James Amber
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown (graying)
Eye color Brown
Personal information
Love interest(s) Rose Amber (wife)
Ruth (girlfriend/lover)
Relatives Rachel Amber (daughter)
Career information
Profession District attorney
Game information
Appearance(s) Episode 1: Awake

James Amber is the father of Rachel Amber and a local district attorney. He can be seen on one of the promo images for Life is Strange: Before the Storm and seems to be a key figure for the plot of the game. It was revealed that the game's story is about Chloe Price and Rachel Amber uncovering a "dark family secret"[1].

Episode One - "Awake" Edit

When Chloe and Rachel are at the Overlook Park, James Amber can be seen meeting up with an unknown woman; they embrace, and then kiss.

At the end of the episode, he is seen talking with a cop and Principal Wells, most likely because Rachel didn't come home after school. He pauses to stare at the fire.

References Edit

  1. Official Description to Before the Storm

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