This is a community page that shows you a list of Life is Strange playthroughs in order of views. The views and likes/dislikes are only taken from the first video and are rounded. Feel free to add which ever playthroughs aren't on here (must have over 10,000 views, on YouTube only; must be part 1 of the series or the whole episode in one video).

Pewdiepie Edit

Views: 9.5 Million
Likes: 352.000
Dislikes: 5.800
Ratio: 98.4% Approval

Jacksepticeye Edit

Views: 4.5 Million
Likes: 104.000
Dislikes: 2.000
Ratio: 98.1% Approval

Gronkh Edit

Views: 1.3 Million
Likes: 22.000
Dislikes: 500
Ratio: 97.8% Approval

NukemDukem Edit

Views: 600.000
Likes: 7.000
Dislikes: 800
Ratio: 89.7% Approval

YOGSCAST Hannah Edit

Views: 233.000
Likes: 5.000
Dislikes: 68
Ratio: 98.7% Approval


Views: 181.000
Likes: 3.700
Dislikes: 72
Ratio: 98.1% Approval

Geek Remix Edit

Views: 98.000
Likes: 1.700
Dislikes: 25
Ratio: 98.6% Approval

ManlyBadassHero Edit

Views: 17.600
Likes: 500
Dislikes: 4
Ratio: 99.2% Approval

GT LiveEdit

Views: 970,786
(on playlist)
Likes: 68,073
(added up from all videos)
Dislikes: 1,256
(added up from all videos)
Ratio: 98.1%

Cinematic Playthrough Edit

Storify Edit

References Edit

YouTube search after "Life is Strange playthrough" sorted by views

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