In Life is Strange 2, Sean may encounter multiple locations where he may sit and draw pictures to varying levels of detail using his sketchbook. Doing so at least once throughout an episode, awards the player with an achievement.

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

Photo Description Achievement
SitAndDrawE1P1 Sean can sit in a beanbag chair in the left corner of his room and sketch a picture of the adjacent corner of his room.
Sketchy Achievement


SitAndDrawE1P2 While camping at Mount Rainier National Park, Sean and Daniel will set up camp under a rock formation. After he and/or Daniel gather firewood, Sean can sit by the river and draw the surrounding area.
SitAndDrawE1P3 When in their motel room, Daniel will ask to play Rock Paper Scissors over the bed closest to the TV. If he wins the game or Sean wins and gives up the bed, Sean will immediately be able to draw Daniel sitting on the bed. If Sean wins and does not give up the bed, Daniel will sit on the bed when Sean enters the bathroom.

Episode Two Edit


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