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Illustration from Chloe's journal.

Optional Graffiti are a main gameplay element in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. They serve as an equivalent to the optional photos from Life is Strange. Throughout the game, Chloe Price may leave her "mark on the world" at various locations that the player can explore. These are often witty remarks, such as writing “not a meth lab” onto an old RV. Areas that can be used for graffiti are often hidden spaces.[1] Some optional graffiti are only available after certain actions. The player will often be able to make a choice on what to write. Writing optional graffiti will award the player an achievement for that episode.

Episode One - "Awake" Edit

Photo Description Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 1

Optional Graffiti1 1-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 1-opt2

"Lame Ride"
Write on the back of Frank's RV outside of the Sawmill. You have the option to either write "Hey kids free candy inside!" or "Definitely absolutely not a meth lab!". Writing this graffiti awards the "Recreational Vandalism" achievement. It's a play of words between "recreational drugs" and "vandalism".
Recreational Vandalism Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 2

Optional Graffiti1 2-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 2-opt2

"Something Sharp"
Write on the saw blade hanging on the wall inside the Sawmill. You can either draw an evil eye or write "Sit and spin". Writing this graffiti awards the "I See U Saw" achievement.
I See U Saw Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 3

Optional Graffiti1 3-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 3-opt2

"Lost Unicorn"
Tear down the unicorn poster in Chloe's Room and write on the wall. You can either write "You miss 100% of the shots you don't drink!" or "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% LSD". Writing this graffiti awards you the "The Last Unicorn" achievement.
The Last Unicorn Achievement
"David's Shit"
Collect the socket wrench from David's toolbox in the garage. Write on the inside of the lid. You can either write "Intruder alert!" or "Box of dicks" featuring a matching drawing. Writing this graffiti awards you the "Home Unimprovement" achievement.
Home Unimprovement Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 5

Optional Graffiti1 5-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 5-opt2

"Prison Wall"
Walk towards the entrance to the swimming pool, behind the stage on the Blackwell Campus. Write on the wall on the right side of the doors. You can either draw the Firewalk lead singer and write "Firewalk rawks!!" or draw an angry Principal Wells and write "Wells rawks!!". Writing this graffiti awards you the "Rock Idol" achievement.
Rock Idol Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 6

Optional Graffiti1 6-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 6-opt2

"Drama Nerds"
Write on the The Tempest poster in the dressing room of the Drama Lab
Dramatis Personae Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 7

Optional Graffiti1 7-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 7-opt2

"Moving Canvas"
Move the crate in the train. Write on the wall of graffiti. You can either write "We are monsters" or "Everybody lies!!!". Writing this graffiti awards you the "Mulligan Stew" achievement. You can either write "Don't axe, don't fell" or "Stop sextanting the interns". Writing this graffiti awards you the "Pioneer Spirit" achievement. 
Mulligan Stew Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 8

Optional Graffiti1 8-opt1

Optional Graffiti1 8-opt2

"Dead White Guy"
Write on the statue of Ezekiel Blackwell at the Overlook.
Pioneer Spirit Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 9

Optional Graffiti1 9-opt1

"Happy Brat"
In the Junkyard, smash the Good Kiddo Ice Cream sign, then smash the red paint cans. Write on the sign.
Face Your Anger Achievement

Optional Graffiti1 10

Optional Graffiti1 10-opt1

"The Old Car"
Look at the The Tempest poster on the back of the car seat. Move the poster. Get a marker from the wine bottle. Write on the seat.
Lucid Writing Achievement

Episode Two - "Brave New World" Edit

Photo Description Achievement
No Images On a light on a truck at the parking lot.
Stagehandwriting Achievement
On a hood on a boat in the junkyard.
Radical Piratical Achievement
At the back of the truck's cabin.
Feels on Wheels Achievement
On a wall in the hideout at the junkyard.
Canon Wall Achievement
On a list in Frank's RV.
Wishlist Achievement
Walking across the fresh concrete at the Prescott Dormitory.
Tread Harshly Achievement
On a door in the Custodial Room at the Prescott Dormitory.
Friendly Forest Friends Achievement
On Eliot's door slate in the Prescott Dormitory.
Permanent Record Achievement
On the mirror in the dressing room backstage at the play.
Vanity Fare Achievement
On a article on the refrigerator in the Amber house.
Creature Feature Achievement

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty" Edit

Photo Description Achievement
No Images Insert description.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Five Ways The Prequel Changes Things Up (August 22, 2017)

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