Nathan's Computer is located inside Nathan's room at Blackwell Academy. Nathan uses it to access his email account and a video hosting service, as well as order diet pills from the Internet. Max can use it when she sneaks into Nathan's room in Episode 4.

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

The computer is among the items Max can use while searching for clues in Nathan's room. Upon seeing a tab with Kate's video, she expresses disgust. The computer also shows emails from Sean and Kristine Prescott to Nathan, Nathan's email to Victoria and an online drugstore page. An apology email from Principal Wells will also be present if Nathan was suspended in Episode 2.

Email Account Edit

Kristine Prescott Edit

Kristine profile picture Subject:Don't worry
Tudo bem from Brazil, Little Brother! It's been too long since I've heard from you so 
please let me know what's going on in your exciting scholastic life at Blackwell. I 
brag to all my co-workers in the Peace Corps that my talented brother Nate got a full 
scholarship to one of the best art school in the world. Even though I can't always 
check my mail or phone, pleasepleaseplease send me some new photos of campus so I can 
live vicariously through your lens. I miss you and your pictures.

And yes, mother told me that you've been in trouble and father has been on your ass, 
but you have to either ignore him or stand up to him. You know I love Dad, Nate, but I 
am also in a jungle halfway across the world because of him. He's a bully who inherited 
power not wisdom and the only way to win against one is to fight back. Don't let him 
change you into one just for the family "legacy". End of lecture. You're at school, so 
I just wanted to make you feel at home :)
Back to the mangrove. Sending out good thoughts. Better write back or I'll have a 
jaguar shipped to your dorm!

Sean Prescott Edit

Sean-emailicon Subject: Don't worry
Nate, I know this has been a stressful week and your mother and I are here to talk if 
need be. Just make an appointment anytime. Your mother wants Doctor Bill to come 
out after his book tour but for now let's stick to your prescriptions.

I need you calm and quiet while Pan Estates is being developed. I know being a 
Prescott is a burden and I'll guide you into this room step by step as did my father. 
It was hard for me when my dad opened my eyes to our destiny, but you'll thank me 
someday. Don't worry about Blackwell. This shithole town is going to get an enema 
along with a fresh brand. I want you to be ready to take over when the moment is 

Don't fuck it up, son.
Your Father

Victoria Chase Edit

Nathan-emailicon Subject: Wassup
Hey gorgeous, let me know what you're wearing to the Vortex this week so I can 
wear something just as stylin' and expensive. I'm psyched about going and I'm picking
up some serious pah-ty favors. I even told my dad to keep the pigs away from Black-
well so we can get wrecked without hassle. If were going to have an End Of The
World theme then let's do it fucking on point. Right?

Principal Wells Edit

Only present if Nathan was suspended in Episode 2.

Blackwell-emailicon Subject: About the recent events
Nathan, I'd like to apologize for the recent accusation. Your name and record speaks 
for itself — sometimes students will use that to make their own name at Blackwell. I 
know you father was upset while I have assured him that you would never bring a 
weapon to school. I don't want you distracted from school and I'm certain this matter 
will be settled by the end of the week. If you have any questions, you know I'm always
available to talk.

Gallery Edit

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