Jack Cousteau is a local fisherman and former television personality. In 2013, he is a resident of Arcadia Bay and operates a small boat chartering business, taking clients out into the Pacific Ocean and providing information on local sea life. A brochure advertising his business can be found inside the Two Whales Diner in Episode 2. It reads as follows:


Now charter the legendary seaman for your own ocean voyage! Jack Cousteau & His Undersea Worlds!

You've seen him on TV! Read about him in the news!

A local captain, fisherman and marine expert with 30 years experience will take your group on a three hour tour of Arcadia Bay's lush and exotic aquatic kingdom. Jack will not only explain the importance of our marine life to the eco-system, he will even help you catch and prepare your own fish from the sea!

Daily & Weekly Excursions Rates: 75.00 - 125.00 For Further Details, Please visit Our Website:


  • His name is a reference to Jacques Cousteau, a French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water.

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