Optional Collectibles are a main gameplay element in Life is Strange 2. Throughout the game, Sean Diaz can find various items and souvenirs that he can keep with him, some of which involve taking certain actions before becoming obtainable. Certain collectibles that come in the form of patches and key chains can be used to cosmetically decorate Sean's backpack. The optional collectibles section in his sketchbook will initially display sketches hinting towards the nature of what and/or where the collectible is, and will become replaced by the collectibles themselves as Sean discovers them.

Finding a collectible awards an achievement each time and another achievement for finding all collectibles in an episode. According to said achievements, there are 6 collectibles available within each episode, and 35 achievements can be earned that way in total.

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

Location  Photo Description Achievement
"Side Tracked"
UI TX Metainventory Souvenirs FishingBait The first collectible is a fishing lure. It is located in a tree on the left side of Nisqually River. The object will be available to collect after gathering firewood. Finding this collectible awards the "Side Tracked" achievement.
Side Tracked Achievement
"Bear Aware"
UI TX Metainventory Souvenirs BearKeyring The second collectible is a wooden bear key ring. It is located on the checkout counter at Bear Station. Finding this collectible awards the "Bear Aware" achievement.
Bear Aware Achievement
"Bonus Miles"
UI TX MetaInventory Souvenirs Trucker The third collectible is a trucker sticker. It is located inside the Bear Station by the entrance window. Finding this collectible awards the "Bonus Miles" achievement.
Bonus Miles Achievement
UI TX Metainventory Souvenirs Feather The fourth collectible is a bird feather. It is located at the back area of the Bear Station under a cereal box. When moving the cereal box, a bird will fly out and leave a feather. Finding this collectible awards the "Ranger" achievement.
Ranger Achievement
"Trail Angel"
UI TX Metainventory Souvenirs Necklace The fifth collectible is shark tooth necklace. Mushroom can bring it to Sean when he throws the stick towards the yellow sign on the beach. Finding this collectible awards the "Trail Angel" achievement.
Trail Angel Achievement
"Room Service"
UI TX Metainventory Souvenirs MotelCard The sixth collectible is a motel card. It is located in a closet in the Three Seals Motel. Finding this collectible awards the "Room Service" achievement.
Room Service Achievement

Arcadia Bay Patch Bundle Edit

The Arcadia Bay Patch Bundle is a bonus collection of items Sean can use to decorate his backpack, obtained by purchasing the Life is Strange 2: Complete Season or the Life is Strange 2 - Episodes 2-5 Bundle. It features patches based on Before the Storm's anarchy symbol, the blue butterfly, the storm, and the "I Can't Sleep" & "Hole To Another Universe" graffiti on the walls of Chloe Price's room.

Mascot Bundle Edit

The Mascot Patch Bundle is a bonus collection of items Sean can use to decorate his backpack that was obtainable by pre-ordering Life is Strange 2 at any time before its release. It features patches based on Chris Eriksen's superhero persona, Captain Spirit; Hawt Dawg Man; and Power Bear; as well as a Hawt Dawg Man keychain.

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