Max's nightmare, it is changed to NEONVAULT.

Notes Edit

  1. DONTNOD were made aware of this inconsistency on 29th March 2017. It is unknown if a patch will be released that fixes this issue.

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