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Love is Strange (LISVN) is a fan visual novel and dating simulator based on Life is Strange that takes place in an alternate universe without the storm and the Dark Room events happening. Max Caulfield has been back in Arcadia Bay for more than a year and the player is able to romance Chloe Price, Rachel Amber, Kate Marsh, or Victoria Chase. It was released on April 1, 2016.

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In Love is Strange, you play as Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old in her second year at the prestigious Blackwell Academy in the sleepy seaside town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Max, who aspires to become a famous photographer, finds herself challenged by the prospect of entering a photography contest hosted by her school. To be able to enter the contest, she has to pick a partner to work with. From there on out, what happens is up to you.

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There are 9 endings. There is a "normal ending" and a "true ending" for each route, and a "bad ending" shared by all routes. These endings are determined by your decisions in the game, which are linked to 'approval points.’ The higher your approval, the more positive your ending and storyline will be.

Each romance route ranges from a length of 30,000 words to 42,000 words. This includes all branching scenes and dialogue, so no one playthrough will see every possible part of a route. It will take quite a few hours to play through each route at least once.

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  • Project Lead, Programming : TheGadgetFish
  • Programmer : Thehaakun
  • QA, Scripter, Achievement & Gift Artist : Mostlymilkwood
  • Chloe Route : Lesbianmax
  • Kate Route : Gaychloeprice
  • Intro, Rachel Route, Journal : Mjrrgr
  • Victoria Route : Eiprej
  • Sprite, Journal Artist: Kunaike
  • Background, UI Artist : Anhdang
  • Ending, Journal Artist : Yuripirate
  • Contest, Bonus Photo Artist : Maxmyhipstersock
  • Musician : Workard

Trivia Edit

  • The software that is used for this game is called Ren'Py. It’s language is based off of Python.[1]
  • The game rating is Mature for language and pg-13 for story/image content.[1]
  • The official statement to why there aren't any male romance options in the game is: "Life is Strange is one of those rare games that the LGBTQIA+ community can really relate to. Representation is a hard thing to come by, and having a VN limited to female romances is very important to the team."[1]
  • It took about half a year to make the game with a core team of 12 people (and some support from others at various stages of development).[2]
  • The movie Max and Victoria watch in the Victoria route is Princess Mononoke.
  • The texting font is Helveti Hand.
  • Mx. is the nonbinary term analogous with Mr. or Mrs. It is pronounced ‘mix’ or 'mixter'.
  • Here is what you need to do to completely restart the game to get all the achievements etc. again.

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