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General Tasks

  • Missing articles?
  • Missing content?
  • Expanding articles
  • Interlinking articles
  • Adding templates
  • Adding categories
  • ...

Current Tasks

For current editor tasks, visit our To-do List. On this article, we differentiate between general editor tasks and pending decisions and tasks that are assigned to our staff.

Most relevant tasks:

Frequent taks:

  • Linking mentioned media to the respective Wikipedia articles using the {{Wiki}} template; relevant are Trivia sections on articles and the References or Easter Eggs articles.

Article Stubs

There are many articles that are unfinished and are either still almost empty or lacking content in certain areas/sections. These are marked as article stubs by a template and a respective category.

Life is Strange 2

If you want to focus on the currently releasing Life is Strange 2, you might want to check out these articles:

Personality and Appearance sections of the following characters still need to be filled:


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