"Home shit home."

Chloe to Max in "Chrysalis"

Madsen Household
Type: House
Location: 44 Cedar Avenue,
Arcadia Bay
State: Oregon
Appears in: Episode 1: Chrysalis
Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Episode 4: Dark Room
Episode 5: Polarized(nightmare)

The Madsen Household is where David Madsen, Joyce Madsen and her daughter Chloe Price live. It is the previous residence of William Price before his untimely death. Max Caulfield revisits the house when she is reunited with Chloe.

The address is 44 Cedar Avenue, Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

The house is explorable during "Chrysalis" and "Chaos Theory". An alternative version of the ground floor is also explorable at the end of "Chaos Theory", thanks to Max travelling back to her childhood. Both alternate and normal versions of the house are fully explorable in "Dark Room".

The house has two bedrooms, including Chloe's room and Joyce and David's room, one bathroom, an open plan kitchen-living room, a back yard and a garage, mostly used by David. There are also some storage rooms which are not open to Max, including another ground floor room by the front door.

In the alternative version, the garage has been partially transformed into a downstairs bedroom for Chloe, leaving her upstairs bedroom abandoned.

Biography Edit

The following is what Max wrote about the Madsen Household in her diary:

Going back to Chloe's old house for the first time in five years was like the ultimate rewind. Some things were obviously different, but some things weren't. The house smelled exactly the same as it did when we were growing up.

Appearance Edit

The house is half-painted blue, and is falling slowly into disrepair. It is obvious that the family has no time or desire to fix up the house. However, the paint job is finished in the alternative timeline, showing that William cares more about the house than David.

Max looks at a huge carpet stain in the front room, and reminisces about her and Chloe spilling some of Joyce's wine. The two girls were unable to get the stain out despite scrubbing frantically. There is also a reference made to this by William in "Chaos Theory", when he tells the girls "No Chloe and Max wine tasting sessions!".

Outside, Max remarks that the old Barbecue is unused; probably because it was William who used to man it at backyard barbecues in the household. Max can also use the swing in the backyard two times and reveal some extra info about her and Chloe's time together.

Interactions Edit

PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

Downstairs Edit

  • Max can look at the mail. (Comment: "Doesn't look the "Price" family is rolling in dough these days...")
  • She can try to open the locked garage door. (Comment: "Nope. Someone locked it from the other side.")
  • She can look at and play a message on the answering machine. (Comment: "I love that they have the same old answering machine. And there's a message...")
  • She can look at the family photos. (Comment: "Now this is the Chloe I remember... always smiling and laughing... not so much anymore.")
  • She can look at several books in the living room. (Comment: "I guess they're aging these books.")
  • She can toggle the kitchen light switch.
  • She can turn on and off the TV in the living room.
  • She can look at a jar labeled "Travel Money". (Comment: "Oh, I'd love to go to Paris too. At this rate they'll be lucky to get to Portland.")
  • She can look at several photos of Joyce on the refrigerator. (Comment: "Joyce still works at Two Whales Diner. Best damn burgers in Arcadia. I better get one soon.")
  • She can read a food magazine. (Comment: "Yum. That looks tasty. I do miss Joyce's cooking...")
  • She can look at a wine stain on the living room carpet. (Comment: "Hey, I remember that stain! Chloe and I knocked over Joyce's wine bottle,
    and we scrubbed forever, but it never came out. We got so busted!")
  • She can look out the window (Comment: "How many times did Joyce yell at us from this window?")
  • She can look at a picture of a dead deer. (Comment: "If I took this picture the deer would be standing on your ass.")
  • She can look at and sit on the living room couch to have a Moment of Calm. (Comment: "Damn, it's the couch! We used to pretend it was a pirate ship... Looks like a shipwreck now.")
  • She can open the sliding door leading to the backyard.

In the backyard,

  • She can look at the old barbecue. (Comment: "William used to grill awesome burgers for us.
    I wonder if he was the last one to use this...")
  • She can look at a drawing done by her and Chloe. (Comment: "That took Chloe and me the whole day to draw. It's almost invisible now.")
  • She can look at Bongo's grave. (Comment: "We made this grave for Chloe's kitty. Poor Bongo. He never saw that car coming...")
  • She can look at and have a Moment of Calm on the swing. (Comment: "Oh, I loved this swing. William made it just for me and Chloe.")

Upstairs Edit

  • Max can look at a picture of Arcadia Bay. (Comment: "„You can't go home again,“ said Thomas Wolfe. But... here I am.")
  • She can look at several books on a bookshelf. (Comment: "These books have not been touched since the last decade. I see why.")
  • She can look out the window. (Comment: "Nothing's changed. Except for me and Chloe.")
  • She can open the door to Joyce and David's room (Comment: "This must be Chloe's parents room... Man, I am nosey today...") (See here for the interactions).
  • She can toggle the light switch in the bathroom.
  • She can look at some makeup in the bathroom. (Comment: "This is definitely Joyce's make-up. Chloe wouldn't use animal products.")
  • She can open a cabinet containing Chloe's blue hair dye. (Comment: "I like Chloe's new hair color. She's the opposite of shy... of me.")
  • She can open another cabinet containing antidepressant pills. (Comment: "I wonder if Chloe is taking those pills? I hope she's okay…")

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Upstairs Edit

  • Max can look at a picture of Arcadia Bay. (Comment: "Nobody in this town has a fucking clue as to what's happening... or do they?")
  • She can look out the window. (Comment: "For everybody else in the neighborhood it's just another morning...")
  • She can look at the door of Joyce and David's room. (Comment: "I better not go in there... David might be in bed. Ew.")
  • She can enter Chloe's room.

In the bathroom,

  • Max can look at a pirate towel. (Comment: "Chloe has had this damn dirty pirate towel since we were kids... Serious flashback.")
  • She can look at the Blue Jay. (Comment: "No way... That's the bluebird I saved Monday in Joyce's room...")
  • She can look at and use the toothbrush. (Comment: Look: "Chloe never used to care when I borrowed her toothbrush."
    Use: "What's ironic is I always hated it when Chloe used my toothbrush...")
  • She can use the sink to wash her face. (Comment: "Feels so good to wash my face after all that chlorine... and hiding.")
  • She can look at the blue hair dye. (Comment: "You know, I haven't gone through a "dyeing my hair blue" phase yet... maybe it's time.")
  • She can look at and take an optional photo of herself in the mirror. (Comment: "Check out Mad Max! Ready to fucking thrash! I am so hardcore.")

Downstairs Edit

  • Max can look at a leaflet labeled "The End is Now". (Comment: "This might be the one time these people are right...")
  • She can look at the family photos.
  • She can look at the answering machine. (Comment: "Looks like a message...")
  • She can also play and erase the message on the answering machine. (Comment: Erase without listening: "Oops. I hope that message wasn't for Joyce or Chloe..."
    Erase after listening: "Goodbye message. I think Chloe has earned a break from all this bullshit.")
  • She can look at and speak to Joyce. (Comment: "Joyce looks so different in her street clothes.")
  • She can look at the refrigerator. (Comment: "I love that they still have the same refrigerator...")
    • Max will be able to open the refrigerator if she chooses eggs and bacon as breakfast. (Comment: "I should evolve and become a vegan but... Huh, bacon.")
  • She can look at a package of cereals. (Comment: "Wowser, Chloe still eats the same cereal... So do I...")
  • She can open and close a window in the living room. (Comment: "I keep expecting to see the sky turn red...")
  • She can look at and scare away a yellow bird in the living room. (Comment: Look: "Oh, look at the poor bird... He seems kind of freaked out..."
    Scare: "Bird, begone! Fly, you fool!")
  • She can read an issue of The Independent. (Comment: Kate alive: "Oh man, I don't want to be famous for this..."
    Kate dead: Kate's life was sure worth a nice exploitive headline.")
  • She can look at a beer bottle on the living room table. (Comment: "Who drinks beer this early around here?")
  • She can look at and eat her breakfast. (Comment: Bacon: "Bring those eggs and bacon to my belly!"
    Pancakes: "Now that's what I call pancakes!")
  • She can open the backyard sliding door.
    • She can look at several dead birds (Comment: "Three dead birds lined up... That's fucking ominous.") and use the swing in the backyard.

2008 (downstairs) Edit

  • She can look at Chloe. (Comment: "Chloe is just so damn happy and carefree... and this is the last time unless I change it.")
  • She can look at William. (Comment: "I love William like he was in my own family... I won't let him die today. I won't.")
  • She can look at photos on the refrigerator. (Comment: I know I've seen those pictures before...")
  • She can look at a note plastered to the kitchen wall. (Comment: "Joyce loves William so much.")
  • She can look at a magazine on the kitchen table. (Comment: "Man, I remember Chloe reading this... but not after today.")
  • She can take an optional photo with William’s camera. (Comment: "You can see the bond between Chloe and her father... and the love. Now this is a photo.")
  • She can look at the mess on the living room table. (Comment: "What a mess we made! I remember those cool drawings I did with Chloe... ")
  • She can look at a magazine on living room table. (Comment: "Chloe was so into manga... nice hair!")
  • She can look at a snow globe on the fireplace. (Comment: "That's a cool snow doe...")
  • She can look at a drawing of the Lighthouse. (Comment: "I forgot about this... back to the lighthouse...")
  • She can leave a mark on the fireplace, and later look at it. (Comment: "Obvious, but it will have to do...")
  • She can look at the portrait of the Price Family. (Comment: "My family never took fun, goofy photos like this...")
  • She can look at the DVDs on the floor. (Comment: "Oh yeah, I miss movie nights here—cookies and popcorn...")
  • She can look at some brochures. (Comment: "I know they never took that big vacation.")

After William answers Joyce’s call and Max rewinds,

  • She can look at and unplug the phone cable. (Comment: Look: "Ohh! If I unplug the phone, William can't take any calls!"
    Unplug: "Boom, disconnected!")
  • She can look at the phone. (Comment: "I could call Joyce at the Two Whales Diner and warn her... If I had the number!")
  • She can use the phone to call the Two Whales Diner. (Comment: "Max, you have the number, so call Joyce—now.")
  • She can answer Joyce’s call herself.
  • She can look at a notebook with the Two Whales number inside. (Comment: "Yes! Here's the Two Whales number! Now I can warn Joyce.")
  • She can grab William’s car keys from under his cap. (Comment: "Score!")
  • She can try to talk William out of leaving the house.
  • She can speak to Chloe.

The following is a list of places where Max can hide William’s keys, with bold entries indicating a successful concealment.

  • Cookies
  • Flower pot
  • Books
  • Sliding door
  • Jar near the fireplace
  • Window
  • Cereal
  • Sink
  • Waste bin
  • Vase
  • Couch

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Note: Click here to view the alternative timeline interactions.

Upstairs Edit

  • Max can look at a picture of Arcadia Bay. (Comment: "This might be the last poster advertising Arcadia Bay after tomorrow night…")
  • She can open the window and look out of it. (Comment: "It's such a warm beautiful day. How could a killer storm just pop up tomorrow?")
  • She can look at the door of Joyce and David's room. (Comment: "Since David might be in there, I better mosey along for a change.")
  • She can enter Chloe's room.
  • She can toggle the bathroom light switch.
  • She can scare the Blue Jay in the bathroom. (Comment: "Oh no, that poor little bird has been trapped in here!"
    Window open: "Fly! Be free!"
    Window closed: "Oh shit! Poor thing...")
  • She can look at the blue hair dye. (Comment: "That blue dye makes me so happy. It means the real Chloe is back... with me.")
  • She can look at and use the bathroom sink. (Comment: "Last time I wanted to splash some water on my face, my whole life changed…")

Downstairs Edit

  • Max can look at the family photos. (Comment: "David isn't any different from me when he's looking at those family photos.")
  • She can look at the front door of the house. (Comment: Sided with Chloe: "I helped Joyce lose William, and now David."
    Sided with David: "I give up William, but defend David... Would Chloe hate me if she knew?")
  • She can read an issue of the Arcadia Bay Beacon newspaper. (Comment: "To think this all started with my vision of a tornado…")
  • She can look at and repair the clock in the living room. (Comment: Look: "Did I actually cause that clock to stop?"
    Repair: "Oh... there's a ladybug stuck in the dials."
    After repairing: "Time keeps on ticking.")
  • She can look at the TV in the kitchen. (Comment: "Those poor whales are like beached angels. What is going on here?")
  • She can look at the "Travel Money" jar. (Comment: "Looks like they’re back on the road to Paris.")
  • She can look at the fireplace. (Comment: "My butterfly sketch doesn't exist in this timeline...
    like William. "Max the Time Bandit" strikes again.")
  • She can open the backyard sliding door.
    • Max can look at the unpainted exterior of the house in the backyard. (Comment: "William never finished painting that wall…")
    • She can look at several dead birds in the backyard. (Comment: Sided with Chloe: "Poor birds... I guess David wasn't in the mood to clean up."
      Sided with David: "David even made sure to bag up the dead birds…")

If Max sided with Chloe, she will be able to look at:

  • A piece of paper with David's hotel room number on it. (Comment: "Looks like David already booked a room.")
  • A note for David by Joyce on the refrigerator. (Comment: "Ouch.")
  • A crumpled-up photo of Joyce and David's wedding in the living room. (Comment: "Joyce must be so upset... Are you helping anybody, Max?")

If Max sided with David:

  • She will find a bill from an expensive restaurant in the living room. (Comment: "The most expensive restaurant in town? David knows how to get on Joyce's good side.")
  • The note from Joyce will be different. (Comment: "Joyce really wants David and Chloe to be a family.")


Downstairs Edit

Upstairs Edit

2008 (downstairs) Edit


  • In the garage, David's license plate reads "TRDTCTV". It is a reference to True Detective.
  • Before departing to Seattle, Max lived approximately half a mile (800 meters) away from Chloe's house.
  • All the flowers in the house are dead in the main timeline. They are alive in the alternative timeline.

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