Overlook Park, also known as Culmination State Park, is an explorable location in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Episode One - "Awake" Edit

Rachel Amber takes Chloe Price to the overlook using the train. Rachel wants to play a game with the viewfinders and inserts her last quarter in one, which turns out to be broken. Chloe gets the quarter back by unscrewing a dedication plate from a bench and bending the metal off of the money container after having tried Rachel's nail file first. Afterwards Rachel insists on playing another game, where they mimic people when looking at them with the viewfinder. When Rachel spots her dad kissing a woman with the viewfinder, she stops and wants to get drunk. She improvises and plays hurt near a picnic couple that brought wine with them on their picnic. Chloe reluctantly uses the opportunity to steal their wine in a backtalk challenge. Afterwards they run to the overlook parking lot, where Rachel asks Chloe if she wants to drink with her. Then they go back on the train tracks to the junkyard.

History Edit

Blackwell's Expedition Edit

On March 14, 1838, Ezekiel Blackwell and a group of Pentecostal settlers left Independence, Missouri for Oregon. On March 3, 1839, Blackwell's expedition arrived at Overlook Park. Upon seeing the Pacific Ocean from this location, Blackwell determined the expedition concluded and founded the town of Culmination. The group later returned south to found Arcadia Bay, so named for Blackwell's veneration for the area's natural beauty and desire to live in harmony with its native peoples.

Culmination Peak Edit

Culmination Peak, renamed Culmination State Park, was designated as a state park in 1997 by order of Governor John Kitzhaber.

Points of Interest Edit

Northwest Valor statue Edit

Visitors to Culmination State Park can see the Northwest Valor statue, built in 1992, which celebrates Culmination's sesquicentennial. Dwight Mueller was its designer.

Oregon White Oak Edit

"Oregon White Oak aka Garry Oak (Quercus Garryana). Culmination State Park's iconic White Oak Tree is one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest. Its curved, chair-like growth pattern reflects the Native American custom of shaping such trees to mark trails or denote areas of cultural importance. Estimates age the tree at 400-450 years old, though interior butt rot (Polyporus dryophilus) prevents more accurate analysis. A scar on the northern end of the trunk attests to the tree's survival of a direct lightning strike approximately 200 years ago.
Trunk Cross Section: The narrow rings indicate times of drought, disease or regrowth from wild fire.
Height -- 42 feet;
Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) -- 64 inches;
Age -- 400-450 years."

Salishan Tribe Totem Pole Edit

"The raven on this totem pole stands for transformation. Its grinning face betrays its trickster spirit. The raven has many ancient stories among the Salishan and other native peoples. Some say the raven helped create the first man. The raven is to be respected, never trusted."

Dedication Plate Edit

Located on a bench in the park is a dedication plate which says: "In Honor of Martin Lewis Prescott, Arcadia Bay's Greatest Son."

Interactions Edit

Main article: Interactions (Prequel)
PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments.
  • Chloe can look at Rachel.
  • Chloe can look at and interact with the viewfinder.
  • TBC

Trivia Edit

  • Pentecostal is spelled "Pentacostal" on the park history panel.
  • When Chloe and Rachel find the viewfinder at Overlook Park to be broken and they don't have any change to use the other one, Chloe says, "I'm sure I can MacGyver us something," referencing the 1985–1992 American action-adventure television series. In the original Life is Strange Max also made this comparison by calling herself MacGyver.
  • The designer of the Northwest Valor statue at the Overlook is called "Dwight Mueller"; this could be a reference to a character from The Fast and the Furious.
  • When Chloe fixes the viewfinder, she says "Prescott Power - Activate!" referencing the Wonder Twins.
  • "The Raven is to be respected, never trusted. Its grinning face betrays it’s trickster spirit." can be found written on the placard for the totem. This line and the symbol of the raven itself seem to be a callback to the phrase "The Owls are not what they seem" and the similar prevalence of owls in Twin Peaks.
  • After mimicking the "Grill Dad" during the viewfinder game, Chloe asks if her comments were too dark. Rachel responds that they were "perfect dark", referencing the 2000 first-person shooter video game Perfect Dark.

Gallery Edit

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