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The Japanese Release of Life is Strange (ライフ イズ ストレンジ) for the PlayStation and PC were announced by Square Enix on September 7, 2015. A Japanese Twitter account, a Japanese Instagram account, and a new Japanese website have been set up by Square Enix Japan. The full game was released on March 3, 2016. According to the official listing on Square Enix’s website, Life is Strange is priced at ¥4,800 (about 43$) in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.[1]

The Japanese version sold 11.5k copies on PS4 in its first week according to Famitsu[2] (Japanese video game magazine).

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ライフ イズ ストレンジ: シネマティックトレーラー

ライフ イズ ストレンジ: シネマティックトレーラー

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  • Although the DLC language pack is not listed on the Steam Store if your Steam region does not correspond to Japan, you can still manually "register" it to download and use outside of Japan by executing the Steam link "steam://install/425570", and the DLC will be added to your Life is Strange DLC list.

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