Type: Airplane
Appears in: Episode 5: Polarized(alternative reality)

The Plane is a location in "Polarized", in the alternate timeline where Jefferson is caught and arrested and Max wins the Everyday Heroes Contest. It flies to San Francisco. Max can look at and interact with some objects from her chair. Photo boundaries are visible outside the airplane's window.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Edit

After turning in her photo for the contest, Max finds herself in a seat near the window of the airplane, with Principal Wells sleeping beside her. As she wakes up, Max hopes she did everything right this time. She sees a newspaper article titled "Local Teacher Arrested" from "The Independent" on a ledge in front of Wells and comments "Good work, David". Max takes out her phone and reads a text from Chloe, saying "HOLY SHIT U RULE MAX!!!!! i am so proud of my superstar. this is just the start of your career". She is blessed that Chloe is alive.

An announcement is played through speakers, notifying the passengers that the plane is going to land soon.

Wells wakes up, moans and comments that he hopes the seats get smaller so he doesn't have to fly anymore. Max can ask him how he slept and he answers that he hopes he wasn't snoring out loud. Max responds that he was, but just a bit. He goes on and speaks about the incident at Blackwell. Max just comments that she totally gets the stressful situation Wells is in. He is proud of her for representing Blackwell in the contest.

After the dialogue, Max gets another nosebleed, thinking that she is not just screwing around with time, and the scene fades into a photo montage.

Interactions Edit

PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments.
  • Max can look out the plane window. (Comment: "It's so weird to be in between realities.
    Everything is out of focus and in the distance.")
  • She can turn on the display inside the seat in front of her and view the route to San Francisco. (Comment: "We're almost in San Francisco... I'm so stressed but I'm so excited too...")
  • She can read the newspaper article. (Comment: "The beginning of the end for Jefferson and the Prescotts…")
  • She can look at a Everyday Heroes poster. (Comment: "I have to admit, I love being called an artist...")
  • She can look at the display in front of Wells and see a paused video of Hawt Dawg Man. (Comment: "Awww, I haven't seen Hawt Dawg Man in forever... Chloe and I used to
    totally play the videogame and watch him all the time... When we were innocent…")
  • She can look at and speak with Wells after he wakes up (required). (Comment: "I bet this is a nice break for Principal Wells... after all the
    damage control he had to do this week at Blackwell.")

Trivia Edit


Drawing from Max's diary.

  • The airline is called "PacificWest Air" or abbreviated "PAC WEST AIRLINES".
  • The seats for Max and Principal Wells are numbered 39A and 39B.
  • The person sitting on the right of the seat row in front of them could be an easter egg to feature Michel Koch, game director of Life is Strange.
  • A drawing in Max's diary confirms that the plane took off from Portland, OR.

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