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Max's Camera is a major gameplay element in Life is Strange. Max Caulfield's camera is used primarily to complete optional photograph objectives around specific locations in Arcadia Bay. Max has a retro instant photo camera.

Background Edit

When Max was a child, her parents gave her a Polaroid camera - a type of instant camera typically manufactured by the Polaroid Corporation. As a result, Max maintained her interest and wish to become a photographer until she reached adult age.

When the Caulfields moved to Seattle, Max perfected her skills as a photographer and was later accepted into Blackwell Academy over the summer of 2013. Despite the advancement of cameras and the digital age, Max maintained the use of analog cameras, despite the rising expenses of analog camera film and the work that goes into maintaining them.

Life is Strange Edit

During the confrontation with Nathan Prescott at the Blackwell Academy parking lot in Episode 1, "Chrysalis", Max falls on the ground and breaks her camera. After failing to fix it at Chloe's house, Chloe gives her a replacement camera as a belated birthday gift that originally belonged to her father, William.

If Max chooses to save Arcadia Bay, Max will "revert" to her original yellow camera which will never have been broken in the first place. Interestingly enough, Max will also receive William's old camera from Joyce as seen in the last timestream montage. Max's choice regarding which camera she will use from this moment on is currently unknown.

Alternative Timeline Edit

In the alternative timeline, William uses his camera to take a picture of Chloe and Max, the same picture she uses to go back to this moment. Max also has the chance to use his camera to take a picture of Chloe and William cooking.

Before the Storm Edit

In Before the Storm, Max's new camera that originally belonged to William can be seen in the garage of the Price household. When Chloe looks at it, she wonders if there are still films made for it.

Trivia Edit

  • Polaroid
    Max's cameras are both Polaroid models, even though the brand is never mentioned during the game for copyright reasons. However, the final choices in the game are shown as photographs printed on a typical Polaroid instant film. The name Polaroid can be seen very clearly, confirming Max is using an actual Polaroid. Interestingly, since the 11-digit polaroid code found under the pictures (normally found only on the back of the photographs) doesn't include any letter, it confirms that it is an integral film and not a Peel-Apart Pack Film[1]. Also, for integral films, the first two-digit reveal the month while the third indicates the year. The numbers 055 and 000 don't make sense if one consider when the game takes place. These numbers are then fake.
  • Whenever Max takes a photograph, she shakes the picture before placing it in her bag.
  • Individuals who use Polaroid cameras are typically advised to never "shake" the photograph. Shaking the photograph does not help develop the photograph faster and actually damages the quality of picture taken. This does however only apply to newer film (post 70's). 
  • Max's camera is based on the Polaroid JobPro and most of the other models from 600 Polaroid camera line; the camera Chloe gave her is based on the Polaroid 1200si from the Polaroid Image/Spectra line of Polaroid cameras.
  • Max's camera uses film from The Impossible Project: the only company in the world that continues to manufacture original format instant film for Polaroid cameras. This film is renowned to be expensive due to its exclusivity. Max even comments on this in the game: "Instant film is so damn hard to find and expensive now." In the Alternative Timeline, Max's mother texts her to ask her if she needs to spend so much, to which Max replies, "I only bought film, not a camera." Max's mother then suggests that "maybe it's time to go digital". It is clear that DONTNOD have based the design of Max's instant film packaging on The Impossible Project's packaging for their 1st-grade-formula 600 film.

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