In Max's Nightmare, Max receives a number of violent and scary messages connected to her fears. They vary based on player choices.

Max's Messages Edit

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Chloe Edit

Didn't Accept Alternative Chloe's Request
Max, this is your old pal Chloe here you left in a wheelchair in another reality. 
Did I thank you before you bailed to a new life?
Not only did you blow off my request, you already jumped into another photo!
How many fucking times can you abandon me, hippie?
15/12 9:13pm

Character Contact AltChloe


Hey Max, would you say hi to Chloe and Joyce?
Don't forget to remind them that you let me die.
04/05 4:02pm

Character Contact William


Good evening young Max.
The squirrels talk to me but how can you?
Samuel has no phone.
5/18 2:04pm

Character Contact Samuel

Rachel AmberEdit

Hi Max. Rachel Amber here. Just wanted to introduce myself.
I'll be seeing you soon.
Real soon.
12/01 5:21am

Character Contact Rachel


Bitch do not mess with Frank
Or me
You got a snack?
01/04 1:15am

Character Contact Pompidou


Max I loved your photo shoot with Jefferson!
He absolutely captured you.
If you want we can hang out and get high.
21/06 1:21am

Character Contact Nathan


Accepted Alternative Chloe's Request
Max, we have surveillance video of you overdosing Chloe. You cannot
escape now.
There is no reality where you can hide now. Don't you dare underestimate
me. You hear?
18/21 1:04am

Character Contact Joyce

Mr. JeffersonEdit

?eifles nmaddog eno ni nrut ot ti si drah gnikcuf woH
66/66 6:66pm

Character Contact Jefferson

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Jefferson's message spelled backwards is "How fucking hard is it to turn in one goddamn selfie?"
    • The message is also sent as 6:66 (666). 666 is considered the "Number of the Beast", the representation of the Antichrist and pure evil, in the Book of Revelations.