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Lynn Marsh is the younger sister of Kate Marsh, and the daughter of Richard Marsh and his wife.

Episode Two - "Out Of Time" Edit

Her first and only appearance was in "Out Of Time" in a photograph. When Kate thinks that nobody cares about her at the dormitory rooftop, Max Caulfield may mention her sisters and Kate will mention Lynn Marsh's name, age, and smile.

If Max succeeds in saving Kate, she will mention in the hospital that her family are on their way to see her soon. This probably includes Lynn.

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

The name "Lynn" appears on one of the folders in the Dark Room. Whether this is a reference to Kate's sister being a victim is unclear; it's unlikely that it's a duplicate name, however, due to Lynn's age and unlikelihood of her being around Blackwell and the other victims, it is highly improbable that Kate's sister is the same victim in the portfolio. It is however possible that Jefferson, since he has access to Kate's files and therefore would know of her sister, had prepared Lynn's file in advance if she might also come to Blackwell when older.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kate's sisters and her father are two optional dialog choices that are thought to be the deciding choices on whether or not Kate will attempt suicide.