"Drink up… it’s got electrolytes."

Max in Episode 2: Out of Time

Lisa the Plant
Biographical information
Cause of Death Drowned (determinant)
Dehydrated (determinant)
Personal information
Relatives Max Caulfield (owner)
Career information
Affiliation Max's Room,
Blackwell Academy
Game information
Appearance(s) Episode 1: Chrysalis
Episode 2: Out of Time
Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Episode 5: Polarized (Max's room between multiple realities)

Lisa the Plant is Max Caulfield's plant standing in her dorm room at Blackwell Academy. It is located on the left side of Max's room, in front of the windows, next to Max's desk and a shelf. A small panda plushie is attached to the top of the plant. Lisa is a minor gameplay element that you can interact with several times throughout the game, her well-being depending on your choices.

Max has the ability to water her plant in "Chrysalis" and "Out of Time". Her mother sends Max a text reminding her to water it, but not too often. In "Chaos Theory", two days later, the consequences of Max's choices show and the plant is either in good condition, dehydrated or drowned depending on the player's care.

Trivia Edit

  • When Max waters Lisa in Episode 2, she says, “Drink up… it’s got electrolytes”. The quote is a reference to the film Idiocracy.
  • During April Fool's in 2015, the Square Enix blog advertised a Lisa plant as official Life is Strange merchandise:
    "Now you too can make the choice to water the plant or not....just like Max! We wanted to offer a product that had consequences in order to replicate Life is Strange's gameplay mechanic and with the official plant we feel we've done just that!"[1]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Life is Strange official merchandise (April 1, 2015)

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