"On the ground! Now! Hands behind your head!"

— Matthews to Sean and Daniel Diaz in "Roads"

K. Matthews is a police officer at the Seattle P.D. in Life is Strange 2. He appears in the first episode, "Roads", where he accidentally shoots Esteban Diaz while attempting to resolve a situation and is subsequently killed himself after being thrown back by a shock wave. This leads to Sean Diaz fleeing the scene with his brother, Daniel Diaz, causing the events of the game.

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Matthews appears to be easily panicked, confused, and provoked to violence, which indicates that he may be inexperienced as a police officer.

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Matthews is a young man with close-cropped brown hair, blue eyes, and light freckles. He wears a Seattle P.D. uniform, which consists of a navy long-sleeved shirt decorated with badges, a black tie with a silver clip, navy pants, and grey leather boots, as well as a utility belt containing items such as handcuffs, a radio, and a gun.

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

The episode begins with found security footage from Matthews' police car. In it, Matthews can be heard stating that he has come across a 10-10 (fight in progress) while on his neighborhood patrol. After he exits his car, muffled panicked voices are heard off-screen culminating in a gunshot, and an apparent shock wave sends Matthews flying backwards across the screen as his car tips over.

Later on in the episode, K. Matthews arrives at the 1452, Lewis Avenue, where he finds Sean and Daniel Diaz standing over a paralyzed Brett Foster with fake blood splattered across his t-shirt. After ordering the brothers to step back, he checks Brett's condition before pulling his gun out and ordering the brothers to get on the ground. Shortly afterwards, Esteban Diaz emerges from the house and tries to reason with Matthews, but he refuses to listen and demands Esteban to get on the ground while threatening both him and the brothers with his gun. As Esteban attempts to get closer to his sons and Matthews becomes increasingly more anxious, he accidentally pulls the trigger, shooting and killing Esteban. Daniel screams, and a shock wave sends Matthews flying back before Sean's vision goes black. After Sean comes to, he sees Matthews sprawled and unmoving by his squad car.

Later on, while unpacking his supplies by a river at Mount Rainier National Park, Sean opens a newspaper article scrap detailing the incident in Seattle:

"A police officer was found dead next to the body of Esteban Diaz, 45, who was apparently shot by said officer. The only witness, a teenager, was knocked unconscious during the incident and remains in hospital. The details of the case are not clear while Diaz's two sons, Sean, 16[note 1], and Daniel, 9, are now wanted for questioning. Police believe that [...]"

Associated Deaths Edit

  • Esteban Diaz (Accidental) - While trying to get him to get on the ground, Matthews unintentionally pulled the trigger, accidentally killing him.
  • His own (Indirectly Caused, Accidental) - After unintentionally shooting Esteban Diaz, he is killed after being propelled backwards by a mysterious force wave (later revealed to be Daniel's telekinesis).

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  1. The snippet depicted in the release trailer showed Sean's age as 17.